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I think I am always paranoid, I became this way in 2008 after a traumatic kidnap. I am always suspicious of people and I tend to read meanings into almost every move. You can't blame me can you? 

Yesterday during mass, I walked in late as usual. Luckily for me I brought a plastic seat from home just in case there were no available seats and as a baby girl, I had to sit because my shoes were not made for standing. I managed to find a little space and I fixed my green chair. I was busy minding my business when my eyes fell on the shoes of the person who sat directly in front of me, it was a disaster as it was peeling and the whole floor was littered with particles. I felt bad for her and made up my mind to bring shoes for her the next Sunday. Being an inquisitive person, my eyes started roaming the area I sat, guess I wanted to be sure no other person had bad shoes. Fortunately or unfortunately it fell on a very lovely brown loafers. I am sure you can already tell I am a sucker for shoes. My eyes kept going back to the shoes, but I didn't see the face of the owner. 

"Hi, what's your name? I will like to know you more". The owner of the brown loafers said to me during peace and love of Christ. He actually held my hand right in the middle of mass to get to know me. Chi m! I politely answered him and told him we will talk after mass because people were already looking at us. Oga wasn't discreet at all o. I kept on thinking about this very unfamiliar face in my small church were we all know each other that I forgot to say my prayers before communion. 

Immediately after the last person went for communion, Mr. brown loafers pulled his chair close to mine and started telling me about himself, after which he asked for my number and I gave him. Eyes were on us and it was as if he didn't care. After a while, he left the church and I stayed till the end. As soon as I got home, I got a call from him, asking for us to see immediately and I calmly dismissed him. I told him we will see in the evening and he told me he had to see me that very day. First thing that puts me off. 

It was Mother's Day, so we all went to celebrate at my aunt's place. My WhatsApp kept beeping, it was Mr loafers asking me when we will see. I told him the situation and the fact we might not get to see because it was getting late. Oga was adamant. He told me to call him we I got home that he will pick me up. Me Adanna, go out with a desperate stranger in the middle of the night lol. I got home very late and I sent him a text that I can't come out anymore, he said I should text him my address, so we can come to my gate for us to talk. At this point, my spirit said block him, but I didn't. 

When he was sure I wasn't going to come out, he called and started telling me that he was in love with me. Haba! Told him we just met a few hours ago, he changed it for me o. Started telling me I had an archaic mentality and I had to change. His tone was aggressive and the psychologist in me kicked in. I asked him if he was an aggressive person, he said yes but not in an angry way, just in cases like lovemaking. At this point, I knew it was over. I told him I had to go, he started shouting at me, they had the mind to try to schedule another meeting with me the next day. I just said okay and hung up. 

I forgot to block the number and my first call of the day was from Mr. Brown loafers, I refused to pick, he called and called, I didn't answer. Two unknown numbers and I private caller later, I decided to return his call. I told him I was out of town and will be back later at night. Oga said there were sides of me, he hasn't unraveled and he must before leaving town. 

Is this guy just forward or plain creepy? I want to be sure I am not just paranoid.

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You can actually set up the next big NGO, and maybe win a Nobel prize for your wonderful contribution to the society. Isn’t that amazing? But wait! Before rehearsing your Nobel prize acceptance speech, have you given enough thought to the sine qua non of setting up and sustaining an NGO? No? It’s not too late. Let’s start with the basics.

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), according to, “is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level.” In Nigeria, they play important roles, often filling gaps which the government is unable to while complementing existing government activities. These organizations, small or large, work in the health, civil society and other sectors of society. Individuals and groups often set up NGOs with altruistic motives, with the intention of impacting positive societal change.

Having worked for an NGO for several years, I know that most people assume that starting and sustaining one is a laid-back affair. On the contrary, it is in fact as critical as starting up a for-profit business. It really does not matter if it is on a small-scale basis, or whether you have vast amounts of cash, there are key guides to consider. Here’s what you need to know.

