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Dr Tony Nwoye, the All Progressive Congress Governship Aspirant, has alleged intimidation and harassment of party supporters in some parts of the state. Nwoye made this allegation when he voted in his Nsugbe Ward I in Anambra East Local Government Area on Saturday at 11:50 a.m.

He decried the arrest and detention of the APC state Chairman, Mr Emeka Ibe “for no just cause”.


According to him, the police have allowed themselves to be used as a tool of ‘oppression and suppression’ in the hands of the ruling party in the state.


The ruling party has been using police to suppress our people,” he said, adding that a party stakeholder, Mr Celestine Offoegbu, was arrested and detained for no just cause. He, however, added that in spite of the harassment and intimidation,”I will emerge victorious”.


The APC flag bearer, however, gave INEC average mark for its conduct of the poll, adding that they were neutral in some areas.He also said that there was no voters’ apathy in the state.


But, in a swift reaction, Mr Joshak Habila, the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of operation, denied that his men have arrested anybody.

“Our men are doing what is expected of them. We did not arrest and detain anybody,”  Habila, who is in charge of police operation for the election, said.


Also, PDP governorship candidate, Oseloka Obaze, who voted at 1:45 p.m., decried voter apathy in Ogbaru and Nnewi North Local Government areas. Obaze told newsmen shortly after voting that the apathy was explainable in the city centres but inexplicable in the communities. He also complained that the poll did not take place in Okpoko in Ogbaru and Umudim in Nnewi North council areas. The candidate, however, expressed confidence that he would win the election if it remains free and fair.


Meanwhile, Umuchu Ward I Civic Centre, received materials at 1:02 p.m in the poll scheduled to end by 2p.m 



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Nollywood Actress, Hilda Dokubo, criticised Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister for Transportation and Nyesom Wike, the Governor of River’s State, over their persistent clashes.

She held them responsible for the underdevelopment of the state. She described the recent argument between their security aides as a “disgrace” for Rivers.

She said,

“Enough is enough! Rivers state, Nigeria is too big for two ego-tripping men. Speaking in a video posted on her page, she said: “November 11, 2017 has been baptised international day of disgrace by Amaechi and Wike.”

“These two men are the biggest beneficiaries of the governance system of Rivers state. Today they are the reason for her under-development, insecurities, destruction of properties and loss of lives.”

“Their security men will now put government weapons against themselves and their media people will feast on it, as though they have just won for themselves a trophy. And some people will actually justify this rubbish on the grounds of politics and power, and political divide, you all need to stop.”

“It is time for the two of you to drop this hate and display of arrogance and ego tripping, Rivers state needs to move forward and rivers state is bigger than the two of you.”

“If you are Rivers man or woman out there supporting this rubbish, shame on you. Rivers state is bigger than the two of them; we need to come to that realisation.”

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During the visit of the President of Nigeria, His Excellency Buhari Muhammadu, he made a long speech of declaration and felicitation to the people of Ebonyi State.

Below is the full text of the speech he delivered at the Abakaliki Township Stadium.


I am delighted to be in Abakiliki today to interact with the good people of this State and indeed, the South East (Ndigbo) region as a whole. I want to express my gratitude to Ndi Ebonyi for their hospitality and warm reception since our arrival in Abakiliki a few hours ago.

In the last few hours, I have commissioned some landmark projects and laid the foundation stones for the Ebonyi City Mall and a flyover bridge projects. I commend His Excellency, Governor David Umahi for his vision and commitment to the development of his State.

In the course of my visit, I also had the honour and privilege of unveiling the statue of a great Nigerian, Sir Akanu Ibiam, whose notable records of humanitarianism, advocacy of free primary education and rural development, will continue to be an inspiration to all.

I am also grateful to the people of Ebonyi as well as the South East traditional rulers, who today, bestowed on me traditional titles. To the Ndi Ebonyi, I am ENYIOMA 1 (Good Friend) and to the South East, I am OCHIOHA OF NDIGBO. I thank you for this honour and kind gesture.

My presence here today is a demonstration of our strong belief in the unity of Nigeria. As the most populous country in Africa, with over 300 ethnic groups, our diversity is almost unique among nations.

