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A features editor with Thisday newspapers, Adeola Akinremi reportedly received a threat mail from members of the insurgency group, Boko Haram over his anti-Boko Haram articles. Akinremi received the threat mail in May after his visit to Adamawa state to investigate the plight of Internally Displaced Persons and the activities of the sect in the state. Akinremi afterwards wrote a piece titled, Why Boko Haram don’t deserve our amnesty?.

See a  copy of the threat mail signed by one Abu Musab Abul-Barnawi and exclusively obtained by The Cable after the cut…

    “We have seen your hand against us . Inshallah you will die like other infidels that we captured. You have been joining our enemies. You are made yourself their mouth [sic] but we will get you insha Allah. This is a holy mission for Allah, so stop writing against us. “You’re going too Michika calling yourself a brave journalist, but you’re a coward. We will get you. Its your government that talks amnesty, we are not looking for amnesty. Allah is with us. You’re now a walking dead and a prey to the Lions of Islam from the bullet of a passing car or a nearby rooftop. “We are not asking you to repent, because of your error, we will use your blood to send warning to others. Those people from America and Europe that are using you against our mission will soon know the truth. Our wounded fighters will never give up. they will return to fight for Allah to get their reward. Your soldier will soon know the truth.”

Thisday has suffered attacks from the sect in the past. In April 2012, the Abuja and Kano office of the media house came under attacks from Boko Haram.
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Nasir El-Rufai Kaduna State governor, has banned hawking and begging on the streets in the state.

due to tuesday morning’s deadly bomb explosion on the Sabon Gari Local Government Secretariat, which left no fewer than 47 people dead.

The media aide to the governor, Samuel Aruwan, in a statement said: “All beggars and hawkers are to stay off the streets until further notice. Any beggar or hawker found on the streets will be arrested until these measures are relaxed”.

The statement quoted El-Rufai as calling on the people of the state to be vigilant and security conscious just as he urged them to report all suspicious persons and movements to security agencies.
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Justice Mohammed Yinusa of the Federal High Court, Lagos today July 8, 2015 convicted four companies associated with former governor of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani and ordered that their properties be forfeited to the Federal Government.

The four companies are Rainbownet Nigeria Limited, Cosmo FM, Capital City Automobile Nigeria Limited and Renaissance University Teaching Hospital

The companies had on May 19, 2015 pleaded guilty to a 10-count amended charge brought against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

The companies are alleged to have failed to comply with lawful inquiry made by the Commission.

At today’s sitting, counsel to the EFCC Kelvin Uzozie prayed the court to make an order of final forfeiture of the companies based on their plea.

Justice Yinusa after reviewing the facts convicted the companies and made an order of final forfeiture of their assets to the Federal Government, citing provision of the EFCC Establishment Act on Final Forfeiture.

The properties are located across the five states in the South East geopolitical zone.

Among them are 22 Duplex buildings in Ebeano Under Tunnel Estate now known as Fidelity Estate; Renaissance University Teaching Hospital; Cosmos 105.5 FM Digital Station (Ceuna Communications); and Capital City Automobile Limited, located at 12 Station Road, GRA, Enugu.

Also forfeited to the Federal Government include properties of Hill Gate Investment – Plot No H12, H13, H14, H15, H21`, H116, H188, Plot 10, Plot H11, Plot H16, Plot H17, Plot H18, Plot 19, Plot H20, Plot H49, Plot H50, Plot H117, CP/4 (HCR2), CP5 (HCR2) CP/6(HCR2) CP/7 (HCR2) CP/8.

The assets also include several undeveloped properties/plots of land of Rainbownet Nigeria Limited in Enugu, Abakaliki, Aba, Owerri, Onitsha, Awka and Umuahia.

Properties of Rainbownet Communication which include BTS, Microwave Avenue Radio, Rectifiere, and a host of the equipment in various sites in Anambra States are also to be forfeited to the Federal Government.

Aside the landed properties, over N35 million from the frozen bank accounts of the companies are also to the forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Uzozie who is pleased with the ruling of the court said the Commission had to sought for a separate trial of the companies as the first accused person, former governor of Enugu State, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani had stalled proceedings on the matter on account of frequent application to travel abroad for medical treatment on grounds of ill-health.