Legal requirements

A lot of times, enthusiastic newbies fail to consider the legal requirements of embarking on such a venture. Someone wakes up, scribbles an interesting name for a proposed NGO, then proceeds to print branded T-shirts. That’s not bad for effort, but you need a more structured process. For proper legal status, your NGO must be registered with the relevant body; the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Take ownership of the process, and as much as possible, avoid using a proxy. That way, you will be in possession of all necessary documents and minimize the chances of a disaster.

Now, you’ll need to establish the following:

The legal obligations it will be subject to.

Your goals and objectives.

The problems you intend to solve.

Equally important, you’ll need a lawyer during this process. Having a lawyer at your side will keep you updated on the rights and obligations of the registered NGO you’ll soon be running.

Acquiring and sustaining funds

When setting up an NGO, you must be very clear on the source and availability of funds. You can’t begin with the, ‘Well, I just started’ or ‘Let’s see how it goes’ attitude.

Having said that, let’s see if you can answer these questions:

Do I have funds for the activities I’d like my NGO to embark on?

Are there government or other organizations’ grants I can apply for?

Can the NGO sustain itself on a long-term basis?

Do I have an efficient structure?

What are my planned activities, and who will be responsible for each activity?

Run your NGO like you would run a business.

Look, I get it. The society seriously needs solutions and you’re revved up for the challenge. Your idea is the best, most unique and different one and you’re in line to becoming the next Mother Theresa. Listen though, other NGOs are profit-oriented and well, only focus on making profit. If you want your NGO to be around for a long time, you’ll need to integrate these profit-making elements to your operations:

Have a defined strategy for hiring, operations and other organizational processes.

Have a strong financial system.

Have a target audience? A robust marketing strategy will cater to them.

Have a marketing budget.

Decide on what strategy to apply. Person-to-person? Social media? Flyers and posters? Or a mix of different strategies?

How about record-keeping? Do you have a plan?

How often would you produce reports? Bi-monthly, quarterly or annually?

The above requirements are essential, especially if your NGO’s activities are grant-funded (which means you’ll have to submit regular reports to your handlers).  The sad reality is not everyone gets grants at the start, but proper record-keeping would prove very helpful should you decide to apply for funds in the future.

#MotherlandMoguls should know that NGOs are businesses too. Your profit is in the satisfaction of helping people in profound ways.

About the writer>

Ivie writes poems, essays and short stories on her blog. She is also the author of the ebook, 'Looking for myself and my phone charger', which is available on Okada Books. She studied Political Science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and believes that with deliberate efforts, Nigerians can work to make ours a functioning society.

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Written by Bodashee Abimbola

Nobody ever said it was going to be an easy walk. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. The ability to stand up to the challenges that come with this path that you have chosen, balancing the books, handling your staff and petting your clients all come with the title.

As much as these can be strenuous, it is important to your business to look good while you are at it!


Except you made a personal pact with your favorite color to love and to hold in sickness and in health, then you need to play with colours and patterns. Monochrome prints, LBD, polka dots, stripes – keep them close and have some fun.


Your skin say a lot about how meticulous you are. Take time to cleanse and exfoliate. Care for your skin. It’s yours, and no one else can take care of it for you. We’re in Africa, and in this part of the world, a lot of people still equate good looking skin with successful women. And if that woman is an entrepreneur, it may just mean she has a lot of business coming in, which means she is good at what she does.


We know you got that killer figure and all, but except your boobs and fresh thighs can go in the shopping cart along with all the other products or services you offer, keep them off the display when you’d be meeting with clients or investors.


You know the drill. Makeup makes you look good. Confident. But if it’s too much, you may just get more than what you bargained for. So keep this in mind and always apply makeup to enhance your beauty. The rainbow was a symbol of covenant between God and Noah. Don’t try to recreate it on your face.


Bad news spreads like wildfire. And this kind of news will make the tabloids. It will break the Internet. It could even make breaking news on TV. The story of that fine girl with the 3Bs – Beauty, Brains, and Bad breath! Damn. That didn’t even sound nice.


Your hair can make or mar an outfit. Whether it’s your natural hair, or it’s artificial, pay some attention. Keep it well oiled, combed or packed properly and neatly. You just never know who is looking.

