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Chinua Achebe’s Daughter Wins Harvard Medical School Award

Chinua Achebe’s Daughter Wins Harvard Medical School Award 

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has awarded Maureen Achebe, the daughter of famed novelist Chinua Achebe, with the 2024 Faculty Development and Diversity Award.

Her exceptional efforts and dedication to diversity in the medical industry are honoured by this accolade.

Her brother, Chidi Achebe, the chairman of the African Integrated Development Enterprise Public Benefit Corporation, made the announcement on July 2 on LinkedIn.

Chidi shared that Maureen received the award notification in a letter from the hospital, a premier teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

In addition to being the president of AIDE Healthcare International, Maureen Okam-Achebe is an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, the director of the outpatient infusion centre at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the clinical director of the non-malignant haematology clinic, and the director of the sickle cell programme at the hospital.

Also, she teaches medicine at Harvard Medical School and holds triple board certifications in internal medicine, haematology, and medical oncology.

Maureen’s accomplishments, as an alumna of the M.T. Chan Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Port Harcourt Medical School, demonstrate her commitment to improving medical education and healthcare.

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