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COG: Okey Oku Discovered Early That He Belonged To The Streets of Business

COG: Okey Oku Discovered Early That He Belonged To The Streets of Business 

What attribute does a gangstar have that sets them apart from others? Not a gangster. A gangSTAR. A gangstar is one who breaks the norms of society to succeed. He also rises above circumstances to become a star. The gangstar doesn’t follow laid-down rules to achieve a result, and that’s why he is called a Rule Breaker. On the Maiden Issue of Chief Original Gangstar (GOG), our first COG is the only Okey Oku, AKA The Oracle, the Creative Head of Oracle Films TV.

We know that you have to be on a severe gangstar level to earn a title like The Oracle, and, with Okey Oku, it all started from the cradle, when he realised that the four walls of the educational institution weren’t for him. As an ambitious boy growing up in Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria, Okey Oku recognised early in his life that he belonged to the streets of business. So he left school at the young age of 17, to pursue his passion for music and art.

Okey Oku had to grow up fast because the differences in his and his parents’ interests led him to start living on his own around the same time he withdrew from school. This was a turning point for Okey because this realisation of independence meant that his destiny was solely in his hands. So he put in the necessary efforts and discipline to cancel the stereotype that all those who leave school amounted to little or nothing. 

By the time he was 18, Okey had already produced his first hit, rented an apartment and managed to build 2 studios, which later became the Pure Sound Studios, one of the first digital studios in the early 2000s. From this foundation, he hit the trail to become one of Nigeria’s most celebrated film producers, directors, and cinematographers. In 2001, Okey ventured into music production and shot music videos for several artistes in Southeastern Nigeria. Some of his outstanding music videos include the all-time classic, Lee Lee by Resonance, and Ada Ada by Flavour N’abania.

He later excelled in cinematography and film editing and received a number of accolades for his excellent work in some prominent African movies including Brother’s Keeper, which earned him nominations at the 2013 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for Best Cinematography, as well as the 2014 Nollywood Movies Award for Best Editing. In present times, since Okey fully assumed the mantle of movie producer, director, and Creative Head at Oracle Films TV, his films have continuously been setting the pace in the Nigerian film and entertainment sector.

Besides receiving several awards as Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Video Editor, his movie Black Rose was released on Netflix in 2018 and was listed by Pulse Nigeria as one of the top Nollywood movies in 2018. Since its release, Black Rose has also won over 8 national awards and has been nominated for more than 15.

Okey Oku has not only risen above National rank and file. Through talent and dedication, he has also received global recognition and his name has been placed at the apex, gold-plated, alongside other Nigerian legends. So, next time you see Okey Oku, call him the Chief Original Gangstar because he earned every letter. No one wears the COG title as he does.

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