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1. You'll get a real rush from dating a guy who never interrupts you. Or, if he does, he immediately notices and says sorry. Being able to passionately talk without being cut off is borderline orgasmic


2. The dreaded ~silent moments~ are actually freaking wonderful. You’ll never come home exhausted from work and feel like you have to nonstop gab right away. You can both cuddle without the crushing pressure of filling every minuscule gap in a conversation. This is what I call extremely underrated bliss.


3.  Him being quiet does NOT mean he’s mad at you. LOL, this one will probably drive you nuts because you know when *you* get quiet, it’s 100% intentional passive aggressiveness designed to make the other person slowly crumble. Or it might not be but not to the shy guy. He truly, genuinely is just floating in his own world for a second.


4. He really thrives over text. The conversation floodgates really open when he has access to emojis and time to think before he speaks.


5. You have to really ask him about himself, otherwise you might miss some big stuff. Shyness is strongly correlated to modesty, and if you don’t ask him for details on how his things have been going for him, he’ll probably skip right over it. The bigger the accomplishment, the more your conversations’ feel like interrogations.


6. And you’re constantly learning crazy huge chunks of information about him. Just when you think you know him, he’ll tell you he met Obama once and they talked for 10 whole minutes. Its possible, don’t judge. Shy guys are awesome like that.


7. He’ll also ask you things no one else ever thought to. This guy has spent a lot of hours intently listening to you, so don’t be too shocked when he throws you a philosophical curveball like “If you never reach [x long-term goal], do you think you could ever be truly happy?”


8. Sometimes he listens TOO well. Basically, if you lied about liking something to impress him in the beginning stages of your courtship, it will come out eventually when you say you hate the same stuff. And he notices.


9. It’ll take him a while to warm up to your friends. Because he’s not the type to interrupt  a lot (or, at all), bigger group settings make him seem like all he’s secretly judging and roasting everyone in his head between every silent, polite nod. So yeah, one on one friends are basically his thing.


10. you’ll love his friends a LOT, though. Because he’s so shy, the people who end up being his closest friends are usually the kinder, more patient people who won’t immediately write off that person standing awkwardly by themselves at a party or gathering . And you won’t feel like you need to be “on” when you first chill with them because, uh, have you met your own boyfriend?


11. Loud men, in contrast, will irritate you more than they did before. Once you spend a lot of time with a man who never aggressively tries to out-joke other people or constantly offers annoying commentary during game of thrones, you develop an even lower tolerance for the men who do.


12. You will get protective any time a guy implies your man’s quietness is weakness. This pretty much explains itself


13. He shows his love in way more practical, personal ways. Sure, he won’t go on and on about how hot you are all the time (which isn’t even indicative of a great guy, to be honest). He will, however, get that meal you secretly crave (awwnnnn). All of that on TOP of telling you he loves you, in that charmingly timid way of his.


14 You will fall for the shyness more and more. You know him getting nervous around you or getting so nervous that he actually stammers just means he is full of the warmest feelings for you.


15 You’re with him because, deep down, you’re probably a little shy too. Yeah, you may comparatively talk more than him at a party, but if you never experienced social anxiety or the intense need to scroll through your phone to avoid small talk, you wouldn’t get him, or love him as much as you do.


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So many times, I have heard people say they don't have any talent, they aren't good at anything. This is not true, everyone was created with talent but the only problem is that most people do nothing to develop theirs. If you watch America's Got Talent, you would understand that you are brimming with untapped potentials.

In more developed countries, young people are exposed to a whole lot of activities, ranging from singing to dancing, acting, writing, gymnastics, sports and a lot more, from where they choose their best. Those of us in these parts of the world are not exposed to these activities; we go to school, come back and meet our lesson teachers for the privileged few. Sometimes, when we have gifts of singing, dancing or fine arts, we are not encouraged to improve on them. In fact I have a friend his mum beat the spirit of drawing out of; she said it was distracting him from his true purpose. What if that was his true purpose? I wonder if the reason there are so many unemployed people is that they did nothing with their talents. Just a thought.

The need to encourage the creative sides of people cannot be over-emphasized. Personally, I think it should be a part of the educational system. Extracurricular activities should be encouraged in schools and parents should help their kids discover that thing he or she is good at. For those of us who are no longer in school, it is not too late to learn something new. Get as many skills are you can possible can, if you think you like to write, just practice writing every day. If you can sing, join your church choir or look for a singing coach, youTube, anything can be learnt there. I believe so much in informal education, and the good thing is you also have a creative side; all you need is to open the lid.

