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Mo Abudu Presents New Passion Project ‘Mo Abudu Films’

Mo Abudu Presents New Passion Project ‘Mo Abudu Films’ 

The media tycoon will approach storytelling in a more private and close-knit manner.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The CEO of EbonyLife Films, Mo Abudu, has introduced her newest endeavor, Mo Abudu Films.

The media tycoon made the news online, saying she was excited to start this new phase of her life and profession.

Under this film company, Abudu will be experimenting with a variety of genres and themes while using a more intimate and personal style of storytelling.

She stated, “I strongly believe that film is an incredibly powerful medium to share stories, ideas and perspectives. There are so many shades of life, so many layers to explore, and I am eager to bring my unique voice to the art of storytelling through Mo Abudu Films.”

Abudu also provided some information on what the audience might anticipate from her upcoming journey.

In her words, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to explore a wide range of genres and themes that are close to my heart. From uplifting stories of triumph and resilience to thought-provoking narratives that challenge the status quo, I am excited to share my vision with the world… Whether it’s a heart-warming drama, an exciting action-packed thriller or a poignant romantic film, I am excited to explore the many different shades of storytelling through film. I am eager to bring my unique perspective to each and every project, and I look forward to sharing my films with the world through Mo Abudu Films.”

Before starting this new project, Abudu executive produced Nollywood films for the EbonyLife brand, including Castle & Castle, Blood Sisters, and the newly released A Sunday Affair.

Along with collaborating with Idris Elba to empower African storytellers and promote genuine representation in international film and television projects, she has also made her directorial debut.

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