The people of the South East are known for their ingenuity, industrial and commercial talent. There is no part of Nigeria where you will not find Igbo entrepreneurs, both men and women, contributing to the development of their adopted communities. So I am asking you all not to buy into the senseless propaganda on secession. Igbo is Nigeria and Nigeria is Igbo. Both are inseparable.

We must therefore continue to commit ourselves to the development of Nigeria. A Nigeria, where we sustain our national unity without compromising on our cultural identities, and where the aspirations of its people are guaranteed without prejudice to tribe or religion. A Nigeria, where we can sleep at night knowing that tomorrow will be better than today.

The task of nation building is a continuous one. It never stops. Our founding fathers, from all corners of this country, worked together to actualize the creation of one Nigeria.

After Independence, the same founding fathers worked together to maintain this one Nigeria. Yes, they had differences and varied opinions at times. After all, they were only human.. And yes, they had moments of weaknesses and doubt. But again, no one is perfect. However, one thing they all protected until the end of their lives was having one Nigeria for all Nigerians.

Today, Nigeria is 57 years old. Nigeria has gone through many pains, but has also achieved significant successes. Its citizens are leaders in all aspect of human development. But we rarely celebrate these successes more. Some misguided Nigerians would rather channel their energy to propagating negative stories and senseless rumours.

Over 60% of Nigeria’s population is under 25 years old. They have little knowledge of Nigeria’s journey. They were not born during the dark days of civil war and the nation rebuilding that happened afterwards. The task of nation building is a continuous one. It relies on the successful transition of factual knowledge from one generation to another. This means it is our collective responsibility to ensure we do not betray our founding fathers as we transfer the Nigeria project from one generation to the next.

As our national anthem says; “the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain”

So parents, speak to your children about the importance of their heritage, culture and being open minded. Teachers, teach your students about the history of this nation and how it was a coalition of diversity that brought it to existence. And leaders, we must lead by example and show tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Today, most grievances expressed by all Nigerians, not only those in the south east, is lack of jobs, poor infrastructure and basic amenities. We are working aggressively to address these.

We are building roads, hospitals and schools. We are expanding our power transmission infrastructure while supporting the generation and distribution companies to ensure more power is delivered to our homes. We are developing agricultural programs that will create more jobs while making Nigeria food secure. For example, we recently mobilized the contractor of the 2nd Niger Bridge back to site. We have also made provisions in the 2018 budget proposal to ensure this project is completed as early as possible. We are also upgrading the Federal Medical Centre in Umuahia by constructing a Modern Medical Diagnostic Centre. This will further bring quality and affordable health care to the region.

In the agricultural sector, the States in this region have participated in all Federal Government agricultural initiatives. For instance, Ebonyi was among the first few State Government’s to sign up to the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative. The program has already created thousands of direct and indirect jobs in this fertile part of the country.

I would like to congratulate Governor Umahi who put aside his political differences to participate in this federally led project that has improved the lives of not only the farmers of Ebonyi State, but the entire South East States.

For the South East, I am pleased to inform you that our 2018 budget proposal has allocated up to N10 billion for the development of the Enyimba Industrial Park and Nnewi Auto Park. Both projects will be implemented in collaboration with the respective state Governments and the private sector. Again, these are classic examples of the partnerships between the Federal and State Governments in the region to improve the livelihoods of Nigerians – politics aside.

In October 2017, we commenced the payment of pensions to police officers who were granted Presidential pardon in 2000 after serving in the former Biafran Police during the 30 month civil war. These officers, and their next of kin, have waited for their pensions for 17 years since the Presidential pardon.

I want to assure the Ndigbo that the welfare and well-being of every Nigerian is important to us. We stand for inclusivity and will not leave any section or citizen behind.

I thank you most sincerely for your attention and warm reception.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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The Anambra Guber Debate which was organized by Channels TV Sunday evening may have unravelled the intellectual capacity and intentions of each of the five candidates that participated in the debate. The candidates of APC (Tony Nwoye), APGA (Willie Obiano), PDP (Oseloka Obaze), PPA (Godwin Ezeemo), UPP (Osita Chidoka) took turns to address issues relating to the economy, infrastructure, governance and Biafra agitation.