No flame ignites itself, it must be triggered. If you do nothing about what you have inside of you, you will be cheating yourself and the world at large. Who knows if an article you will write will restore world peace. Letting your potential lay fallow triggers hatred and resentment for people who can do what you thing you can do and we all know jealousy kills. Get up and do something, fan the embers of your creativity, do not let it grow cold. Dedicate at least an hour a day to practice on your passion. Pay people to teach you, spend less time on trivial things and focus on bringing the best version of you to the fore. Those things stealing your time were developed by people who sat down and worked on themselves.

To trying to develop your talents, you must not compare yourself with others. Everyone has their own lane and the sky is wide enough, you might not be where you want immediately but definitely you will get there.

The trick is not to quit.



Adanna Elechi is a young entrepreneur, blogger and Information enthusiast. She believes she can change the world one post at a time.  

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @Adee_Elechi Adanna Elechi. 


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An unprecedented event took place in the world of football yesterday as Neymar completed his world record move to Paris Saint-Germain after the 25-year-old paid off his €222m buyout clause to Barcelona. He will earn an estimated €30m a year. The move had been in jeopardy earlier in the day when La Liga refused to accept the €222m payment from PSG to trigger the clause, forcing Neymar’s legal team to travel to Barcelona to make the payment directly to the club. It’s very funny when you put it into perspective that only two decades ago, Inter Milan secured the services of Ronaldo Da Lima for a world record fee of $27 million from Barcelona.

However, Ronaldo was the reigning World Player of the Year, had yet to turn 21 and had already won the World Cup with Brazil. PSG are getting a player whom a lot of people believe will become the best player in the world in a couple of years, a leader in the Selecao and a multiple UCL and La Liga title. Let’s look at what Neymar will be bringing to the city of love.

He will make them genuine contenders

Since the takeover of PSG by Qatar Sports Investments, one of their major ambitions has been to win the UEFA Champions League trophy and become the first club from France to properly win the trophy (Marseille won it in 1993, but the title has been tainted with allegations of match fixing, which saw them banned from participation in the UCL for the following season).

The acquisition of Neymar makes them genuine contenders for the trophy. They reached the quarter-finals in four straight seasons between 2012 and 2016 before suffering a historic capitulation in last year’s round of 16 when they lost 6-1 to Barcelona in the second leg after winning the first leg 4-0 in Paris. Neymar, who was the main architect of that triumph for Barcelona, is now a PSG player and they have also added the services of another Brazilian and a serial UCL campaigner and winner, Dani Alves. The addition of these two experienced players to their already formidable squad has seen their chances of winning the UCL increase and bookmakers have already made them one of the favourites to win the competition.

Fear factor

One of the major chinks in the armour of PSG has been their inability to inspire fear and awe into the opposition as they aren’t always perceived as a team that can take you to the cleaners on any given day, due to their inconsistent performances. An example of that was shown last season in the UCL and Ligue 1. However, with the arrival of Neymar to the club, they now have a bonafide superstar who can grab a game by the scruff of the neck and inspire his teammates to turn a potentially helpless situation into victory as he has shown often times in his young career for Santos, Brazil and Barcelona.

The club will now truly inspire fear into opposition teams with their new team this season and that will help them a lot as some of these teams will have already been beaten psychologically before the blast of the referee’s whistle to start the game.


We can go on and on about the absurd amount of money this whole deal will total to at the end of five years, but we should also remember that this deal is an investment on the part of PSG. The global appeal of Neymar is massive and still on the rise, so jersey sales and purchase of other club merchandise will definitely increase, which will add to the bottom-line of the club. The 25-year-old is one of the most marketable sportsmen on the planet and the face of any number of huge brands. He is not just a phenomenal footballer; he is also an incredible commercial asset and will be immensely valuable for PSG.


The club has been on the brink of being one of the major forces on the continent for a number of years now, but they have never really been seen as a true European behemoth by the public and thus do not get the respect they crave for. The likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Munich are seen as the true European giants and this move by PSG will surely earn them the respect of the public and that of these big clubs as it has shown that they are willing to go to any lengths to match them and create a new legacy and path for the club. These are surely exciting times for fans of the Paris club as they are now truly in the league of the big boys and it’s only a matter of time before they win the UCL and possess the best player in the world.