People don’t like to admit it, but first impression matters. A whole lot. For people to take you serious, you must first show them that you take yourself serious. Believe it or not, everything else comes after!



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All the helpful tips you need to plan a destination wedding that won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Planning a destination wedding might sound like a lot of work but it necessarily does not have to be that stressful if you plan right.

Below are some tips you’ll find useful if you desire a destination wedding that reduces hitches to the barest minimum. Heck, you could have a perfectly hitchless one!

1. Choose your location wisely

Pick a place that’s meaningful to the relationship – may be the country where you met or somewhere you both love and have always wanted to visit.

Of course, make sure it’s fine with the kind of budget you have.

2. You’ll need a research trip

If time and budget allow, visit the destination before the wedding.

Go there for first-hand research of accommodation and ceremony options. Make sure there is ample time -6 months is not bad –between this research and the wedding date.

That first-hand information on everything will do you a lot of good in the long run.

3. Consider the weather

This is important both for the timing of the ceremony and guest attire.

4. Carry your outfit onboard

Don’t ever make the mistake of not following this rule.

You really don’t want your wedding dress or outfit lost in transit, right?

5. Consider your guests

You might want to organize your destination wedding, for instance, during school holidays so any parents on the guest list don’t have to worry about taking their kids out of school.

Also, make as much information available to the guests as is reasonable. And do so on time. Every information needs to go out on time every single time.

6. Manage expectations

All plans could be smooth as they should be but the day could throw some unexpected curves at you.

Just know better. Take a deep breath and enjoy the day as much as you can. You could not have traveled that far to not enjoy your big day.

7. It’s all about you

You, and the love of your life. So make sure to incorporate as many sweet, emotional and meaningful things as you can.

Little touches can make all the difference at a destination wedding. Treat it like a holiday, but remember that everyone is there for you. It is your wedding after all.

written by Ayoola Adetayo

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the poverty rate in Nigeria is becoming something else. The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer. Sometimes we blame the government because of their corruption ideology and it is creating more damages to the country (right now I don’t know where Nigeria is coming from and heading to). Do you know that 90% of Nigerian citizens are depending on Nigerian government for jobs and another private sector? This is not supposed to be. Sometimes I get pissed with Nigerian education because they are all teaching us to work for organizations instead of teaching us how to catch the fish.

Though I won’t blame our teachers or lectures because they were thought the same way they are doing now. The problem is just passing from one generation to another. so it has to change.

After watching a movie titled MEN WHO BUILT AMERICAN, my whole orientation becoming an entrepreneur changed. This movie is the first movie that really impacted my life since I started watching movies. If I may ask who is an entrepreneur? I know most of us will say a lot of definition about the name ENTREPRENEUR.

Though entrepreneur meaning does not have a particular definition because so many scholars like Adam Smith and the rest gave us their ideas about what it means. Like I said earlier about the movie that gave me a lot meaning to my life, I figured out the definition of who an entrepreneur is and believe this is the real definition. Please note this definition is from me. Quote me an entrepreneur is someone that makes life easy for its environment. I will back that definition up with the movie I watched about the men who built America.

I know some of us will be thinking American government where the one who built America you hear or see today. The truth is American government were not the one. It was built by citizens of great men with great ideas. These men when they started, they never knew they were developing the country. They were after making money with their ideas and fighting each other with business ideas all in the name of I want to get richer than others and become more powerful.

These five great humans namely Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford are names synonymous with innovation and big business in America. Their ideas are, creating trains and railways, coals. Oil and kerosene, bridges, Electricity light bulb, Iron steel, Cars, skyscrapers and lot more. These men are citizens not government. Today they made America what it is now not the government.

So this brings us back to our country Nigeria. My fellow Nigerian citizen what do you have to offer to make life easy for us since the Nigerian government is nothing to write about.

Nigerian student, why do you have this orientation of working for someone after school, why not think and bring out ideas that will bring economic growth and development? Do you know they are a lot of trillions of ideas given to us by God which are yet to manifest? Why not think of business ideas that will change your life and your environment.

