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Clan Irin Wins For The Second Time In Gulder Ultimate Search 12 

Clan Irin Wins For The Second Time In Gulder Ultimate Search 12  

Clan Irin’s winning streak continued as they won the second group task of the season.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The Focal Point task was the day’s assignment. Each team will have two members arrange wooden boards with viewing holes in their appropriate slots. When all of the panels are in place, they will utilize them to view the image on the final board. The graphic serves as a hint for the first word of the three-word puzzle on the puzzle board, assisting them in completing the challenge.

Clan Iroko and Clan Irin got off to a fast start, immediately assembling their watching boards. They were neck and neck throughout the challenge as they raced to fix all of their boards. Clan Irin soon passed Clan Iroko and deciphered the first word in their puzzle.

Clan Iroko finished their puzzle, however it was not in the correct order. Clan Amo, who had been trailing, seized the opportunity to take first place by quickly assembling their puzzle. Unfortunately, it was also in the wrong order. Clan Irin took advantage of the opportunity to clinch first place when they reconfigured their puzzle board. Clan Amo came in second place.

Clan Iroko was the last to arrive and will be losing a member at the location of the talking drum. Who is it going to be?

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