Chimaroke Nnamani alongside Sunday Anyaogu, his then aide and six firms linked to them: Rainbownet Nigeria Limited, Hillgate Nigeria Limited, Cosmos FM, Capital City Automobile Nigeria Limited, Renaissance University Teaching Hospital and Mea Mater Elizabeth High School were first arraigned before Justice Tijani Abubakar in 2007.

The case was re-assigned to Justice Charles Archibong following the transfer of Justice Abubakar, now of the Appeal Court, out of the Lagos division of the Federal High Court. Again, the case was re-assigned to Justice Yinusa, after Justice Archibong (now retired) was also transferred out of the Lagos division of the court.

According to the charge, Nnamani conspired with other accused persons to launder funds from the state treasury, especially monies meant for the local government areas of Enugu State.

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President Muhammadu Buhari has approved a comprehensive relief package of over N400bn for the payment of workers’ salaries in the country.

According to a recent report of the Nigeria Labour Congress Task Force, 18 states are owing employees salary arrears of at least six months.

The debtor states include; Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Benue, Cross River, Ekiti, Imo, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Kogi. Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Plateau, Rivers and Zamfara.
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The Nigerian military have reportedly taken over the security of the Ekwulobia Prisons in Anambra, as a result of the relocation of Boko Haram prisoners to the facility.

Punch Newspapers reports that security operations in the Federal Government facility are no longer being carried out by the officials of the Nigeria Prison Service alone.

As a result of the reputation and notoriety of the Boko Haram detainees, the military has moved in to support the officials of the facility.

Armed military personnel were reportedly sighted, manning various strategic locations around the prison.

Residents of the host communities of the prison, have also been affected by the development, as they are now compulsorily frisked and searched before allowed passage in and around the area.
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There has been a number of mixed reactions from Nigeria since President Buhari emerged President and was inaugurated into office on the 29th of May. Togues have also been waging as to why the President is yet to release his ministerial list.

1. Public declaration of assets and liabilities

2. State and community policing

3. Ban on all government officials from seeking medical care abroad
4. Implementation of the National Gender Policy, including 35% of appointive positions for women

5. Revival of Ajaokuta steel company

6. Generation, transmission and distribution of at least 20,000 MW of electricity within four years and increasing to 50,000 MW with a view to achieving 24/7 uninterrupted power supply within 10 years.

7. Empowerment scheme to employ 740,000 graduates across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

8. Establishment of a free-tuition and scholarship scheme for pupils who have shown exceptional aptitude in science subjects at O/Levels to study ICT-related courses.

9. 720,000 jobs by the 36 states in the federation yearly (20,000 per state).

10. Three million Jobs per year

11. To embark on vocational training, entrepreneurial and skills acquisition schemes for graduates along with the creation of a Small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme to create at least 5 million new jobs by 2019.

12. Churches and Mosques would not pay taxes under national laws, but if they engage in businesses, the businesses would pay tax.

13. Provision of allowances to the discharged but unemployed Youth Corps members for Twelve (12) months while in the skills and entrepreneurial development programme

14. Making the economy one of the fastest-growing emerging economies in the world with a real GDP growth averaging 10% annually.

15. Creation of a Social Welfare Programme of at least fivethousand naira (N5000) that will cater for the 25 million poorest and most vulnerable citizens upon the demonstration of children’s enrollment in school and evidence of immunisation to help promote family stability

16. Recruitment and training of at least 100,000 officers into the Nigerian police force and establish a Federal Anti-terrorism Agency.

17. One free meal (to include fruits) daily, for public primary school pupils

18. Building an airport in Ekiti State

19. Eradication of state of origin, replacing that with state of residence to ensure Nigerians are Nigerians first before anything else.

20. Establishment of crime squad to combat terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, militants, ethno-religious and communal clashes nationwide

21. Working with the National Assembly towards the immediate enactment of a Whistle Blower Act

22. Economic stability for the ECOWAS nations and maintaining a strong, close and frank relationship with West Africa, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, and other African countries

23. Establishing a conflict resolution commission to help prevent, mitigate and resolve civil conflicts within the polity.
24. All political office holders earn only the salaries and emoluments determined and approved by the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Commission (RMFAC).