If you know you are the type of person that cannot think about creating one idea, why not steal business ideas from people who don’t take their ideas seriously. E.g. most of us think J.P Morgan from America was the founder of the electric light bulb but the truth is that he is not the founder. Electricity light bulb was developed by Thomas Alva Edison. Then J.P Morgan bought the idea and invested his money in electric light bulb and became richer and richer and then made Thomas Alva Edison work for him who created electricity light bulb. In this article, I will be sharing with you business ideas that will make us rich and richer if only we see investors.

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about series of business ideas for Nigerian entrepreneurs. So today I came up with startup idea that will make you a billionaire. In this article I want you to think big. I will be discussing startup ideas that can really change Nigeria.

If you want to start a business and become a billionaire or a millionaire these are the types of ideas you should be going for because this is the future and this is what people are looking for now.

Also, these are the ideas investors are specifically looking for to back because they know there is a huge market for it. These ideas will not only make you a millionaire or billionaire but will shape the world and save billions of lives.

15 Business Ideas For Nigerian Entrepreneurs

These are my ideas I thought of why alone in my room so I decided to share it with you. If you can implement any of these ideas, success to you because I know it will make you join the billionaire club.

How can we come up with new drugs that help human with memory, enhance human intelligence and so on? If you can come up with this idea you will not only be a billionaire but a world changer. Producing drugs that can make human to think fast and store memories.

Internet structure
How can we change the internet for the better, making it secure and allow more free communication methods? Also creating a global WI-Fi that can share fast network with everyone in the world to connect and browse the net after subscribing.

How can we make expensive software cheap so that more people can use it. Also, how can we develop software that people can use without using code to create software. This is a great idea because; if anyone can develop this in Nigeria I will be the first person to start using the software.

Financial service
How can we do financial service better, because people need better ways to save and invest money. So developing a technology for that will be a great idea.

How can we take healthcare to a whole new level by helping people prevent health problems using data and technology e.g. creating a technology that alert people that an illness has affected you they should go for check up before it circulates. Also, a technology that can discover who is affected immediately with HIV, CANCER, EBOLA, MALARIA and much more without visiting the hospital.

Artificial intelligence
How can we imitate human thinking, creativity and complex problem solving with the machine? Meaning how you can develop a computer that solves problems that humans can’t or maybe it will take years to achieve but with the use of the new technology it will be possible for a week.

Programming tools
How can we make programming better and more effective by coming up with a better system? Also creating a programming tool that allows us to create things that we want to create instead of going for the education for years of what you want to create.

Honestly, scientists are getting better creating robots. But how can we create something like what we see in the movie seeing a robot being someone assistance? E.g. robot assisting you in cleaning your house, washing your vehicles and much more just like what maids do.

Also, how can we create robots that can do the dangerous human task, putting humans out of harm to save a life because human do a lot of dangerous tasks all because of money? If you can come up with something like this and pursue it surely you will make fame and be a billionaire.

How can we better educate people in a way that is more convenient without giving up the class experience using technology? Crating a technology to receive lecture without you been in a class physically. And also create a platform for making education easy e.g Online Academic Library For Exams Past Questions and Answers, Higher Institutions Course Materials & Project Topics And Materials.

Food and water
Food and water shortage are almost guaranteed to be a problem in the future. How can we come up with more efficient ways to make food and produce clean water for the growing world population. Will cant live without food. we all should try to invest in agriculture

Creating a system that downloads human minds, so that some of the most influential thinkers of our time will never be forgotten and can always tap into their knowledge when needed.

Also, how can we alter genetics for offspring and reverse the effects of aging or create a longer human life span and make old ones feel they are young even if they are in their 80s instead of breaking down by this age.

Jobs for humans
In the future this will really be a huge problem because robot and computers will take over very soon and if it happens, how will humans who have no job survive. So creating jobs for a human that robots or computers can’t do is a great idea e.g. computer repair, robot repair and so on.

Energy will always be a big deal especially now our populations of humans are going high and everything around the world. How can we power our device, our homes, a vehicle with better batteries, from solar energy and water?