Here are the compiled notable statements encompassing quotable words from each of the five leading candidates:

·         Part of the reasons I want to be Governor of Anambra State is to block wastages and cut excessive appointments of redundant SA’s and SSA’s in government – Tony Nwoye

·         We are doing well in Education, Agriculture and Trade and commerce. We want to continue on this path – Willie Obiano

·         Our Government is no longer working as it was – Education is unaffordable. We will subsidize education and take our people back to school – Oseloka Obaze

·         I have all my investment in Anambra State. I have decided to forgo my comfort zone and serve my people. I will invest in skill based education – Godwin Ezeemo

·         I will apply the principle of Egwuchukwu (morality) as governor. Our state ranks low in competitiveness. Anambra ranks 37/37 in bribery and corruption, we need to change that – Osita Chidoka

·         I was not involved in any way with the kidnap of Chris Ngige as Governor – Tony Nwoye

·         When I became governor, our people were not coming home because security was bad. I fixed that – Willie Obiano

·         I pay salaries at and when due. Anambra State was the only state that didn’t see recession in 2015 – Willie Obiano

·         In 2016, I realized that Anambra State has been hijacked, this is why I choose to speak up and get involved in Governance – Oseloka Obaze

·         My choosing to contest is not a matter of desperation, but a matter of necessity. Anambra State is in trouble. This is why I offer myself – Godwin Ezeemo

·         Currently, we have been investing in yesterday’s education. We need to invest in education for tomorrow – Osita Chidoka


·         We need to look into the industrial clusters in Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi. We need to invest in power and electricity – Tony Nwoye

·         The past government left me with 101 bad roads. I have completed 51 of them and commissioned 94 of my own – Willie Obiano

·         Tony Nwoye doesn’t have the capacity to be governor; he lacks executive experience – Willie Obiano

·         My predecessor left N9bn cash and N25.6bn in bond – Willie Obiano

·         My dear friend and school mate Obiano has spent over N600bn and there is nothing commensurate to show for it – Oseloka Obaze

·         Under Obiano’s leadership, this state got broken. We need to fix it – Oseloka Obaze

·         Obiano should tell us why he sold the dollar that was left for the future generation – Oseloka Obaze

·         Anambra has a trade driven Economy, but our people lack the enabling environment. We need to get our power distribution network working – Godwin Ezeemo

·         We need to get our people to invest in Agriculture. I have been part of this economy and I know how it works – Godwin Ezeemo

·         I am shocked that the governor thinks that saving for the future generation is a waste of time – Osita Chidoka

·         We have to grow the state by growing the people who live in the state. We cannot take from the poor to grow the state – Osita Chidoka

·         If the governor thinks that some other person doesn’t have executive experience, I will like to let him know that Retiring from a middle level bank at 60 as an Executive Director shows that the governor is not a performer – Osita Chidoka


·         Portable and accessible roads have eluded Anambra State, I will focus on this – Tony Nwoye

·         Today we are self sufficient in Agriculture. We are exporting vegetables and yam to the UK – Willie Obiano

·         If the Governor wants to build a new capital city in Umuleri, he should let us know. Anambra cannot afford an airport now – Osita Chidoka


·     The Governor sat here and young people who have no Jobs were declared as terrorist – Oseloka Obaze

·         The problem of IPOB is not a problem of unemployment. It’s a problem that has to do with the fundamental structure of Nigeria. We need to renegotiate our collective existence – Osita Chidoka

·         Anambra is not owing salaries, because my policies are working  – Willie Obiano

·         I have the years of experience; I have the integrity and proven previous administrative visibility to govern Anambra  State– Oseloka Obaze

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday in Abuja presented about N8.612 trillion as the 2018 Appropriation bill to a joint session of the National Assembly, saying the projected expenditure would drive rapid economic recovery. He said at the session that with a benchmark of $45 per barrel at an exchange rate of N305 to a dollar in 2018, the budget would consolidate on the achievements of previous budgets to aggressively steer the economy to the path of steady growth.


