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NFVCB Takes Steps To Ban Smoking n Nollywood Films

NFVCB Takes Steps To Ban Smoking n Nollywood Films 

Adedayo Thomas, the board’s director, explained that the decision was made in light of evidence of the entertainment industry’s influence on tobacco usage and its impact on public health.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The National Film Video and Censors Board (NFVCB) has revealed new efforts to pass a smoking ban in Nollywood films.

The disclosure was revealed by NFVCB executive director Adedayo Thomas during an entertainment sector stakeholders roundtable in Lagos on Saturday, December 11, according to The Cable.

The board’s recent step, according to Adedayo, is in response to mounting data tying the entertainment business to rising tobacco use and its impact on public health, a worry shared by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture.

“Stakeholders observed that smoking in movies and the entertainment sector is a pathway to young people embracing smoking,” the board executive said. “The tobacco industry uses a sophisticated marketing mix to promote smoking on set and in the entertainment sector.”

“Entertainment stakeholders are deliberately targeted by the tobacco industry either through financial inducement, misinformation, and other subtle approaches to further glamorize smoking in the entertainment sector.”

Adedayo went on to say that the board will raise awareness among film stakeholders as it works to enforce the non-classification of Nollywood films showing tobacco use.

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