How can we make use of this resource that is always 24-7 naturally to create better more powerful energy? If you can bring this idea in Nigeria you will make millions.

Talent discovery
How can we discover people that will make a great actor, actress, and music stars and so on? Looking for a better way to discover these people with the use of internet instead of them going for talent hunt or movie industries to get trails is a great idea.

Creating a platform for this will fetch you billions. Actually, YouTube has created some great avenues for this but still is not enough. All you need to do is to create something more advanced on talent discovery online.

We love comments if you have any ideas that will transform Nigerian entrepreneurs into a billionaire share it with us.

credit  Samuel Igwe
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Word on the street is that the product that sells the most in Nigeria is condoms, word on the street also discloses that the products that sold the most on valentines day were shaving sticks and shaving cream, meaning a lot of people are got freaky. Since you’re going to get freaky you might as well make it worthwhile by switching on the AC, scenting up the room with beautiful smells and filling the air with a special ‘love making’ playlist that will heighten your senses to the max.

If at all you’re going to play a few songs while making love, these 6 songs must be amongst them.

1} Tank - I Love Ya (feat. Yo Gotti)

This should be the song when you’re making out with each other. It’s bound to make a few boneless organs stand and make some spots wet with pleasure.


This is the song that should be played during the first round of the act. it has a semi-fast tempo which you could stroke and move along to.

3} Pammy - dhetiny

This is the song you should play after the first round, you could gist and rest while waiting for the energy for round two to come around.

4} Reekado Banks - Like Ft. Tiwa Savage and Fiokee.

You should be able to last more than one song in round two. This song should still be playing while you’re both in the second round.

5} Johnny Drille - Romeo & Juliet.

this song should be able to speed up things. like add more emotions

6} Ric Hassani- The African Gentleman

When you are now rounding up there should be complimentary ‘head’, this is the song you play while eating each other out. 


we are working on creating a sex playlist for couples we need your suggestions..

this post is for married people..

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As innocent as children are, they can be bothered about what someone thinks of them, and in trying to impress people, they lose their dreams and childhood.

There is always something new to learn from Aunty Betty Irabor, in an Instagram post she listed the 8 things she would do differently if she had the chance to live her childhood all over again. Simple but really powerful.

She said,

If I were to live my childhood all over again, there are many things I would do differently …

I will raise my hand in class and ask “stupid” questions and risk being laughed at.

I will not give up my passion for sports ( hurdles) because someone said my knocked knees were pronounced when I ran,

I will make more effort in my math class even though Mrs. Osho called me olodo,

I will smile more because it enhances my beauty.

I will not play victim because I was raised by a single mum,

I Will face and challenge my demons instead of running away,

I will fight back and get my hands dirty instead of always recoiling.

I will appreciate that I have invisible wings and that all I need to do is flap my hands and fly..

But thank God I got a chance to be all that I thought I couldn’t be… It’s morning yet..

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I have always found it weird but mostly hilarious when you read online that someone died during sex. I often wonder if the heart’s ecstasy limit was over stretched and the individual couldn’t take it no more and just had to pass on to the next world. Of course science has explanation for virtually everything you throw at it


On a more serious note though, a study conducted by a leading American medical journal has revealed that each additional hour of sexual activity per week results in an increased risk of 2-3 myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and one sudden cardiac death per 10,000 person-years. This simply spells for someone who doesn’t exercise regularly, marathon sex is not advised.  This makes the heart pump really fast and can induce a heart attack. Further studies show that majority of deaths due to cardiovascular causes during sex do occur in men. Although generally considered to be safe, Viagra use has been linked to sudden cardiovascular death during sexual activity among elderly or otherwise infirm men.


Researchers also say that prescription or recreational drugs, such as cocaine can also possibly contribute to unexpected deaths during consensual sex.

On research I found that some notable individuals who died during or after sex have been recorded including a president, prime minster and a pope...

·         Lord Palmerston, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, died in 1865 is believed to have died following a brief illness after allegedly having sex on a billiard table with a maid. However, this account is disputed with some sources claiming that he died of pneumonia.

