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#HowWeMetThursday: Why Do Guys Do The Things They Do By EBERE NGWU
By Chisom Winnifred

It was a very stressful evening.  My younger sister had just finished writing her Post U.M.E and we were heading back to my apartment when my phone rang.  It was my elder sister.

Sis: Eberechukwu, tell Neche; I want you guys to meet me at "Ntachiosa" by 4:00pm

Yes!!!  How did you know I was hungry sef, OK no problem.

Sis: Call Amara too, you know that girl knows how to waste time...  Aii, I said as she dropped the call.

By 4:10 my kid sister and I headed to Town.  On reaching my elder sister wasn't there. 

What kind of rubbish is this, I said to my sister who wasn't listening to me because she was busy snap chatting.  As we headed to the eatery, on getting in, I saw a very fair, handsome bearded looking fella. ‘Mehn Enugu has fine boy’s, I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes up and down his face.  He was with a friend. I continued my journey upstairs. Few minutes after we got seated my sister came in.  While we were gisting, the fair guy and his friend walked up and sat on the table next to ours with a flower vase demarcating us. He had noticed me.  I didn't want to act desperate; I had to look away, laughing hysterically at every sentence my sister made which wasn't funny. I was getting hungry, eager to make another move when my elder sister asked me to go order for food.  Wow, what an opportunity to show my skills. Getting up, he too got up.  I didn't know if he was heading home, my heart sank.  I wasted a little time trying to know his destination. Well, he was going to order for food too.  Immediately I adjusted my hair.  Picked my phone and cat-walked to the confectionery.

As I ordered, I noticed his eyes staring at me.  He would walk past me and walk before me. I feigned I didn’t notice.  I was enjoying the whole scenario. His friend noticed. I guessed they had talked about it. After standing for barely minutes of ordering nothing he headed back to his seat, this time he turned the chair towards my direction (don't ask me how I knew, I flipped my hair 100times).  My food was ready.  I got chicken ofeakwu with rice and a can of Ribena. Walking to my table, we looked each other eyeball to eyeball.  I wanted to blink but Nah, I have to show this nigga who the boss is.  I've been in this eye contact business for so long.  His eyes got locked in mine, I felt my body misbehaving. He was getting me enchanted, I almost fell.  I quickly looked away and dropped my tray on the table. He smiled.  Nonsense Yoruba demon, I cursed under my breath. To worsen it, the waiter forgot to put my cutlery. I had to stand again, never.  I sent my kid sister who reluctantly went. As I ate, both young men would gist and look at me.  I was feeling uncomfortable, my food wasn't going down well.  Like why won't this guy just man up and ask for my number. 

After a while, I noticed they both stood up and left.  I wanted to swallow my pride and walk up to him.  I wanted a boyfriend and the Lord had sent him in a beautiful chocolate vanilla caramel ice-creamed package, but my pride couldn't go down because it was still under construction.  Well after everything I watched the Love of my life walk out of the eatery and off my life. I had hoped I was going to see him again, Enugu is a small world, I consoled myself. 

Fast-forward to how my day went.  My sisters and I had fun.  We ate, talked about a lot of things, and took pictures. It was a jolly good day but I still wailed for losing the love of my life.

Walking down to get a taxi, Lo and Behold my missing rib was actually waiting for me downstairs.  "Oh thank you, Jesus”. I whispered. I promised I was going to approach him this time.  But my pride crept in again. I raised my head up high.  Face straight, slowly shaking my tiny ass, walked past him, acting like I didn't care yet seriously praying he would talk to me.

Hey, excuse me, I heard a masculine voice.

I wasn't Samuel; I didn't see any reason why I would wait for him to call me three times before I answer.  I quickly turned, giving my sisters a go ahead sign.

Yeah, hello”.  I said looking straight to his face. At this point grasping every moment I could, by taking judicial notice of his soft kissable pink lips. Curly Hebrew beards, Phyno enchanting eyeballs, straight Pinnochio nose, beautifully arranged set of teeth and a heartwarming dimple to crown it all.  I knew he was the Messiah I've been waiting for.

"Uhm, My name is Obum. I saw you upstairs, I just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful".

At that point my body was already under going another level of construction.  I think I wanted to poop.  I felt my tummy wiggle. 

At that point I had two options.  First to say

"Awwwwwwwwwww, thanks a lot" or to say " Oh so finally you decided to talk abi?

I did the later. Trying hard to maintain a good composure, his friend chuckled, don't mind him, he’s a shy boy. 

Oh really.  Fine big rich boy is also a shy boy. (I knew he was rich, his perfume gave him out).  It was "YvesStLaurent's Oud Ambsolu-M7". Besides they were in a white Bentley and his skin was way out of Fan level). That moment my bitchy attitude came out in full form.  I stared him deep in the eyes while we exchanged numbers. 

By 11:39pm, I got a text.

"Hey, it's Obum the guy you met at the eatery. Hope you got home safely, just checking up on you."

I didn't reply.  I knew if I had replied he would know I was awake and thus engage me in a chat.

The next day he called.  We spoke at length.  From phone calls we graduated to video calls. We got very attached to each other.  We talked every day on video calls.  I was head over heels for him.  He was so different.  I had announced to my friends that I was finally in love.  They took it as a joke, because I barely stayed in a relationship after I had suffered a serious breakdown from my ex.  Seeing his picture, they concluded he was a fuck boy. They knew what I had gone through in the past.  They didn't want it to repeat itself. I didn't want to believe them, yet didn't want to put all eggs in one basket, thus we started our investigation.  My friends located his instagram handle. He just had three pictures. Two were birthday wishes to his friends, one, a quote by Mahatma Gandhi which read "The more you look the less you see".

He was a creepy guy. The one that busted my bubble was when I asked him for his face book ID and he said he wasn't on face book. Like who isn't on face book??  To cut the long story short,  the guy I met at the eatery, my "he is different kind of guy" was actually a bi-sexual.  My friends had gone through the post of the guys he wished happy birthday on his ig, checked their own page.  Who they followed, who followed them. While doing the detective work, they stumbled on a follower and that follower was my cute baby's main I. G account, where he promotes homosexuals, with pictures of him and his co-workers caressing each other.

I confronted him.  He cut the call and blocked my number. 

Till this day, my heart is still bleeding.  I thought I had finally found my Romeo. After my previous relationship, I thought I would never fall in love again, but Obum came and made me fall for him.  I had transferred all the love I had for my ex to him, only to realize that he was bisexual. I was one of his toys.  Now I know why it took him hours to gain courage to talk to me, I guess he wasn't used to the female folk. Had I known, I would have been a Samuel and waited for him to call me thrice. 

Most nights, I ponder and ask myself, is he not missing me?  Like was all the calls, laughter and long talks all fake?  Does it mean he never had feelings for me?  Why do guys do the things they do?  Why would they Kindle a fire in a girl’s heart and leave her burning? Why?

I am hurt. I wish I wasn't writing this but that's how I met the last of the male specie. Until nature proves otherwise, I swear not to ever have anything to do with them.


My name is Eberechukwu Ngwu and I exhume happiness. My dreams are a lot bigger than I am. I love to write and express myself through written words. 

Don't be afraid to stalk me on social media.

Facebook ID : Bebe Ngwu

Instagram ID: Bebehills
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The Guy Next Door

Bebehills you didn't tell us how the sex was... Ahh no dey give us half baked gist nahh... Nice one dou...

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