25. Permanent peace in the Niger Delta and other conflict prone areas such as Plateau, Taraba, Bauchi, Borno and Abia.

26. No plans to Islamise Nigeria.

27. Nationwide sanitation plans to keep Nigeria clean

28. Preserving the independence of the Central Bank

29. Simplifying immigration process to foster faster visa processing at points of entry.

30. Special incentives to facilitate the education of the girl child

31. Full implementation of the National Identification Scheme to generate the relevant data.

32. Making Information Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Entertainment key drivers of our economy

33. Balancing the economy across regions by the creation of six new Regional Economic Development Agencies (REDAs) to act as champions of sub-regional competitiveness

34. Putting in place a N300 billion regional growth fund (average of N50 billion in each geo-political region) to be managed by the REDAs.

35. Amending the Constitution and the Land Use Act to create freehold/leasehold interests in land along with matching grants for states to create a nationwide electronic land title register on a state by state basis.

36. Reviving and reactivating the minimally performing refineries to optimum capacity.

37. Creating additional middle-class of at least two million new home owners in the first year in government and one million annually thereafter.

38. Creating an additional middle class of at least four million new home owners by 2019 by enacting national mortgage single digit interest rates for purchase of owner occupier houses as well as reviewing the collateral qualification to make funding for home ownership easier, with 15 to 30 year mortgage terms.

39. Enacting a national mortgage system that will lend at single digit interest rates for purchase of owner occupier houses.

40. Injecting extra N30 billion into the Agricultural sector to create more agro-allied jobs by way of loans at nominal interest rates for capital investment on medium and commercial scale cash crops.

41. You farm, government buys, guaranteeing a minimum price for selected crops and facilitate storage of agricultural products as and when necessary.

41. You farm, government buys, guaranteeing a minimum price for selected crops and facilitate storage of agricultural products as and when necessary.

42. Creating a national infrastructural development bank to provide loans at nominal interest rates exclusively for this sector.

43. Construction of 3,000km of superhighway including service trunks.

44. Building of up to 4,800km of modern railway lines – one third to be completed by 2019.

45. At least one functioning airport is available in each of the 36 states.

46. Ending gas flaring and ensuring sales of at least half of gas produce, within Nigeria.

47. Speedily passing the much-delayed Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and ensuring that local content issues are fully addressed.

48. Establishing at least six new universities of science and technology with satellite campuses in various states.

49. Establishing six centres of excellence to address the needs of special education.

50. Prioritising the reduction of the infant mortality rate by 2019 to 3%.

51. Reducing maternal mortality by more than 70%.

52. Reducing HIV/AIDs infection rate by 50% and other infectious diseases by 75%.

53. Improving life expectancy by additional 10 years on average.

54. Increasing the number of physicians from 19 per 1000 population to 50 per 1000

55. Increasing national health expenditure per person per annum to about N50,000 (from less than N10,000 currently).

56. Increasing the quality of all federal government-owned hospitals to world class standard within five years.

57. Ensuring timely payment of retirement benefits for all pensioned senior citizens and creating a poverty safety net for all aged citizens above the age of 65.

58. Amending the Constitution to require local governments to publish their meeting minutes, service performance data, and items of spending over N10 million.

59. Requiring full disclosure in media outlets, of all government contracts over N100 million prior to award and during implementation at regular interval.

60. Amending the Constitution to remove immunity from prosecution for elected officers in criminal case.

61. Initiating action to amend the Nigerian Constitution with a view to devolving powers, duties, and responsibilities to states in order to entrench true federalism and the federal spirit.
62. Reforming and strengthening the justice system for efficient administration and dispensation of justice with the creation of special courts for accelerated hearing of corruption, drug trafficking, terrorism and similar cases of national importance.

63. Establishing world-class sports academy and training institutes and ensure that Nigeria occupies a place of pride in global sports and athletics.

64. Reviving the Nigerian football league and putting incentives in place to make it as competitive as other national leagues.

