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American Rapper Trippie Redd Texts Portable For Collaboration

American Rapper Trippie Redd Texts Portable For Collaboration 

The controversial Nigerian artist Portable has received a message from American rapper Trippie Redd expressing his willingness to collaborate with him.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Trippie Redd released a clip of Portable’s “Clear” earlier this week with the remark “Wow,” making it clear that the rapper was pleased by the distinctiveness of Portable’s sound.

Recent developments show that Trippie would want to collaborate with Portable. The rapper made this admission in his Instagram DM reply to Portable’s message of thanks.
“We gotta work Brother,”  Trippie texted back.

A delighted Portable added the following: “I’m with you. Zazzuh. Akoi Grace” as he demonstrated his eagerness to start recording his first international project with Trippie.

Few people would have predicted that Trippie Redd would discover Portable’s music by accident and be completely captivated by it. It is conceivable to attribute the events that brought the two artists together to providence; thus, it is impossible to predict if music would result from them.

For the time being, Portable is taking pleasure in a worldwide endorsement that will soothe his damaged ego from being excluded from the 2022 Headies Awards.

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