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Fans React To Temi Otedola’s Shocking ‘Squid Game’ Revelation

Fans React To Temi Otedola’s Shocking ‘Squid Game’ Revelation 

The Korean drama series is presently Netflix’s most viewed show.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Temi Otedola, a popular fashion blogger, has stirred a Twitter discussion with her latest revelation regarding the released Netflix dystopian drama series ‘Squid Game.’

On Monday, October 18, the influencer tweeted that she has yet to view the show, despite the strong internet hype it has gotten since its September premiere.

“I think I’m the last person on earth who who hasn’t watched squid game yet,” Otedola wrote.

Temi’s tweet, as expected, drew a lot of attention from admirers, who responded with some hilarious replies.

The Netflix program has amassed a large fan base, with the company announcing that it has had 111 million views globally.

The series, which was initially scripted as a feature film and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, tells the narrative of desperate debtors who find themselves asked to play a series of Korean children’s games to win a jackpot reward of $38 million or die trying.

So far, the series has remained at the top of Netflix’s most-watched content list in over 50 countries, including Nigeria and the United States. Other features, such as real-life games and TikTok challenges, have helped to boost the series’ appeal.

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