65. Putting in place measures to identify talents early and ensuring their participation in local and international games to enable them become professionals.

66. Assisting Nollywood to fully develop into world class movie industry that can compete effectively with Hollywood and Bollywood in due course.

67. Ensuring that the rights of women are protected as enshrined in our Constitution.

68. Guaranteeing that women are adequately represented in government appointments and providing greater opportunities in education, job creation and economic empowerment.

69. Promoting the concept of reserving a minimum number of seats in the National Assembly for women.

70. Free maternal and children healthcare services.

71. Stabilising the naira.

72. Targeting up to 20% of our annual budget for this critical sector whilst making substantial investments in training quality teachers at all levels of the educational system (some other APC policy documents had 15%).

73. Ensuring compliance with policies and measures to halt the pollution of rivers and waterways in the Niger Delta and other parts of the country.

74. Adopting a holistic approach to erosion and shoreline protection across the country.

75. ECOWAS currency by 2020 under Nigeria’s guidance and leadership.

76. Maintaining strong, close and frank relationships within the Gulf of Guinea, the Commonwealth, South Africa and the rest of the world.

77. Establishing a new special relationship with the leading emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) and other strategic partners around the world.

78. Government intends to commission a sociological study to determine Boko Haram’s origins, remote and immediate causes of the movement, its sponsors, the international connections to ensure that measures are taken to prevent a recurrence of the evil.

79. Strengthening INEC to reduce, if possible, eliminate electoral malpractices in Nigerian’s political life.

80. Improving operational and legal mechanisms so that disciplinary steps are taken against proven human rights violations by the Armed Forces.

81. Free education at primary, secondary and tertiary institutions for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
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The current crisis rocking the APC might be considered as a retribution, in other words, as Karma.

Feelers from every indication shows that the war has come to centre categorically between Bukola Saraki, The Senate President of the federal republic of Nigeria and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the national leader of the APC.

The crisis was further deepened by the subsequent disregard by the  senate president to the directives of his political party in nominating party chosen candidates to principal offices in the senate. And the follow up by the speaker of the House of Representatives in toeing the line of the senate president which resulted in the show of shame by the APC law makers last week.

One could have thought that maturity and wisdom could have played a major in curbing the crisis rocking the APC, but from every indication, it seems that these factors have not been employed by the APC big wigs in arriving at a solution, instead it looks and feels that both the faction of the senate president and that of the party leader has declared an all out war on each other.

In the game of politics, both Tinubu and Saraki are not men that one can underestimate, for both men have their strong points and are not new to the game. Both have a record of being political savvy and knowing their game very well. Tinubu is a man that is believed to posses the Midas touch and every political move he makes always favors him and goes according to his plan. But political analysts across the nation believes that he has met his match in the game.

The war as it is right now can be narrowed down between Saraki and Tinubu. It is my humble opinion that this war is not one that Tinubu can win. Going by his antecedents, Tinubu is a man that plays dirty and who knows the power of the media. His modus operandi being rubbishing the image of his enemies in the media by his media organizations. And this is a vital part in his strategy. It was utilized to the highest effect during the fight against the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. Tinubu will role out all his might through his media henchmen to rubbish the person of the senate president. This is a classic strategy of him. And it has already begun.

But like some political analysts will agree, the case of Goodluck Jonathan and Saraki are not the same, both in technicality and nature.  Jonathan being a candidate of the public opinion through the ballot box while Saraki is a candidate of the senate through the votes of his colleagues. The odds are simply against Tinubu in this war. On a deep analysis, one will find that it not exactly a war between Tinubu and Saraki, but a war between some northern bloc and Tinubu. The north will always protect its own. While Tinubu goes on with his media slander and defamation of the person of the senate president, Saraki should focus more on consolidating his position by bringing more of his colleagues to his side. He already have the PDP senators and some senators from his own party. He should focus more on bringing more APC senators to his side. Then he should also work on the powers that be, his backers. But, like mentioned above, Saraki is a man that knows his politics and it is my humble believe that as the war has been openly declared, he will not fold his hands and allow Tinubu to bring him down.

