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We're Like Jollof, Dodo and Goat Meat, We're Irresistible - Here's a Rundown From Our Exclusive Interview with Trending Music Group "SSES"
By Winifred Chisom

There has been a lot of social media hype, especially in the south east. It’s like any young person you meet knows about ‘SSES’. We kept quiet when all the slay queens on instagram were snap chatting, dabbing and dancing to their song ‘hate’. They weren’t even considerate, but further went ahead to blow their fans away with their hot new single ‘onye nkem’

From ‘hate’ to ‘love’ song, taking over the media space, we decided we’ve had enough. We tracked them down, locked them up, and consequently went ahead to pump them with questions to our satisfaction. All this we did for YOU. We will always tell African stories no matter the cost.

Please read below, the individual and collective story of  Sugar KAY, Super K.O and STUNNA, the talented young men that make up the music group ‘SESS’

Hey guys, it’s nice to meet all of you, so much energy, damn! Shall we start?

  • Were the three of you friends before SSES?

Yeah we were friends but SSES brought us closer.

  • Who came up with the idea to start SSES?

(After a little debate, sugar kay decided to tell the story)

It was ILLBLISS actually. We were all individual recording artists on our own. ILLBLISS met the three of us at an event and said to us, “your names are STUNNA, SUPER K.O, and SUGAR KAY, I think you guys should be a group, maybe triple S or something” and the truth is that we never thought of our names that way and that was how our SSES story started.

  • How old is SSES?

SSES started a few days after Valentine’s Day in 2016. We can’t pinpoint the date, but we remember it was after Valentine’s Day

  • Who came up with the idea to fuse indigenous culture with western music?

SUGAR KAY: We just flow with these things, it’s not as serious as people think it is. We don’t sing, we build music, we construct music.

STUNNA: It’s not something we think of before we go into the studio, especially with our song ‘HATE’. SUGAR KAY did his own part of the hook and I decided to try something new. I went into the studio and I recorded it once and it sounded very good. A lot of the greatest things we do come like this.

  • Permission to dissect you guys individually, Tell us about yourselves outside SSES

SUPER K.O: My name is IFEAKACHUKWU OBA and I’m an only child. I’m a student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, studying political science and I’m from delta state.

SUGAR KAY: My name is JOHN BONAVENTURE from Anambra state; I’m a graduate of Madonna University Okija where I studied mass communication and graduated in 2012.

STUNNA: I’m ONYEDIKA ANEKE and I’m from Udi in Enugu state. I studied chemical engineering in Enugu state university of science and technology and graduated in 2015.

  • What would you say is SSES style of music??

We don’t like to be fixed into categories or being put in a box, but here’s the thing; we’ve done three songs that sounds entirely different. First was highlife (Aku na Uba) second was Trap (hate) and our latest (Onye Nkem) has an afro vibe to it.  We don’t know what the next song will sound like, so you can say that SSES is very flexible. We like to put art into whatever we do.

  • Given your religious background, how do you make being in the secular music industry work for you?

SUPER K.O: Personally......religion, family, and my career aren’t going well but I’m strong.

STUNNA: it’s not easy but we try.

SUGAR KAY: People are always going to try to judge you, and say this and that, but nobody is perfect. God knows our heart and that’s the most important thing.

  • At what point did music start for each of you?

SUGAR KAY: I’ve been on the streets since 2008; i actually started my career with dancing. I auditioned for the Malta Guinness street dance but at some point i got tired of dancing because i wanted more. I started rolling with more of artistes after picking interest in music.

SUPER K.O: It’s been so long, i started music officially in 2007/2008, and I think I was in senior secondary school then.

STUNNA: I started music in primary school but i started recording officially after secondary school that should be 2008/2009.

  • Let’s deviate a little bit; do you see yourselves having baby mama's?

SUPER K.O: No one sees the future so we can’t predict stuff like that

  • Do you see yourself having a range rover in 2 years?

SUPER K.O:  hell yes …(He noticed the trap too late)

  • so people can actually predict, Oya answer the question

SUPER K.O: Lol nice one. Okay, I can’t predict the future but i wouldn’t want to have that.

SUGAR KAY: I don’t know oh ,in fact NO.

STUNNA: HELL TO THE NO, i don’t want no drama.

  • (Because we are evil, we decided to pitch them against each other)  Amongst yourselves, vote who is more likely to have a baby mama in the future, each of you gets one vote:

STUNNER: LOL, well they both weigh equally on the scale, but if i were to choose, it would be SUGAR KAY, you know, because he has sugar and the girls like sugar.

SUPER K.O:  I vote SUGAR KAY, he has the sugar he’s just the ONE

SUGAR KAY: Please don’t mind them, in fact I vote SUPER K.O

  • If you guys were to lose one person and save the other, who would it be?

SUPER K.O: We don’t plan on loosing anyone, and we haven’t actually thought about this before. U know sey eh?  In the exam hall, any one wey u no know, u just skip am, abeg make we skip this one

  • So let’s see how smart you guys are? Who knows the meaning of RAP?

Super K.O: Rhythm and poetry.

  • How about NEWS?

STUNNA:  okay.....notable events weather and sports.

  • What about SLANG?

STUNNER: ughhhhh, short language?

(Stunner won the test)

  • What motivated the song 'HATE'?

 SUPER K.O: At some point, at the beginning of our career, we started to get a lot of negative vibes from people. Not a lot of people are doing groups, so people were totally against it, people actually timed us to split, so we poured that negativity into our music and we made something beautiful out if it.

STUNNA: There’s hardly anybody doing ‘groups’ so when we came up, everyone gave us a deadline as to when to break up but we are still on it.

SUGAR KAY: I had to travel to a very far place to listen to someone disapprove of what we wanted to do, but we stuck to it, and said what the heck? Let’s build something out of all this “hate”

  • If you weren’t into music, what other professions would be you be in?

SUPER K.O: I’ll probably be playing football by now

SUGAR KAY: I’ll be in the movie industry and in the kitchen, I love to cook.

STUNNA: I’ll be doing something business inclined.

  • We’ve seen a lot of music groups, go under with time,do you see yourselves breaking up?

SUGAR KAY: The most challenging part was the beginning and even though we are under a lot of pressure, we don’t see ourselves splitting up. We think a lot before we act on anything, so no negative vibes can get to us.

  • What musician or DJ influence you guys?

SUPER K.O: We love migos, because they are a group and we love their style of music


STUNNA: I think I’ll scratch migos and stick to DRAKE.

  • If you were given N30billion right now, what would be the first financial move you would make?

SUPER K.O: I think I will disappear first for a while and then make some decisions

SUGAR KAY: I’m owing God, I’ll pay all my tithe. I’ll pay God and the rest will come to my mind.

STUNNA: I’ll put N29billion where i can’t touch it for two months.  So i can think properly.

  • What should your fans expect from you guys?

SUGAR KAY:They should expect the right sound, the right tunes, the right message from our music

STUNNER: They should expect more action less noise, most artistes are overhyped. We are like Jollof ,dodo, and goat meat, we are irresistible!!.




Chisom Winifred is a creative writer and wordsmith. She believes in expressing herself through written words.

  Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @chisomwinifred 










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