·         Although disputed by many historians, Félix Faure, president of France from 1895 to 1899, is believed to have died while allegedly receiving oral sex from his apparent mistress, Marguerite Steinheil. Some eyewitnesses have claimed that he was in a state of partial undress. The exact cause of his death was recorded as a cerebral haemorrhage.

·         Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey's father Jack allegedly died while having sexual intercourse with his wife in 1992.

·         In what is believed to be the earliest recorded account, Pope John XII is said to have died of a paralytic stroke suffered while allegedly having sex with a woman named Stefanetta on 14 May 964. Some researchers opine that he may have been beaten to death by the woman's husband during the act.

·         Former Vice President of the United States and heir to the Rockefeller family fortune, Nelson Rockefeller, is said to have died in 1979 of a heart attack at age 70, rumoured to have been caused by an orgasm during sexual intercourse with his assistant.




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African manifestation of intellectual achievement in terms of social wealth and political power has always been marginalized against women. As much as we would like to declare that women are being empowered especially in the 21st century, we can’t also argue that it is far from being balanced.  As an African woman, it is hard to equate the need for social accomplishment and needs of the home.  Sparingly, the society stigmatizes you on the blanket of respect.

 There is an aloof recognition of your efforts but a glaring disapproval that you are incomplete. Women who pursue their careers in their early years always discover that when they get to the apex, there is no man to build a home with. Few African men would want to marry a woman who earns more than he does. Sentimental arguments like ‘she won’t respect me’,’ who will take care of the home’ et cetera begin to rise up. It is always assumed that a highly placed career or political woman automatically loses her humility making her unable to submit to the ‘Alpha’ male.

For women, it’s a choice; power, fame and success or a family. They almost can’t have both. Women, who do, struggle to stay afloat. A recent study by BBC Africa showed that just 5% of CEOs in Africa are women; the huge left over of 95% is dominated by men.

Asides that, if the ‘woman’ were to be in that position and unmarried, she is either surrounded by feeble minded men who just want to play on her emotions and feed off her money or she is surrounded by gossips, who say the real source of her money is a ‘man’ in the background, or still, she is surrounded by family who tells her to reduce her standards so she can find a man. Social media hasn’t helped a bit. A woman is termed popular or social if she has quite a number of followers and likes.  Since the beginning of time, women have always been competitive beings, being the way they are raised, to outshine one another to get the best deal off the husband market. Social media provided the best ring for this fight. Competitors arise to hinder, with spectators to cheer on.

If one gets a lot of likes, she is very beautiful, regardless of her character, composure, attitude, mental IQ, skills as a woman and innate talent. It all doesn’t matter. She could dress carelessly, using crude words, abuse makeup and filters and get a lot of likes. She feels she has friends, she is liked and people just love her. She gradually slips into an illusion, of a non-existent life. At a certain age, where her beauty and social media life cant rescue her anymore she’s willing to do anything to keep relevant. On the other hand, a well-trained young woman, with a nice character, excellent IQ, and independent but not fun on social media, feels she doesn’t have friends; she gradually starts to change herself, wear less, starts talking crude and focuses on maintaining a fake life just to be liked by non-existent people. Being a woman is hard. Women are constantly shamed for everything.

No boobs? Damn. Grow some. Big boobs? Cover yourself, don’t be so vulgar. No ass? Everyone will laugh at you. Ass? Well, better cover yourself, you don’t want to draw attention to that ass. Short? You need to wear heels. Tall? Worse. You can’t be taller than men. Skinny? You have to gain weight because nobody likes ‘a bag of bones’. Chubby? Lose weight! Do you know how fat you’ll be when you have children? No makeup? Please take care of yourself. Don’t be so lazy. Makeup? It looks like its only painting herself that this one knows. Career? Good for you! But I hope there’s a man in your life and he doesn’t mind. No career? Haba no man wants a liability now o”


Everybody is trying to paint the picture of a perfect life and trying to ‘belong’.  Kenyan Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai opined; ‘African women need to know that it’s OK for them to be the way they are as strength, and to be liberated from fear and silence.’ 