Saraki is Tinubu's nemesis and what we are witnessing now is the battle between the old and new. Saraki being the symbol of new and youth. Who happens to have the goodwill of the people on his side. This is the beginning of the end for Tinubu. One might think that Tinubu is invincible in politics, but it is a universal law that an angry man does not have the power to think straight and Tinubu is a man who is very much angry, and in his anger, he make mistakes which Saraki in his usual smiling way will happily capitalize.
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It is beginning to look like the present administration has begun work as President Muhammadu Buhari has dissolved the board of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

The decision was conveyed in a letter, dated June 26, 2015, signed by the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Danladi Kifasi.

The NNPC has in recent years been accused of large scale corruption, the latest being the alleged disappearance of $20 billion oil money.

An independent audit ordered by the Nigerian government in 2014 concluded that the corporation has an outstanding $1.48 billion to pay to the government.

Buhari also expressed gratitude to members of the dissolved board for their services to the nation.

We’ll update as soon as we get more details.
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Burundi’s second Vice President has fled his country, saying that he could not support the third term bid for president Pierre Nkurunziza.

Mr. Gervais Rufyikiri said Nkurunziza’s third term campaign was unconstitutional.
The former vice president is believed to be in Belgium.

Meanwhile, the ruling CNDD-FDD party kicked off its presidential campaign in Kirundo today with Nkurunziza as its candidate.

How do you see the future of Burundi’s governance?
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nigerias Opposition party, PDP, has reacted to the recent statement of its new President Muhammadu Buhari, who claimed to have met an empty treasury.

Buhari on Monday, June 22, stated that Nigerians should not expect too much in his first 100 days in office because he met the treasury empty and inherited a government drowning in huge debts.

The PDP, in its response to the statement, said the President should stop giving excuses and start doing the work he was elected to do.

Read  a statement released on Tuesday, June 23, by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh.

    “While we restate our resolve to engage only in credible and issue based opposition, we want the President and the APC to note that their plea for patience from Nigerians does not arise, because ab-initio, there has not been any indication that they are actually serious and determined to deliver on their campaign promises upon which they rode to power.

    “Of course Nigerians are willing to support and cooperate with the President, but we are worried that the pictures emerging from his presidency and his party do not in any way inspire hope in the citizenry, especially as they have continued to show that theirs is ostensibly a matter of obtaining power by false pretenses.

    “President Buhari and the APC must know that Nigerians did not give them the mandate to engage in frivolous excuses and pleas but to hit the ground running with solutions and quick fixes they promised during the campaigns.

    We ask, is President Buhari’s statement an admission of poor knowledge of national and international economic affairs or does it underscore the lack of capacity and skills by the administration to effectively harness and galvanize resources and potential inherent in Nigeria which has already been nurtured as Africa’s largest economy and one of the fasted growing in the world.

    “Even if Nigerians decide to wait endlessly, we wonder how much the President can achieve amidst the flip-flops from his presidency and cacophony of interests from his party leaders struggling to enlarge their selfish political and economic frontiers.

    “How can one reconcile President Buhari’s statement with the recent ridiculous and misleading claim by APC’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed that this administration has achieved in three weeks what the immediate past administration did not achieve in five years?

    “Since after their electoral victory, the APC and the President have continued to expose their lack of commitment towards their campaign promises.

    “We recall that on May 5, 2015, twenty-four days before his inauguration, President Buhari at a meeting with APC leaders in Abuja opened the excuse galore when he expressed his nervousness to deliver in office, adducing that ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

    “We also recall that in their attempt to find an escape route in one of their bogus campaign promises, the APC denied that the President ever promised Nigerians that they will end insurgency two months after inauguration but had to swallow their words after the PDP confronted them with the April 22, 2015 CNN interview where Buhari made that promise.

    “Indeed, we empathize with the President knowing that the confusion and clear lack of direction in his party have not helped matters, but we urge him to rise up to the challenge, take urgent steps and disentangle himself from the selfish and unpatriotic tendencies of APC leaders, especially given the fact that Nigerians gave him a mandate for which they will continue to hold him accountable.

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