"With the economic recovery made so far, it is clear that we made the right decisions. And I urge you all to support the Federal Government’s policies towards economic recovery," he said.


Buhari said that the government would continue to develop infrastructure and increase investments in agriculture to attain food security and reduce importation. He added that while the Federal Government was committed to identifying alternative means of funding new projects, there was need to continue to pursue public-private partnership, to provide more infrastructures in the country.


According to him, the Federal Government has been able to construct or rehabilitate about 776-kilometer roads in 2017. The president said that the construction of Abuja metroline had attained 98% completion, adding that work had commenced on the Ajaokuta-Itakpe rail line which was abandoned for 17 years. He said that the project would be delivered in September 2018, adding that the country's power sector would witness a turn around.


"The power sector reform is still work in progress as we have increased power generation but we still have some challenges in transmission and distribution network," Buhari said.


He added that the Federal Government was committed to green alternative energy.


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In an interview with Leke Baiyewu of Punch Newspapers, Dino Melaye disclosed that sales from his book 'Antidote for Corruption' has netted him a tidy sum and demand is high in Russia, Germany and America.


You recently authored and published a book on corruption. Why did you venture into writing?

You cannot cure a disease if you don’t diagnose it. You cannot fight corruption without educating people on corruption. Because of my passion to fight corruption, I decided to go into research and put together my experience as an anti-corruption crusader in form of a book that I called ‘Antidote for Corruption’ so that Nigerians can understand the level of corruption. I mentioned names and characters in that book. You cannot ‘restitute’, ameliorate, palliate or correct without exposition.

How acceptable is the book in terms of sale?

As I speak to you, I have sold over 100,000 copies. I travelled recently to Germany and I took 500 copies along with me. I have been called that the copies have been exhausted. I went to Russia with 100 copies. As I speak to you, they’ve all been sold. I sent 1,000 copies to the United Kingdom; they’ve been completely sold. I sent 2,500 copies to five states in (the United States of) America and they are still demanding more. I want to believe that it has been properly received. Within the country here, I have also made huge sales. I am laughing all the way to the bank.

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APGA Ambassadors, a political pressure group in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) who worked assiduously in 2013 to effect the election of Gov. Willie Obiano, has vowed to kick him out of office come November 18. The group said it has endorsed the candidacy of the flag bearer of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Oseloka H. Obaze.

In a rally held in Awka on Saturday by the group, the Co-ordinator General of the group, Ikechukwu Ejesieme, said the group’s decision is because the incumbent failed on the promises it made to the people of Anambra state and has resorted to empty talks, lies, deciets and propaganda. He also said the group, after a painstaking analysis, settled for Obaze because he possesses the right skill set, temperance, exposure, experience and contact needed to move the state foward.

“It’s painful to admit, but APGA is no longer the party our founding fathers envisioned it to be. Our mantra is ‘be your brother’s keeper’ but every index you look at points to the glaring fact that we have since abandoned that mantra. Our decline in Education, crumbling infrastructure, abandoned social investment programmes, lopsided government appointments, unequitable distribution of the state’s resources, non-conduct of Local Government elections and the government’s resort to brazen lies has made it extremely difficult for any honest person to campaign for the party’s candidate.”

“In 2013 after the primary election, we knocked on doors, went from home to home, marketplaces, street corners, political and apolitical gatherings and used every medium available to us to convince people to vote for Obiano. Today, how do we go back to the same people knowing that Gov. Obiano has failed and still ask them to re-elect him? We owe it to ourselves, as the people that brought in this governor, to remove him and replace him with another.”

While thanking members of the group who cuts across the 326 wards of the state for their support, Obaze said, “the government of the day beyond being financially reckless is deceitful.” According to him the government runs on lies, deceits and propaganda. He argued that there is nothing on ground to justify the government’s claim of $5 million export of vegetables. He also contested the figure bandied by the government as the quantity of rice the state produces, saying that such claims are false.

He regretted that a government elected to continue on the good governance trajectory Anambra State once rode on derailed and now tries to make up with lies and window dressing. He asked the government to come clean on its claims, make open the details of its budget, tell Anambra people how much it has borrowed, and account for the resources it has so far spent on behalf of the people.

