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The Nigerian government has just announced a public vote on a bill designed to take away the freedoms of Nigerian people. And if we don’t act now and vote against it before the 14th December, when the public hearing finishes, it could be too late.

The government has tried to make it sound like this ‘NGO bill’ is just about restricting the freedom of NGOs. But a quick Google search shows the public outrage this bill has already caused. It will have devastating effects on Nigerians - which is why they’re trying to pass it as quickly as possible, before too many people take action to stop it.

This ‘NGO’ bill will keep Nigerians from freely sharing their opinions, holding open discussion forums or organising people to protest. The effects of this bill will be far wider than just on NGOs: this bill will shrink the freedoms of Nigerians and allow the government to control them.

Angry Nigerians took to the street to protest the regulation bill that is about to be passed unto NGOs; says its absurd and a breach of basic human rights and needs.

“The people in power are trying to rush this bill through, in order to quickly silence us. Don’t let them, said Amnesty.

Twitter Users have also taken up their weapon of words to dissect the loopholes behind the bill and why the senate behind it, should focus on providing light to the nation instead.

#NGOBill's multiple registration requirement would discourage young Nigerians like herself who engage in philantrophic work with little resources from continuing to do so. -Dr. @Sandiechukwu

#NGORegulationBill doesn't serve any purpose. - Hon. Abdul Oro

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Amaechi made the assertion in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the Future Awards Africa held at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos last Saturday.

He said the youths are not ready yet to embrace a corrupt-free society because they were wrongly orientated by those who were using them for their interest. He said:

The problem with Nigerian youth is that they just want to take over from the elite but they are not ready to embrace change, they don’t want reform. They say that the roles being played by the elite are not satisfactory, but they must be ready to upset the leaders of this country through their ingenuity.

For example, during our days of activism, we engage government over unfavourable policies and we get headlong even during the military administration.

Now, student union presidents want a vehicle and a driver to be driving him about to attend meetings; during our time, which dares have a car, we all struggle on the street.

He advised Nigerian youth to rise to the fight against corruption. He said:

I will advise the youth to fight against corruption with all their energy instead of giving tacit support to those they think are their benefactors. During our time in the student union struggles, we rose against impunity and organised protests; but what happens today, the government of the day announces the money siphoned but the youth keep quiet.

Such astronomic stolen amount government announced wouldn’t have happened during our time, all the street would have been filled with youths protesting and seeing that the culprits were punished. Today, we have some of our youths dancing behind the corrupt politicians for a pot of meal that will not last long thereby mortgaging their future.

Amaechi said that Nigerian youth should stand up to the reality of life by asking questions from leaders on how they manage the economy and the commonwealth of Nigeria. He wrote:

Nigerian youth should start asking questions from leaders, including me, about what we are doing with our resources. It’s time to reject those that put us in this. We should all desist from pulling our country down through corruption. But unfortunately, the youth are not interested in that, all what they want is how to look good.

Maybe they looked at me wearing designer shoes, what they will notice is that designer and how they can get it. That is not supposed to be. During my time as a student union leader, I had only two pairs of clothes. But now the value system is wrong and the youth are copying wrong leadership model.

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Kenya's resistance has delayed the ceremony to swear in its pioneer Raila Odinga as a parallel president after a dubious survey it boycotted, the gathering said Sunday. 

The National Super Alliance (NASA) had wanted to introduce Odinga on Tuesday - Kenya's Freedom Day. The veteran lawmaker had hauled out of the national decision won by President Uhuru Kenyatta.


The party said the decision to put back the swearing-in ceremony and launch of a new People's Assembly to a later date was made "following extensive internal consultations and engagement".

Kenya's attorney general has said holding the alternative inauguration would amount to "treason" -- a crime punishable by death -- although Kenya has not executed anyone for 30 years.


NASA said in a statement Sunday: "We are aware that this will be a disappointment to the people of Kenya who was eagerly waiting for this occasion.

"We wish to assure them that our resolve has not changed. Specifically, we wish to reiterate that any national dialogue must have electoral justice on the agenda. We are not interested in sharing illegitimate dictatorial power."


Odinga's pledge that he would be inaugurated as president -- made on the same day as Kenyatta's swearing-in ceremony -- was a source of concern for many observers, who feared it could rekindle tensions after months of divisions over the polling process.

The election chaos goes back to an August 8 vote that was annulled in September over "irregularities and illegalities".


Odinga boycotted the October 26 re-run saying the electoral commission had not made fundamental reforms to make the contest fair.

Kenyatta went on to win 98 percent of the vote -- but on a turnout of only 39 percent. The result was validated by the Supreme Court after two petitions seeking to overturn it were dismissed.

At least 58 people have died during violent clashes since the August vote, and the country is still deeply split.


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Buhari has arrived in Kano State for a 2 days Officila visit to the state. The people of Kano State hosted  a large receptive parade on his behalf, from the airport to his destination. The preparation to receive President Buhari has taken nothing less than a week of intensive  combing of the states and gathering enough cheer-leaders who share in the President's Vision.

Twitter is on its usual rambling, on whether or not the President would commission anything in Kano State like President Goodluck Jonathan supposingly did or not.

Some people have proven to be loyal fans to the President and have taken to their twitter handle to promote the President good image with the #PMB hashtag.