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Eze Munachino Obinna Wins Another Award At The Enugu State Recognition Award

Eze Munachino Obinna Wins Another Award At The Enugu State Recognition Award 

This award came just a month after Eze Munachino’s Real Estate Formula 1.0 Conference, which he hosted.

On the 8th of December 2021, his Executive Assistant Okonkwo Cynthia issued a statement. Eze Munachino Obinna, Chairman of Millennium Group of Companies and CEO of Muna Real Estate Limited, received yet another award for being the most pragmatic CEO of the year. This honor came just a month after Eze Munachino’s Real Estate Formula 1.0 Conference, which he hosted. He organized Africa’s Largest Real Estate Conference to enlighten, educate, and influence people’s thoughts about money and Real Estate Investments/Investing in general, as well as to teach and certify a significant number of Real Estate Investors.

The Real Estate Formula 1.0 conference is the first of its kind in Nigeria, with over 1000 attendees from all over the world. It is designed to change the narrative surrounding real estate investments and investing in Nigeria by advising investments that produce positive cash flow and long-term value. Despite the date change, the turnout was large and remarkable. It was Africa’s first Real Estate Investment Conference, bringing together international real estate billionaires and billionaire CEOs from all over the world. International and local real estate agents and businesses in Nigeria debated how to succeed in the face of the Nigerian real estate industry’s numerous financial, economic, and regulatory challenges. An opportunity for active professional networking and contact was created, which is critical for Real Estate career advancement, as they say, YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NETWORTH.

The conference speakers and panelists are internationally recognized experts in their fields, and they were chosen for their knowledge and professionalism in order to educate the attendees on the secrets, blueprints, and strategies that Real Estate Moguls and Multi Billionaires, both local and international, use to build long-term wealth and value.

Mr. Oscar Martin, the first speaker, discussed Blockchain Data in Real Estate. He added that in real estate, Blockchain is a digitized ledger that decentralizes access and boosts trust by serving as a single, unalterable source of truth for data.

Simon Samir, the second speaker, lectured about “Understanding the UAE Property Market.” He explained that the UAE is doing a lot to assure the longevity of residency, which is crucial for developers.

Barr. JMCC Ogbuka ARB, ACI, FCI was the third speaker. He spoke about the intersection between real estate and law in Nigeria, as well as the importance of the law in the establishment of new frontiers in estate practice. He explained to the attendees the most common fraudulent activities relating to land and real estate buying and selling in Nigeria, how to avoid these frauds, legal actions to take in relation to property acquisition and ownership, and how Nigerian law enables and facilitates the practice of real estate.

Rev. Surv. Ugochukwu Chime, the fourth speaker, is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the COPEN Group of Companies. Understanding the Real Estate Value Chain was the topic of his presentation. He highlighted that real estate is an essential component of any economy’s value chain.

Mr. Eze Munachino Obinna, the fifth speaker, is a property investment specialist. He is the Chairman of the Millennium Group of Companies and the CEO of Muna Real Estate Limited. Property Investment Analysis and International Property Investments were his topics. Financial Analysis, he explained, allows you to make more educated investment decisions, maximize returns, and make secure investments.

Mrs. Ngozi Franca Onunyere, Senior Relationship Manager at Azizi Developments, Miss Winifred Sichui, Relationship Manager at Azizi Developments, and Mr. Eze Munachi Obinna, CEO of Muna Real Estate Limited and Chairman Millennium Group of Companies, were among the four panelists. The panelists were smart and educational during the conversation. Presented many viewpoints on how to make a long-term profit from real estate investing.

With over 500 excellent reviews received via email and other social media sites, the conference was without a doubt Africa’s largest Real Estate Conference. It presented to the attendees tactics that are known to produce cash flow and ensure the highest possible return for real estate investors.

Muna Real Estate Limited, a real estate firm with partners and investments all around the world, hosted the Real Estate Formula 1.0 Conference. We believe that Real Estate Investing is the safest path to financial independence, and we are putting everyone on that path one client at a time. Muna Real Estate Limited is you and me delivering value and offering profitable cash flow producing investments, and we successfully delivered Africa’s largest Real Estate conference!

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