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Geena, Your Business Solution Platform

Geena, Your Business Solution Platform 

Xend Tech, Nigeria’s fast-growing tech company, and creators of the first decentralised finance (DeFi) for credit unions in Africa has made a massive move towards alleviating business management hassles with its new product; Geena. Geena is the first Nigerian-owned Business Assistant mobile-first software to be available to retailers. With this impressive innovation, it is undeniable that Geena’s economic and growth benefits to the global market will be over the rooftop in no time. 

With businesses facing new challenges every day, there is a constant search for an avenue that is capable of providing ready and effective solutions to the “hows” of entrepreneurial activities. Hence, it is already evident that an app like Geena will be welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. It will provide relief to business owners as it is a people-powered product with effective solutions to the frustrations and rigour associated with Human capital, inventory, and customer management.

According to CEO/co-founder Xend Tech, Mr. Ugo Aronu, “Business owners already have enough to worry about. I mean, if you look into their heads, there are too many activities going on. Imagine the hours of rest they could have if they don’t have to manage and supervise all those business operations that keep them awake at night. Geena was created to finally give business owners what they deserve, some peace, and good results.

Geena can implement solutions such as smart inventory system solutions, E-commerce solutions, customer relationship management solutions, all of which will provide business owners with the smooth touch they have always wanted for their businesses, as well as the respect that should be rightfully accorded them. Business owners will be able to refer to Geena as a “Small Business Miracle” because of its versatility in retailing-related issues.

According to the Nigeria SME Survey, “In Nigeria, SMEs contribute 48% of the National GDP and account for 96% of businesses… Despite the significant contribution of SMEs to the Nigerian economy, challenges persist that hinder the growth and development of the sector.” Coincidentally, Geena trusts to provide a medium for SMEs to monitor the purchase and supply of their goods, keep records of stock, keep track of the expiration of products, and issue receipts to customers using their mobile devices, and at zero cost.

Geena also proposes to provide a free platform for business owners to market their products online without the stress of setting up a separate online store. Hence, Geena’s supplications will not only equip SMEs but the country’s economic sector. Retailers do not have to draw out extra budget plans for staff who would perform these roles manually. This new app promises to bring a whole new level of organisation and development to SMEs, making their businesses their pride. 

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