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Dangote Drugged and got my Wife Raped – Kevin Ajenifuja
Dangote Drugged and got my Wife Raped

Dangote Drugged and got my Wife Raped – Kevin Ajenifuja 

The National News Agency of Nigeria gets court documents which reveal that Nigeria’s business magnate Aliko Dangote was accused of raping and mentally manipulating the wife of a businessman, Kevin Ajenifuja, with the intention of stealing his trade secrets.

In June 2004, Mr Ajenifuja said he had developed the technique and process for a sector exchange-traded fund for Africa, after more than a decade of research. 

The businessman filed a lawsuit on Aug. 2, 2019, alleging Mr Dangote arranged for his pregnant wife to be seized and raped with young men in order to steal his business secrets.

Mr Ajenifuja claimed that Mr Dangote conspired with some World Bank Group employees, specifically on February 8, 2010, to invite his then wife to a meeting at a Catholic mission in Washington, D.C., area, where she was allegedly given illegal drugs.

Besides being fed opioids on a regular basis, the lawsuit revealed that Ms Anita also became addicted to the medications.

After engaging in a couple of extramarital affairs, she was blackmailed to turn against her husband by Mr Dangote to surrender his trade secrets.

Mr Ajenifuja’s court case was thrown out because it was statute barred. When contacted by The Gazette on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Dangote declined to comment on the lawsuit.

In December 2016, the businessman only confirmed the theft after several investigations. Amidst allegations of cheating and fraudulent practices by the Nigerian stock exchange’s president, Dangote resigned in 2014 as the Exchange’s president to hide his involvement, the lawsuit said.

Dangote surprised many in 2014 when he announced his intention to step down as the president at the 53rd annual meeting of the NSE in Lagos.

He was the first president to step down before the end of his term. Defendant Dangote, on information and belief, resigned to conceal his involvement in what happened to Plaintiff and Anita Koepcke, Mr Ajenifuja said in court documents.

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According to Dangote, his resignation is due to the need to have more time to execute his company’s expansion across Africa.

According to Mr Ajenifuja, the trade secrets were sold to Vetiva Funds Managers Limited, a business partner of Mr Dangote’s.

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