The PDP candidate said his government, if elected, will treat governance as it should be. According to him, zero based budgeting method, participatory budget and full disclosure of budget details will be a constant. He said government dealings ought not to be shrouded in secrecy as it currently is in Anambra state.

Obaze said he will prioritise education by devoting 26% of the state’s budget to it. He vowed to bring back Anambra’s human capital development policies and also revive the Anambra Welfare Scheme in which monthly conditional cash transfers are made to non-pensionable persons aged 75 and above.

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Former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido has described the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as a rented house filled with big thieves, whose roof is about to collapse.

“When they say we’re thieves, it is the smaller thieves that remained in the PDP; the bigger thieves are in the APC,” the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant told Daily Trust in an interview.

He advised all APC members to go back to their former parties 'because no sane person would stay in a house about to collapse'.

“Anybody who is sane should leave the APC because it is a contraption. They are all coming from their own homes into a rented house and it is collapsing. So, run away before the house falls on your heads. Those who came from the AC, PDP and even Buhari who came from the CPC should move out and go back to their homes, because this house is caving in. Nobody is safe in that house.”

Lamido said the ruling party has failed to deliver good governance two years after it used propaganda to win an election.

"Two years after we were blackmailed, terrorized, harassed, demonized out of power with these lies upon lies upon lies by people who are least qualified to be in government, I said, ‘look, what’s Nigeria today?" he said.

"I mean a party of propagandists has taken over and today in Nigeria, the way we’re being fought, the way we’re being demonized, the way we’re being harassed and maligned is simply beyond what you imagine because this is a party

"Here’s a government in Nigeria which is fond of mocking its own citizens. Anything you say, they mock you. They call you wailing-wailer. But government should give me comfort; government should inspire me; it should motivate me so that if I’m wailing, it should say, ‘look, what’s your problem?’ And then cure my problems; you don’t mock me."


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Former President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the former National Spokesperson of PDP, Olisa Metuh to pay him N1 billion traveling expenses before he can appear as a witness in his ongoing trial at the Federal High court, Abuja. Metuh through his lawyer had asked the court to summon the former president to appear as his witness. Metuh is standing trial for collecting N400 million from the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki. The money is allegedly from the arms funds that were squandered by the past administration.

Last week, Justice Okon Abang signed the summons written to him by Metuh's lawyer for Jonathan to appear in court. However, Jonathan did not appear in court last week Wednesday as expected. The judge in his wisdom ordered the court bailiff to ensure that the summons gets to Jonathan within 5 days.

In an application filed before the high court by his counsel, Mike Ozekhome (SAN), ex-president Jonathan asked Metuh to deposit with the court for and on his behalf the sum of N1bn to cover travelling expenses for himself and his security personnel from his home town, Otuoke, in Bayelsa State, to Abuja. The money, according to the former President is also to cover the time that he might spend appearing before the court as President of Nigeria between 2010 and 2015.

He stated that the evidence sought to be obtained from him would amount to an invasion of his privacy, and family life as provided for in Section 37 of the Constitution. In addition, the ex-President contended that the evidence sought to be obtained from him was likely to expose him to a criminal charge, penalty or forfeiture. He further argued that the summons was vague and obtained on frivolous ground. According to the former president, Metuh was not his personal aide or an appointee and so could not have dealt with him directly under any circumstance to warrant the invitation of the applicant to testify in the charge. He also submitted that there was no nexus between him and Metuh and the charge for which Metuh is standing trial.