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You don't turn down Barcelona, right? Philippe Coutinho. Eden Hazard. Dele Alli. If Barca comes up on their phone, they're accepting the call, right?

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. To replace Neymar at Barca? How do you turn that down?

But this isn't the Barca of Pep and Laporta. Nor is it Luis Enrique's Treble winners. This is a team... no scrap that. This is a club not only in transition, but crisis. And as attractive as Barca remains for any young player, at this moment in Barca's history, there must be hesitation.

From Paris to Doha, they're convinced it's a done deal. The Qatari cash, all €222m of it, was switched from the state's bank account to PSG's over the weekend. Neymar will leave his sponsorship commitments in China and fly not to Barcelona but Doha, where he will undergo a medical - possibly as early as Tuesday. There, he'll also meet Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the PSG president. And upon approving his contract, PSG will wire the money to Barca without need for negotiation.

€222m? Surely that's enough for any club, let alone Barca, to rebuild? Find a replacement for Neymar. Plug the holes in midfield and defence. Bish bash bosh. And away we go...

But Barca's woes run deeper than simply their team sheet. They've been wobbling for some time. Only this summer, the Neymar saga has managed to bring much of it to the surface.

Inside the boardroom, the realisation that Neymar has been lost to the club has only just dawned. There's a scramble now to find a replacement. Three offers have been made (and rejected) to Liverpool for Coutinho. There's lobbying inside the dressing room for Tottenham to be contacted about Alli. And Hazard's name has also been discussed, though his fractured ankle complicates negotiations with Chelsea.

But before anyone connected to the Premier League begins unfurling their white flag, just consider what any of these three names would be stepping into.

For in the week that Barca had resigned itself to losing their No11, a doco by TV3 made the stunning claim that Lionel Messi not only wanted to join Pep Guardiola at Manchester City last summer, he actually tried to engineer the move personally. The pair even met face-to-face in Barcelona to thrash out terms. The only reason it fell through was Josep Maria Bartomeu, the Barca president, making it stone cold clear that he would be held to his contract.

Now, perhaps last month's new deal has eased the tension. But Neymar only penned fresh terms in October. And there's been plenty of rumblings from Messi's camp about the lack of progress being made by Bartomeu and co in the market. At 30, Messi knows his window is closing. He wants to spend his remaining years winning things, not carrying a mediocre team on his shoulders.

Bartomeu's great nemesis, Joan Laporta, summed things up earlier this summer: "I am very sorry to see that they are destroying the model that has made us great. They do not know how to carry out the transfer of players, they are squandering the few years that could remain glorious because we still have (Lionel) Messi."

But this runs deeper than simply Messi wondering whether he should be following Neymar out the exit door.

There's also Andres Iniesta and his contract. Yeah, the skipper. Having postponed negotiations midway through the season to "assess things", he is yet to return to the table - even with his current deal now having less than 11 months to run.

So there you have it: doubts swirling around the club's two most important personalities (though Gerard Pique, himself, would surely argue otherwise!). But wait, there's more...

Because at the other end of the scale is the La Masia academy - and it's, erm, collapse. But don't take our word for it. Just listen to another Blaugrana icon who has been speaking out in recent weeks.

"Barça has fallen asleep. They thought they were above the rest. The coaches of the juniors have to train players, they have to teach, what else does the children's league have to do?! If you win, great, but it's not the goal."

Those words were from Xavi, the former Barca captain. But he's no Robinson Crusoe. Again, from Laporta: "The fans are divided and La Masia has been dismantled. Everyone is suffering."

Okay, Laporta obviously has an agenda. But not Xavi. And after seeing Jordi Mboula snapped up by Monaco. Having Carles Puyol and Ivan de la Pena ferry Erick Garcia away to Manchester city. Clearly, for the system and culture which produced Xavi, Messi and Iniesta, something is broken.

Which is why Dele, Phil, Eden - indeed any major personality - needs to think carefully about swapping the Premier League for the Nou Camp.

Neymar is gone. There's doubts over Messi and Iniesta. And the academy is falling away. The platform upon which Pep built Barca's modern day success is crumbling.

Even with all that Qatari money, will it be enough to rebuild what, as Laporta puts it, has been "squandered"?


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Firstly, what is Exercise and Aerobics?

