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<strong>Harrysong Returns With New Album ‘God Amongst Men’</strong>

Harrysong Returns With New Album ‘God Amongst Men’ 

Harrysong, the award-winning phenomenon, has released a new album named ‘God Amongst Men.’

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Harrysong stands out among these seasoned veterans as an example of longevity, demonstrating the skill of navigating the ever-changing music market with delicacy and flair.

In the vibrant and always-changing world of Nigerian music, where fashions come and go like waves, there is a captivating story of performers who gracefully embrace aging while remaining relevant.

With the release of his much-awaited fourth album, ‘God Amongst Men,’ Harrysong demonstrates his extraordinary development and tenacity as he keeps enthralling listeners with his timeless creativity.

Harrysong has established himself as a master of reinvention. He is known for his songwriting prowess, catchy songs, and compelling stage presence. Harrysong easily adjusts to the transition in the music business toward newer sounds and younger artists by incorporating modern aspects into his songs while maintaining his style.

His ability to appeal to audiences of all ages is shown by the album’s wide range of collaborations, which include well-known musicians like Olamide, Fireboy, Majeed, Camidoh, Nandy, and more.

‘God Amongst Men’ is evidence of Harrysong’s musical brilliance and variety. The album has a diverse collection of songs, from braggadocious performances—as shown in the strong intro—to sincere odes to love in songs like “Tick Tock.”

It also includes societal criticism and life teachings, providing a unique viewpoint from a veteran’s vantage point. Harrysong’s ongoing brilliance is shown by his ability to write songs that connect with audiences while striking a balance between nostalgia and a contemporary feel.

Harrysong offers a sonic palate cleanser with “God Amongst Men”—a doorway to more innocent times and an opportunity to cherish even fleeting moments of happiness. His experience as an artist who has survived the storm and stayed relevant in the face of a sea of trendy youth is encapsulated in the song “God Amongst Men.”

He invites listeners on a musical journey that spans time and age and celebrates the art of becoming older in the music business.


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