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Fire Guts Kogi State Assembly

Fire Guts Kogi State Assembly 

The assembly will still be able to carry out its duties as long as the house’s decision regarding Dangote Cement Plc remained in effect.

There are reports of a fire that destroyed the Kogi State House of Assembly.

On Monday, October 10, 2022, at 8 am, a fire broke out, utterly destroying the assembly gallery.

When this report was submitted on Monday morning, the cause of the fire event remained a mystery.

Prince Mathew Kolawole, the Speaker of the House, announced in a press conference at the assembly building that the house will permit security services to look into the event.

However, he asserted that as long as the house’s decision regarding Dangote Cement Plc remained in effect, this would not prevent the assembly from carrying out its mandate.

The Dangote Cement facility in Obajana, Kogi State, has been closed down by the Kogi State Internal Revenue Service (KGIRS).

The Kogi State House of Assembly apparently supported the action.

At least seven employees of the Dangote Cement factory in Obajana, Kogi State, are said to have been shot, and many more were injured when 500 armed men broke into the facility.

A source said that some of the guys were thugs and that the majority of the men were selected from the Kogi State Government’s vigilante and hunters units.

The vigilante group members were armed with a variety of weapons, including local and exotic firearms, according to a statement by Dangote Group.

According to a statement from the Dangote Force’s Corporate Communications Department, the vigilante group was commanded by the state director-general of lands, Nasir Ochi, the governor’s security adviser, Com. Jerry Omodara (rtd), and other senior Kogi State government officials.

Additionally, it was stated that locals and onlookers fled for safety as soon as they spotted the intruders. It was also verified in the statement that seven employees of the cement company were receiving medical attention in hospitals for bullet wounds they had sustained.

All of Dangote Cement Plc’s employees and clients have been urged to maintain their composure as the business investigates all legal options to resolve the unlawful suspension of its Obajana factory by the Kogi government.

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