The application in part reads “That he (Jonathan) as the then President of the Federal Republic (2010-2015), appointed ministers and different persons to carry out the day-to-day running of the government activities and such appointees are those who directly related with the President and not third parties, such as the 2nd respondent. That it is such appointees that can explain daily government’s transactions which they directly supervised and not the President who was the overall boss. That the 2nd respondent, Olisa Metuh, was never at any time a personal aide or appointee of the applicant. That he (Jonathan) knows nothing about the seven charges for which the 1st defendant/ 2nd respondent is standing trial before this court and has absolutely nothing to testify about before this court. The he, as a former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the event that this honourable court refuses prayer one on the motion paper, shall require the sum of N1,000,000,000 (one billion naira) only, to cover travelling expenses for himself and his security personnel, from his home town Otuoke, in Bayelsa State, to Abuja, and also for logistics, and provision of tight security to cover any period of time that he might spend appearing before this court as President of Nigeria between 2010 and 2015. That Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, OFR, the lead counsel in this matter, informed me under the same circumstances stated in paragraph 4 above, and I verily believe him, that by virtue of the provisions of section 241(2) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015, the applicant is not bound to attend to court except the 2nd respondent herein (Olisa Metuh), who applied for the issuance of subpoena ad testificandum on him, pays for his travelling expenses.”


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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Thursday described the comment of former Military Head of State, Yakubu Gowon as a “bouquet of falsehood.” They reacted to his claim that lies by the late warlord, Odumegwu Ojukwu led to Nigerian Civil war.


The group insisted that history has it “documented on granite that Gowon reneged on Aburi Agreements” because he was allegedly “assured by a certain colonial power that Ojukwu’s people should be crushed militarily.”


The statement signed by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, reads:

“It’s a tragedy, that at the ripe old age of 83 and with the little window God still has left open to him to repent and show remorse, Yakubu Gowon, the man who supervised the genocide of 3 million people, mostly as a result of blockade and starvation, the man who seized all minerals from the regions and vested all in the central government, the man who proscribed the regions and created states by military fiat, the man who led the bloodiest war on African soil, has chosen to continue to deceive himself with his bouquet of falsehood.”

“Gowon acknowledged in over a dozen published works, long before now, that super permanent secretaries and two foreign powers persuaded him to reject and renege on the Aburi Accord. He had previously admitted that implementing the agreed Aburi Accord would wittle down his powers as head of state, as all the regions will have to agree before any major decision is affected, now wants to heap lies on Ojukwu, because Ojukwu is no more.”

“Shame on Gowon, shame. History has it documented on granite that Gowon reneged on Aburi Agreements because he has been assured by a certain colonial power that Ojukwu’s people should be crushed militarily, so that same colonial power would have unrestricted access to mindlessly exploit the oil in Biafra land.”

“Shell and BP acting through Harold Wilson the then British Prime Minister did want Aburi Accord implemented. It was the Labour Party government of Britain that cleverly convinced the Arewa North to put pressure on Gowon to feign illness, thereby making it difficult for him to tell the country what was agreed in Aburi.”

“Today, Gowon whom we are led to believe is a prayerful Christian have said he wasn’t able to speak when he returned from Aburi because he was ill. Question is: Was his information minister also ill? Were all Government spokesmen in Lagos also down with illness at the same time, which made it difficult for Lagos to make a pronouncement on Aburi Agreement several weeks after the meeting?”

“Gowon’s unintelligent decision to go to his grave while holding on to self-evident falsehood is shocking. Gowon’s choice, of insisting on deception, even at the age 83 while heading a prayer club is unfortunate and sad.”

 “Gowon slaughtered over 3 million Biafrans to unite Nigeria because of crude oil and gas not out of patriotism. Had his motive been altruistic, he would have been honourable enough to publicly announce, upon his return to Lagos, what he agreed with Ojukwu in Aburi Ghana. The question we must ask is, five decades later, is Nigeria united? Gowon dismantled regional structure and created states, are the states viable?”

“Gowon’s pathetic attempt to rewrite history would have worked had IPOB not been in existence. This day and age, any attempt to rewrite the history of Biafra-Nigeria war will be intellectually resisted and objectively dismantled. Fake history is at the core of why Nigeria will never be united.”

“Gowon must come clean, apologise and make atonement. He is not only a man of blood; he is also the father of lies. His ignoble place in history is secure and unchallenged. He should check the list of the most brutal mass murderers of all time in history, he will discover that he is among the top 5.”

“We are IPOB, we won’t allow distortion of historical facts, neither will we allow the denigration of the revered memory of our all-time hero Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. He remains till date, the only man that tried to bring genuine independence, not mere flag independence, to an African nation.”



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