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I really wanted the party wailers to go home before I say anything about this. Initially, I couldn't understand what the whole fuss was about, not because I wasn't following the threads & timelines, but because I thought we said we're now in a digital world so we're  keeping up with trends & innovations. But apparently, we don't like news/information as much as we enjoy rumors & threads.


Need I say...

Sex toys, machines, dolls, etc had been a thing of the past, I can't believe we resurrected it for another market that is not ours to gain from. By now, we should have built our own machinery, refineries, robots & figured out how to make this dam of ours give us more power supply but No.... We would rather be unto some - "My name is Chucky, do you wanna play?" vibe.


In 2006, Hendrick made mention of the fact that 5 years from then, people would be having sex with robots. In 2015, a campaign against it was raised by some dude who said it would translate wrongly to the younger generation (the kids). In 2017, new materials became more available for more sex bots to be made and suddenly, everyone's got an opinion. And then... there's the "crazy shallow thoughts" some of us throw around so easily about how men are good for nothing but the money they supposingly give to the ladies & how women are good for nothing but the sex they supposingly give to the guys. Throwing out all logical explanations for what the females & males in their own personal lives are good for, and sidelining the responsible men & women who actually have more or what it takes to give & build with someone or meet them on the same page.


For the past one week, all I have heard about are religious debates or gender shading, on these new release set. The truth about the truth of the matter is that 80% of these noise makers won't buy these dolls because we know how much investments such money can bring, 10% would for the male/female ego of people knowing they have such money to easily spend & the other 10% are the ones with the true religion - No noise & no time. They have already placed their orders.

*Whatever rows your boat*



Using these bots & toys might seem wrong to me but if it isn't wrong to you, it's probably not wrong. We all have different ethical values, different religion and social views. But need I point out that most times when these Foreign Research Centers make stuffs they're not quite sure about, that they may have test run on rats or whatever but not on humans yet, they make Nigeria (as the giant of Africa) aware of them so much that we begin to think we need them. But in actual sense, we are the lab rats or point break for their new invention. These bots can malfunction & become violent - computers are still idiotic machines & can get virus that would corrupt their programming.



The part that touches me the most is that I haven't seen anyone (not even these ones that claim 100% interest in AI) & our noble film script/screen writers, ask the right questions.

To the script writers • Like how do these people do all these? Write & make a futuristic/real movie, that their people work towards, till they make it physical/obsolete? We can't always be telling stories of our past & present. We can create films based on how we envision our future to be, even if it doesn't happen like that. At least, people gotta hope for better things right?

To the AI experts or AI wannabes • Have you seen the series "Almost Human" that came out in 2013 - About a Robot who could behave & feel emotions like us? Fast forward to 2017, they  gave "Sophia" to the world.

• Have you seen the series "Humans" that came out in 2015 - About robots called "Synths?" Every set made had one unique function to its group. An house help, a sex worker, pool dancers, kids, miners, etc. They said they would take over the world in the movie sha but that's not my problem. But Fast forward to 2017, we have an advanced sex bots and suddenly, Nigerians that always claim "busy to help their friends" are no longer busy as we thought.


Back to the AI geeks/aspirants, none of y'all have made a post about the level of microcontrollers, sensors, servos, end effectors, Basic or C programmings, their ROS, their availability & all it might have taken to achieve that?

I can recall when a friend of mine wanted to make an all purpose remote for his final year project - To find some parts for it were some weeks' battle.


Can we achieve that?

It shouldn't necessarily be a sex bot though that our vision should carry (let's leave those ones for people whose economy & nation's development are stable for now, and can afford to make other things they haven't created yet.... After all, no one works harder than the devil. But we can afford to have more robots for the hard works like mining & in refineries and not just be thinking on the next plan to put all our money back into growing some other country's economy.


We should see the depth of things & other perspectives once in a many while. We can't be giving so much time to the minor wars, later when the major wars like 2019 presidential election starts - these politicians would just be seeing the youths as puppies barking. Imagine if David spent all his selected stones on killing all the philistines' soldiers instead of "Goliath." Most times, spend small energy for minor wars, so you have reserves for the major ones.


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