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Goldman Sachs Projects World’s Biggest Economies by 2075 

A recent analysis by Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2075, the global economic environment will have undergone substantial changes.

According to the estimate, emerging markets will account for 75% of the world’s GDP, growing at a rate of more than four times to reach $280 trillion.

The paper also projects the nominal GDP rankings of the top 10 economies in 2075, taking into account trade, investment, productivity, and technology. The projection’s primary highlights are as follows:

China will remain the largest economy in the world, with a GDP of $57 trillion, accounting for 29% of global output. China’s growth will be driven by its large population, high savings rate, and technological innovation.

Projecting further to 2075 reveals a drastically different world order, with NigeriaPakistan, and Egypt breaking into the top 10. With Nigeria making it to the top 5, A major consideration in these estimates is rapid population growth, which should result in a massive labour force across all three nations.

Meanwhile, European economies will continue to slip further down the rankings. Germany, which was once the world’s third-largest economy, will sit ninth behind Brazil.

It should also be noted that ChinaIndia, and the U.S. are expected to have similar GDPs by this time, suggesting somewhat equal economic power. As a result, how these nations choose to engage with one another is likely to shape the global landscape in ways that have far-reaching implications.

The following countries include the underlying numbers for 2075. Figures represent real GDP projections based on 2021 USD.

  • China: $57 trillion
  • India: $52.5 trillion
  • United States: $51.5 trillion
  • Indonesia: $13.7 trillion
  • Nigeria: $13.1 trillion
  • Pakistan: $12.3 trillion
  • Egypt: $10.4 trillion
  • Brazil: $8.7 trillion
  • Germany: $8.1 trillion
  • Mexico: $7.6 trillion
  • UK: $7.6 trillion
  • Japan: $7.5 trillion
  • Russia: $6.9 trillion
  • Philippines: $6.6 trillion
  • France: $6.5 trillion

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