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Buhari Approves More Security Personnel To Fight Insecurity In Imo

Buhari Approves More Security Personnel To Fight Insecurity In Imo 

President Muhammadu Buhari has authorized the deployment of additional security forces to track down the perpetrators of violence in Imo and keep the state peaceful.

News Agency of Nigeria

Gov. Hope Uzodimma of Imo made this known when he briefed State House media on the outcome of the president’s summons to the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Monday.

According to the governor, the president has agreed to his request for additional security officers to solve the state’s security concerns.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the governor was summoned following the latest attacks in Imo that targeted Prof. George Obiozor’s home as well as certain police equipment.

Obiozor is the President General of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo and a major voice of moderation in Nigerian politics.

Uzodinma acknowledged the discussion was about insecurity in his state and the South East:

“Generally, it is the subject of insecurity in the South East and what is required to ensure that is properly controlled.

“We discussed that and he took seriously my recommendations and indeed I tell you, he immediately gave approval to all that which includes increase in manpower of security agencies and then logistics supports ranging from additional arms and ammunitions.’’

Regarding his efforts to meet with disgruntled parties, he stated that his government has continued to reach out to disgruntled lawmakers in the state in an effort to bring them along so that they may give their fair share to the state’s growth and development.

He said: “Since Jan. 2020, when I came to office, one of the things I initiated was quarterly stakeholders’ meeting.

“As a matter of fact, I have had six stakeholders’ engagements. And the purpose of that engagement is to create a platform where the stakeholders will meet and will also act as an opinion poll to involve people in governance and that has yielded a lot of positive results.

“Arising from that, we have also done one on one engagement with some critical stakeholders.

“For those who are aggrieved, I don’t know if those grievances are against government or against individuals.

“But those who think are part of the political system that are not contributing positively to the current administration, we’re also reaching out to them.

“Of course, I know if anything is to go by, some of the reasonable ones have started coming back.

“If you have been following the politics of Imo of late, given the evolution we have just deployed to rescue the infrastructure, that were almost absent and our achievements so far, it has attracted a lot of support from our people.

“Leaders from Imo are together and united in commending our efforts. And if you can go to Imo State and be on ground, apart from some dissenting voices that are on your social media, I think the state is almost recovered and we’re doing very, very well.

“So, there’s no need at this point in time for people to be aggrieved over what is not in existence.’’

As a result, the governor urged the people to join the rising concern and contribute their fair share to the development of the state, as well as to help the government of the day in delivering democratic dividends.

“We need to unite ourselves, we need to be realistic with ourselves, we need to be proactive in making sure that our tomorrow is better,’’ he added.

Uzodinma also denied being responsible for some incidences of insecurity in the state.

According to him, his administration, with all the trappings of power, does not involve non-state players in its efforts to maintain peace.

“If anything is to go by, we are a God fearing government. That is why we have not used force as the only way of controlling the violence in Imo State,’’ he said.

However, the governor, who lamented that progress could not be made in such a chaotic environment, urged the disgruntled individuals and organizations to lay down their arms and participate in the state government-initiated conversation.

According to NAN, the president denounced the outbreak of violence in Imo on Sunday in the aftermath of the destruction of police premises and assets, as well as the home of Prof. Obiozor, President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo.
He promised to assess the security situation in the country’s southeast.

The president, who also summoned Power Minister Abubakar Aliyu, expressed his concern about the frequent power outages, apologizing to Nigerians and promising a swift resolution to the matter.

Aliyu, who addressed to State House media after the closed-door discussion with the president, told them that the country’s present epileptic energy supply would be stabilized soon.

He claimed that the problem was caused by vandalism, insufficient gas supply, and poor maintenance of some electrical apparatus.

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