Exercise is a physical exertion of the body; that makes the body to do a physical activity which result in a healthy or healthier level of physical fitness and both physical and mental health.

 Aerobics is a series of exercises that works all the muscle group in the body. Aerobics is an integral part of weight loss and fitness program.

In my years of experience as a Gym/Aerobics Instructor, I have seen a lot of Misconceptions in exercise and fitness.But am going to mention and discuss few. They include:

  1. It’s too difficult
  2. It’s so Boring
  3. I don’t have six-packs (I want six-pack)
  4. I don’t want to exercise because I don’t want to lose weight
  5. Weight make one to have muscle (I don’t want to have muscle)


Behavioral change is always difficult, but the hardest part is getting started by choosing to make a change. Have you heard of INERTIA? “A body in motion tends to say in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Once you get moving, it’s like a snowball effect. You start to feel and look better.


You don’t have to sit on a bike and watch TV, or run on the treadmill and read. Do something that you are passionate about and try to stay motivated.


Everyone has a “six-packs. For some people, the six-packs is covered with one or serval layers of fat, so you can’t quite see it. Six packs can be related to genetic body type and body fat tissue (Adipose). Therefore cardiovascular and diet plays a critical role in Abdominal muscle visibility.


Most people think that exercise is only made for fat people, so for these set people, working-out for them means to burn some nasty flab. But that is not the only reason you should exercise.

Working-out simply means to strengthen the system of your entire body for everyday peak performance. It’s just like servicing a car and that is what your main goal should be. Then other things can fall in place.

Once you the benefits of being fit, you will be absolutely crazy not to be working-out.

Physical activities helps control:

Your weight

Strengthens your bone and muscle

Improve mental health and mood

Reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancer.


I hear this from women all the time. I’m going to say something about it now. Ladies drop the three pound weight and pick up something heavier, I promise you that those 2.5kg -5kg weight are not going to make you have muscle. Because any lite weight exercise is fat burning while heavy weight exercise is muscle building exercise. And secondly women do not produce enough testosterone for enlargement to occur. What many people refers to as “muscle” is often adipose tissue FAT. If you cleanup your diet and become leaner, you wouldn’t think you had too much muscle on your shoulder, calves or thigh. Muscle is a very lean tissue, but when a layer of fat covers muscle, that is when the perception of muscle occurs.


These theory state that for a person to lose weight through exercise, his Calorie out must be more than his Calorie In. ie people are overweight because in an average day, they eat more than what they burn.

A few extra calories are turned into body fat every day, leading to obesity in a long run.

7700 Calories makes 1kg

So for you to lose 4kg in a month, multiple 4 by 7700

Ie 4x7700=30800 Calories

Therefore to loss 4kg in one month, you need to burn 30800 Calories.

This is the calories deficit you need to create over time according to Calories IN Calories OUT theory.

Now, I’m going to assume that you want to loss a pound per week which is (0.45kg), which is generally recommended. This means that for every pound you need to lose, you will need a daily Calorie deficit of 600. (Your average daily Calorie need) and subtract that by 500

=(fx 2500-500=2000)

Therefore the amount of Calories you should eat a day to lose weight through exercise is 2000

There are other issue with calories counting:-

Metabolism and weighing every food you eat etc


Tip on adding exercise to your daily routine: For a physically inactive person to become active and remain active for a long-term; the exercise activity must be convenient, fun and enjoyable. The activity must be something you can easily fit into your routine for several days each week.




Onyebueke Chinedu Franklin is a fitness instructor at Lilburn Health and Fitness Center.  He has over Eight (8) years experience working as a gym and aerobics instructor in three (3) different gyms in Enugu metropolis.

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Between us and God? We are starting to be more and more of psychological introverts. The era of technology and machines has seeped into the core of our humanity, making us more in tune with machines than humans.

It is perhaps impossible to unknot the complexity attached to humans, hence we seek, less complicated things to suit ourselves. Machines are controllable; they neither suffocate you with emotions nor burden you with the responsibility that comes with keeping a relationship viable. They simply obey. Who doesn’t like that? You feed it, and it gives you precisely what you want when you want it.

Gather 10 young people in a room for 5minutes and just shut the door. 9 out 10 people will bring out their phones and start punching it, only one out of 10 will try to make a conversation. The introverts among them will bring out their head phones and just block out the rest of the people in the room.

