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Legendary Marta sets Olympic Record in 5-0 Win against China

Legendary Marta sets Olympic Record in 5-0 Win against China 

The Formidable Marta from Brazil has become the first player in history to score in five consecutive Olympic Games.

Marta opened the scoring after nine minutes and added a second goal in the second half as Brazil thrashed China 5-0 on their opening day in Japan.

During the 2004 Athens Olympics, the 35-year-old made her debut appearance. Marta went on to score in the Beijing, London, and Rio tournaments before scoring in Tokyo on Wednesday. 

While earning silver medals in 2004 and 2008, she is yet to win the Olympics. The 43-year-old Formiga, a teammate of Marta, also broke records by playing against China.

Formiga is the oldest player in the history of football at the Olympics following her debut in Atlanta in 1996.

She is also the first Brazilian to compete in seven editions of the Olympics. Next up for Brazil is a clash with the Netherlands on Saturday.

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