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Drama Rocks Synagogue After TB Joshua’s Burial As Leadership Rejects Wife As Successor

Drama Rocks Synagogue After TB Joshua’s Burial As Leadership Rejects Wife As Successor 

It appears that everything is not well at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, as church stakeholders have refuted the report that Mrs Evelyn will be taking over the church’s activities after her husband’s death.

The late founder of SCOAN’s widow has been picked to take over the church’s activities, according to Naija News. The platform stated that the church elders convened and declared Evelyn to be the televangelist’s successor.

This comes following the death of late Pastor TB Joshua on June 5, 2021, just days before his 58th birthday.

However, only a few days before burial week, church stakeholders dispelled the rumor that Mrs Evelyn would be taking over the church’s activities.

No one has been selected to oversee the church’s affairs at the present, according to Dr Gary Tonge Freng, who spoke on behalf of the church. When asked if there is someone in the church who can take over the late tele-miracles, evangelist Freng stated the decision is spiritual, not administrative.

“It has nothing to do with machinery. It’s about finding the right individuals and allowing the Holy Spirit to move. As a result, there is no administrative response to the query since it is not an administrative issue,” he told City People.

According to another source, the selection of who would take over as General Overseer will be made unanimously by a cabal within the church known as the 5 wise men.


T.B. Joshua had a tremendous impact on the prophet’s sons, the five wise men. Those who have heard them preach or witnessed them demonstrate God’s power will understand where the grace comes from. They owe their life to T.B Joshua and remain dedicated to him, despite the fact that they were freed by the prophet and are having an impact in their various areas.

The 5 wise men all served as pastors in SCOAN under T.B.’s supervision. Joshua was imprisoned for a long period; according to legend, one of the Wise Men served for eight years before being freed.

Wise Man Racine, Wise Man John Chi, Wise Man Harry, Wise Man Daniel, and Wise Man Christopher are the wise men’s names, in no particular order. These men have a great desire to continue on their father’s heritage and follow in his footsteps, despite the challenges.


Everyone in the church is confused right now, according to a top assistant who worked closely with the late TB Joshua but was asked not to be mentioned, because no one expected his untimely death.

“In terms of a successor, he did not train anyone to take his place. There is no succession plan in this church that I am aware of. None of the pastors have been prepared to take his place. I would have known if there were any.

“But, to the best of my knowledge, no one in this church, not even the five wise men, has been prepared to succeed him,” he added.

When questioned if the whole SCOAN can function without a meaningful leader, the inside source said, “Very probable.” That is exactly what will happen. His shoes are enormous. If he had anybody in mind to succeed him, we would have known about it long ago in this church.

“The person’s behaviors, inactions, and activities would have revealed the succession direction. After all, I’m a close confidante of his.
“For the time being, the wife is in command. There are directions on how to proceed and what to do. In the midst of it all, there isn’t a single service on the schedule. “Services have been halted,” he stated.

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