I asked one of my friends, the deal with his earpiece, he carries it on him all the time. He said:

“All am saying is I love my headphone. It keeps me company and should I tire of it, I put it away for as long as I wish. No complaints of abandonment, just epic obedience. Most times I rather listen to it than a human. In school, at home, on the road, at work, the sound is more pleasing to me than anything else. “

Could it be addiction? Can you do without your earpiece or phone?


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The new sexy phrase when it comes to politics is “youth participation in politics.” This sounds really cool and for me as a young person I find it attractive and a worthy adventure. Nigerian youths of today have been criticized as not taking the footsteps of the early Nigerian leaders such as Murtala Mohammed, Nnamdi Azikwe, Gowon just to mention a few who were in their 20s and 30s when they were in the forefront of Nigerian politics. When this kind of comparison is made I feel guilty and I know this might apply to many more youths. This often spurs me to action to make a difference when it comes to youth participation in politics especially in the area of good governance, community development and entrepreneurship.
Although youth participation in politics sounds so cool it should have a focus, what then should be the focus of the youths who would want to participate in politics? If the truth be said youth in politics cannot be business as usual. This means that there should be an outlook, milestones to be set and indicators identified to show the direction and for progress monitoring. This would enable everyone to know where we are and what remains and what new directions can we head to. In summary what should be the focus of youth participation in politics?
To do this, let's look at some of the major problems.
West Africa has a population of about 250 million people and Nigeria has about 190 million of this very large population according to the latest UN projection. Nigerian population is estimated to be about 60% youths. Despite the large population opportunities for youth participation in politics is scarce. Little wonder there is scrambling for any available opportunity both in politics and elsewhere. The Nigerian immigration job hunt of 2014 is just a typical example of how opportunities for employment are so scare making youths vulnerable to exploitation. This applies to almost every other important sector of the Nigerian nation. The situation can be perceived as bad because our government are yet to align our most valuable resource (human capital) to be productive the most marginalized is the youths.
A major weak point of our nation is the issue of ethnicity. The inter-ethnic wars that we see are just too small compared to the intra-ethnic commotion and bickering that is happening within each ethnic group. It is known that this issue of favouring ones ethnic group over the others at the altar of excellence is used by the older elite group to cause division among the ordinary citizens. We should look beyond ethnicity as youths of Nigeria and focus on excellence and see humanity as our common race.
Mind set (psyche):
The worst problem of this nation is the mind-set of the people mostly the young people. There is so much wrong thinking many people assume that it would always be impossible to make a difference in whatever sector you enter. The discouraging part is that the people who have tried are readily available to tell you why you should not try. The problem of corruption, nepotism, unemployment and un-employability among others is found in the mind-set of many youths. In fact many of the youths have also lost their confidence as the older people are often critical of our abilities and are often ready condemn than correct, criticize than critic. In our institutions of higher learning the students (youths) are treated like they are do not have rights, they are not handled like future leaders and as such they have lost confidence in themselves.
Based on the above problems listed, youth in politics is not just a sexy phrase or another cliché to use to under develop Nigeria. It’s a paradigm shift. it’s a serious call to action and important terminology that represents focus, hard/smart work, dedication, responsibility, diligence, commitment, forthrightness, integrity, trustworthiness, competence, innovation/creativity and openness to learning etc. it would not be business as usual because we must be able to represent the “youth constituency” not just a geographical space bust a “youth constituency” were the young persons are represented through giving them a voice.
We need to participate in politics to charge the single story phenomenon of African youths who are mis-conceptualized just because a few of us young Africans may have been involved in the wrong behaviour such as advance fee fraud and other forms of criminal behaviour like drug peddling etc and as such we are all branded as bad. This single story puts us (youths) at a disadvantaged position. This single story makes the older generation to lack trust in us. The gerontocracy we experience may be because the older generation do not trust our competence.
Therefore we need to showcase our competence to the general populace who do not know about our prowess, creative and positivity which is inherent in the youthful age. They do not know the impact we are making in the Nigerian sphere.
We therefore need to create more stories of positivity and excellence that the young people are putting in the Nigerian sphere: The stories of just a few can help in raising our voices:
1. Runcie Chidebe: The Executive Director of an NGO known as project Pink-Blue: This organization runs an amazing idea of creating awareness about cancer detection and treatment. He adopted the cancer navigation idea to the Nigerian contest and he has bring hope for indigent cancer patients. Imagine what such a young person could do to our health sector.
2. Adeolu Ogunrombi: His NGO YouthRise Nigeria has led in opening the frontiers of our justice sector. He advocates for improved review of our laws as it relates to handling of drug abuse his knowledge, dexterity and youthful drive in this area has led to the identification of what needs to be changed in the NDLEA Act. He is working hard to improve on the fight against drug abuse and peddling of drugs in Nigeria.
3. Rumola Adeola: The youngest Nigerian PhD holder in Law such an amazing soul a beautiful personality a grace to behold, with such grace, knowledge and youthful drive our justice sector can be transformed to dispense justice as at when due.
4. Jasper Ukachukwu: A Young graduate of Psychology but his exploits in the justices and security sector in Nigeria, African and indeed the globe is amazing. The fact that he is a knowledge entrepreneur makes him even stand out the more. Such knowledge is needed to push Nigeria to start thinking futuristically so we can be ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation.
5. Agama Prince: He is an entrepreneur his XpressAfrcia magazine puts Nigerian fashion in the global scene. He is young but his knowledge about fashion and what can be changed and enhanced is just amazing. He is an example of what it means to be an entrepreneur.
6. Adachukwu Onwudiwe: a critical thinker, library and information scientist by training. She is the brain behind cratier library. If there is an advocate for improved public libraries she is the one. Such a rare gem imagine what fresh ideas she can pump into our National libraries that needs innovative ideas to improve on the library services.
7. Christian Brain Okoli: He is the CEO of Blueafric Media an indigenous media company that is driving the initiative of putting African (stories) content in the cyberspace. He is a branding mogul with great ideas. Can you imagine what such young person can do to change the battered Nigerian image both within Nigeria and the international space.
8. Naza Jasmine: A social media influencer/publicist. You cannot think about major events in the south east without Naza pushing it. One of her major efforts in the area of good governance effort is the social media trend #fixsoutheastroads. Imagine what this kind of young person can do to get our government to focus right at issues of good governance.
These are just a few young people doing exploits in their chosen fields.
Finally youth in politics is not just another opportunity to eat money or to think it’s my turn to chop. It should be about the youth constituency. it’s about the neglected voice of the Nigerian youth who sees his/her current hustle as an opportunity to push for the development of our nation. Therefore the focus of youth in politics is to give a voice to youths who has up until today been marginalized in the scheme of things.
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New research has revealed that mosquitoes prey on their victims due to a number of factors.

