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14 Questions To Discuss With Your S.O- significant other.

Maybe you are dating or engaged and have had a bunch of other discussions but somehow found it convenient to avoid any of these ones; settle down right now and get down to business.


Close Couples Can Answer These 14  Questions Instantly—Can You?

Get your partner and begin ASAP---


* Do you want children?

* What do you see as your familial obligation?

* Which holidays will you spend with each of your respective families?

* How will you deal with family issues?


* What are your fundamental beliefs and values about money?

* Do you want to keep your finances separate or joint?

* What kind of lifestyle do you want to have/ what kind of lifestyle can you settle for?


* Do you want to raise your children with religion or spirituality?

* Do having different faith and belief bother you?


* Are you happy with your current level of physical and emotional intimacy?

* Do you feel emotionally supported?


* How do you best handle/resolve conflicts?

* How will you talk about problems that may arise in the future?

* Do you mind a third party in resolving conflicts?

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Ps; 'I' introduces the topic and conversation. 'You' follows it up.

I -  Some guys though, they love to cook and can cook better than many girls, but will never cook as long a female friend or girlfriend is around. Some will come to the kitchen but instead of helping or being sweet, they'd make you feel like your mama didn't train you well.

You-  As in eh, so true. I remember my ex always bragged about cooking better than I do and even his brothers and friends say he is a great cook but in three years of our relationship, I never tasted his food, not even indomie.

Mtcheew. Abeg any man who can avoid his hobby just to put a woman in her place, is that one a man?

I-  Traditionalists. Sick we still have them in this century. Worse is when you hear some overgrown boys saying that delusional phrase "issa man's world"

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25 Ways To Know You've Found The One ♥

You know that moment when everyone says you're glowing.

When you feel your heart skip a beat when he/she calls you.

When you blush uncontrollably when someone says his/her name.

You just know that amazing feeling you get when you're with him/her, how do you know for sure he/she is the ONE? 

Here are 25 tips to easily access your relationship and decide once and for all if he/she is the ONE.

1. If you guys can loudly fart in the presence of each other. Trust me, if you guys are over this stage then there's absolutely nothing to hide from each other anymore. 

2. If she can take off her wig in the presence of your friends or siblings. Ladies, what's up? 

3. If he buys you stuffs you needed but didn't ask for.

4. If she likes to select what you'll wear for important meetings.

5. If you guys dance together at least 1 out every 5 times you are together.

6. If you guys have ever laughed so hard that the other person's face looked so ugly.

7. If you guys have funny meaningless nicknames for each other.

8. If he has ever been to your hair salon.

9. If she has told you about all her exes.

10. If he has told you about his longtime crush.

11. If you've prayed together or been to church together.

12. If you've both watched each other poop inside the toilet.

13.  If SHE leaves the big piece of meat for you and if HE ever gives you the only meat in his food.

14. If she has ever visited your barber shop.

15. If you have ever answered a call on his/her behalf.

16. If you watch his/her favorite TV shows even when he/she is not around.

17. If you can complete each other's sentences.

18. When you guys have your own jokes no one else understands.

19. If you've been together for more than four days without sex. How doable is this? Probably when she is on her period. But guys seriously, this is very important. She needs to know it's not all about the cookie.

20. If you have the phone number of at least one of his/her relative.

21. If his/her friends and siblings like and comment on your pictures.

22. If he or she always shares important online posts to you even when you are fighting.

23. If you guys can have long discussions about each other and not other people.

24. If you guys can successfully order each other's food.

25. If you can boldly tag or mention him/her on a social media post without fear of side boo finding out. 

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Breakups can be as messy as your dirty neighbor’s kitchen; some other breakups are usually a mutual parting. Either ways, they all tend to hurt. They always leave a sour sting, whether you guys broke bottles or you guys lovingly agreed to part ways. Maybe your breakup was a messed up marshmallow or a matured decision to find love somewhere else, there are certain things you shouldn’t do after a breakup. You can only truly move on if you observe these don’ts.

PS: Don’t you ever give up on finding love again simply because one or three attempts ended up in a pit-hole. Don’t start treating everyone like your ex, not everyone is your ex. Anyways you probably didn’t come in here to get relationship advice.

· Pretend you’re okay

This very faulty line of; “seriously, I’m okay” should stop. Don’t ever lie to yourself. It’s absolutely normal to not be okay after a breakup. You love someone and had future plans with them, then it suddenly ends and you come out few days later and update your status to “I’m done with love and finally moved on. Besides, I didn’t expect it to last longer than it did”. What kind of cheap lie is that? We know you loved him/her, we know you’re hurting, we know you are very angry and we also know that you want to move on by all means; just don’t pretend to be fine when deep down you aren’t.  Surround yourself with people or activities that’ll help you heal.

· Revenge

This could be very tempting especially if you feel cheated or wronged. Don’t fall for it. For the fact that you’re thinking of avenging a heartbreak means you’ve not moved on; in fact, moving on is very far from you. You might say after you’ve avenged him/her, your heart would be light and you’d be finally able to move on; it won’t happen. 

Once, after a very top notch messy breakup, I was determined to deal with this guy. I laid out schemes and plots on how to get back at him real bad. I actually went on with the plans and relaxed to get my groove back, but my groove hopped on that revenge train the moment I started thinking about it.  You’d be doing yourself an incredible favor by moving on.

· Urge to communicate

When emotions come flooding in, there would be times when you’d feel lonely and may want to call your ex; don’t! Unless it’s very urgent, don’t call him/her. It’s absolutely normal to miss them but don’t fall into that trap. Think of the reason you guys broke up in the first place and that should be enough to jog your senses. Breakups tend to create voids and many feel lost because their daily activities used to revolve around someone or they’re just getting used to not being involved with someone. Once the thought of your ex starts creeping in, call a friend, see a movie, treat yourself to a bucket of ice cream as you learn to move on.

·     Breakup sex

This has never ever been a good idea. Not only will it leave you feeling used and hurt but can be the beginning of a very complex situation that will lead to no good. Let it be a clean breakup that you have done some closure. Let them know that your decision to break up or to accept their hurt is firm and giving him/her a sensual souvenir isn’t part of the whole breakup package.

· Impulse decisions

Simply because you think you’ve something to prove to the world or to the people around you, you begin to make irrational decisions. You don’t want those girls you’re always telling to not cry over a man; see you in your weakest moments. You don’t want your guys to find out that you’re a softy after all; so you go