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Meghan Markle’s Most Recent Court Triumph Is Only The Beginning

Meghan Markle’s Most Recent Court Triumph Is Only The Beginning 

The Sunday Mail’s publishing of the letter, according to a London High Court, constituted a “unlawful” invasion of Markle’s privacy.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Meghan Markle celebrated a legal victory on Thursday, December 2, after a court confirmed a previous ruling in her favor and against the proprietors of The Daily Mail. Though the court case is expected to go on, the ruling represents a significant victory for the Duchess of Sussex in her campaign against British tabloids and tabloid culture in general.

“This is a victory not just for me, but for anyone who has ever felt scared to stand up for what’s right,” Meghan wrote in a statement on Thursday. “While this win is precedent setting, what matters most is that we are now collectively brave enough to reshape a tabloid industry that conditions people to be cruel and profits from the lies and pain that they create.”

Meghan’s victory in this lawsuit isn’t her first. An initial summary ruling issued in February essentially determined that Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), the publisher of The Daily Mail and Mail Online, had infringed on Meghan’s privacy by publishing sections of a private letter she wrote to her father in August of 2018. ANL filed an appeal, stating that the matter should be tried, but the Court of Appeal in London has now upheld the summary judgment.

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, will no longer be obliged to testify under oath about several charges made by ANL, which would have just added to the heavy media scrutiny of Meghan and her husband. Meghan’s former communications chief, Jason Knauf, stated during the appeal that Meghan had instructed him in certain interactions with Finding Freedom writers Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie, something she had previously denied. In a declaration given to the court in early November, Meghan stated that she had spoken with Knauf about some items she wanted communicated to the book’s authors, “I apologize to the court for the fact that I had not remembered these exchanges at the time. I had absolutely no wish or intention to mislead the defendant or the court,” she said.

The newspaper group must still pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and print a front-page apology, according to the ruling, which had been put on hold until the final decision.

On Thursday, December 3, 2021, the final decision will be handed out.

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