They also say that the species of mosquitoes you are exposed to can determine whether or not you are going to be bitten.

So, why do mosquitoes bite you? These reasons…

• Beer. Some studies reveal that mosquitoes are attracted to beer drinkers, though this is only relevant to one type of mosquito.

• Type O Blood. If you have Type O blood running through your veins, you’re prime candidate for mosquito bites! Research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that mosquitoes were 83.3 percent more likely to land on type O carriers than type A carriers. Again, this appears to apply to one particular species of mosquito.

• Pregnancy. In 2003, an experiment was conducted in eastern Sudan to see if mosquitoes were more attracted to pregnant women than non-pregnant women. The results, published on NCBI, found that out of the 18 women, the nine pregnant women attracted significantly more mosquitoes, especially ones that were carrying malaria. This could be because of raised temperature and how women’s body odour changes during pregnancy. Again, only one species of mosquito is attracted to pregnant women.

• Gender. Interestingly, only female mosquitoes bite, as the nutritional value of blood helps develop their eggs. They also seem to prefer to bite more men, but women are more badly affected by a bite. Women reportedly get bigger and itchy bites, but men are more likely to be attacked.

• Genes. There is also the belief that mosquitoes could be attracted to you because of your genetic make-up. An indicator of this could be if you have a bad reaction to a bite, such as the size of the bite or the intensity of the itchiness.

• Carbon dioxide. This one is quite hard to avoid, as your body naturally produces around 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide a day, which is breathed out through your lungs. Well, you have to breathe, so you can’t avoid mosquito bites by withholding your breath. Good news, though: Mosquitoes tend to prefer people who emit more than the standard levels of carbon dioxide—a situation that is common among pregnant women and overweight people.

• Lactic acid. Mosquitoes love the lactic acid that the body produces when you work out. The acid is released as you sweat, making you a prime target, especially if you are hot and tired.

