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How Destiny’s Life Changed After She Called Off Her Wedding
By Lamido Yusuf

“What will people say?” is one of the questions people ask themselves when they are about to do something such as calling off an engagement, but media personality, Destiny Amaka had to do it, knowing she deserved more.

She shared how she had to start again from the scratch.

She wrote,

Broken engagement is better than broken marriage. Paris 2011 he popped the question, I saw the ring, my mums face, my friends and family who flew in cheering for joy. The money that was spent, the effort from family and friends. No one would know the heated argument we had few hours before this pic was taken.

Fast forward few months, during the entire preparation for our traditional wedding, we weren’t speaking, but they will tell you its normal, it happens. Its not true! It takes immense courage to walk away from something you’ve been building for years. I was young, won’t say much.

@nickiminaj tweets few weeks back hit close to home. No regrets! No hate, I strongly believe he gave his best, and with that knowledge its up to you to determine whether their best is good enough for you.

Gratitude #throwbackthursday my soul craves for a little bit more from life. I gave the ring back, the cars, the house, our investments all! And with my little savings I was hiding in my friends account. I moved to Lagos 2012 started from scratch, with no friends or family members I really knew. what a journey! I still believe in love and best believe I won’t be settling for anything less than team work!❤ I know my worth and yes it may scare some away, but the right man will know how to bring out the best in you not the worst.

#TeamLove  #postcomingdownsoonlooking forward to writing a blog! I have too many life experiences I would like to share without offending those close to me, and also hearing and learning from your experiences too. Life is beautiful when we all come together. it took a lot out of me sha!!!! But it gave a lot back #love #marriage #engagement #life#knowyourworth #Godiscleansingmysoul#ithinkimready

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