• Bacteria. If you have lots of different bacteria on your skin, mosquitoes will be less attracted to you. The chemicals that build up your natural smell could repel them. A study published in PLOS showed that a group of people with a more diverse colony of bacteria were less likely to attract mosquitoes, than those with less.


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If you don’t work hard or play smart you will spend the rest of your life in religious gatherings shouting ‘I receive’!! 

This piece of advice is for all the single ladies. You know feminists claim they can do without a man and their life has more meaning than marriage and all that quagmire. It’s true to an extent, especially if you’re not African most especially Nigerian. Imagine telling your naija parents that after training you from day care to university that you don’t want to get married. That scenario is better imagined than played out.  Since ladies have been saddled with the duty of settling down at all cost, if you’re going fishing, you might as well catch the big fish abi? Below is a list of strategic spots you can find a rich husband in Enugu.  


Lilburn health and fitness centre is famous for having the best well equipped gym in the south east. At its official opening earlier this year, the likes of Dr Chris Ngige and Dr Nkem Okeke the deputy governor of Anambra state amongst other dignitaries graced the occasion. I hope you’re getting the gist? The clientele list of people that gym there is made up of the ELITE. So in case you’re interested just sign up for their gym services and be that  sexy chick working out, be rest assured, your other half must offer to drive you home one day.   



The roots restaurant is a classy fusion of Chinese and Nigeria cuisine in a luxurious, contemporary and surreal environment, with the option of private dining. It has catered for and fed the likes of phyno , yungsix and slowdog since its inception. You definitely cannot see a broke ass nigga dinning at the roots. If you’re looking for classy and loads of naira notes, roots restaurants is the place.



It’s nothing new that house on the rock church has only one branch in each state in Naija and the branches are usually located in the ‘rich’ part of town. I mean why is not in abakpa or obiagu in Enugu or ajegunle in Lagos?? No shades just asking. That being said, the rich attend this church, with their little or no problems. You too can be a sister in the lord, and find your brotherly husband.



Situated in zoo estate, and inhabited by only the elites of the city, going to hang out at the gates hotel might not be such a terrible idea. That is of course if you already have small money in your bag. No worry, bagging someone rich here is a sure banker. Good luck


The easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What better place to meet a husband than in an eatery? You guys could bond over your favourite meals and you can even say you cook better than dolphin and then he’ll dare you to prove yourself, you don go his house be that. If you play your cards well, voila! Rich husband.


End of story






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This is usually a rhetorical question in the minds of many. A question every graduate should expect and personally should have to a reasonable extent answered before graduation.

My cousin’s facial expression was instantly altered and he looked a bit confused when I once popped the question at him on one of our night outings at Spices Bar, Enugu                . I was disappointed at his 30 seconds’ silence and a minute of stuttering and fumbling. ” For Christ’s sake, you are a University finalist!”, I couldn’t help shouting.

I came to realize the problem is probably linked to the theory-oriented pattern of education in Nigerian Universities. The inclusion of practicals, Industrial trainings, excursions and extra-curricular activities should never be ignored. It unlimits the mind, grabbing information outside the scope of study.

 This issue may not be of great concern for the ones from wealthy homes or that has ‘Oga at the top’ who are sure of six-figure salary lucrative job even before admission into higher institution. But what of we, born with wooden spoon? What is our fate? As the saying goes, ‘Some are born great, others achieve greatness! I think the latter is more honorable. This explains the reason a graduate of Philosophy and Religion is seen working in a bank. How do you impact the discipline’s knowledge you’ve acquired for years?

While in School, Plan for your post-graduate life and lifestyle. Stay close to Lecturers, ask of their stories. Get connected to the graduates of your discipline, chat, interact and share your stories. They can be of great help in tackling delayed job hunt. As you pass through school, allow school pass through you. Engage in politics (If you are political), it does more good than harm. Attend social gatherings, seminars, outings that contribute to self-development. Choose reasonable friends. These automatically empower you, increase your IQ, develop your thinking capacity and increase your self-esteem even without you knowing.

During Youth Service, hook up with your fellow Corpers especially ones in your discipline. Interact and get connected! After service, let job hunt for you not the reverse.

Unleash your talents and skills, create business ideas and show the world what you can do, let your literacy and knowledge be felt.


About the writer

Solomon Akpa is a Young blogger and creative writer. He is currently studying Anatomy at the Enugu State of University.

Follow him on facebook @ Solomon Akpa

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