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Spaceship Entertainment act, Burna Boy has also renewed his endorsement deal with Globacom for another year.
Despite his now controversial image, The singer is believed to be working on a new album but the company will be expecting more from him this second term. With the renewal,
Burna Boy is set to roll  as a Glo ambassador for at least one year.

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Why you think travelling abroad will make you rich.
The grass may seem greener on the other side, but if you take time to water your grass, it will be just as green. One of the tragic things I know about human nature is that we tend to put of living. We are dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the rose blooming outside our windows today. It’s no secret that the average Nigerian youth does not believe that he can make it back here in Nigeria. They see travelling abroad as a great source of light after living in perpetual darkness. The fact is that if you don’t back the sun you can never see the rainbow. There are actually a lot of opportunities back home ,but they fail to see it. In this blog post I will be listing both the causes and solutions to this silent epidemic that is ravaging the country.
1)what’s your brain for, what do you think about? The fact is that if you spend half the time you spend thinking of how you will spend your imaginary dollars on thinking how to start something here at home, you will end up owning a business. Of course you know that, some think, some think they think, while some will rather die than think. Brian tracy said that most people want to be rich, thin ,successful, financially secure. The fact is that before they start taking steps to actualizing that goal, they take a vacation to a wonderful place called someday I’ll. Then on someday I’ll they say, someday I’ll start a business, someday I’ll lose some weight, someday I’ll get out of debt, someday I’ll save some money. They will always have reasons for not starting. The mind problem is caused by a lot of factors, the major ones are the kind of information you digest, and the associations you keep.What you will become in the next ten years depends on the books
you read and the people you meet.You may know the latest hip-hop songs or the latest movie, but do you know the latest books?. He who does not read is not better than he who cannot read. What kind of things do you discuss with your friends?.I have very few friends, but whenever we meet and discuss, I constantly jot things down. Like minds they say attract themselves .Your income in five years will be the average of your five friends income (someone needs new friends).That’s the bitter truth, the truth doesn’t take selfies, its always the same. You need to wake-up from this nightmare you call life, make the right associations and acquire useful information. Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. (Mark Twain) 2) If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. Our educational system needs rebranding, the current system teaches people how to work for money, but not how to make money work for them. Socrates said that education is kindling a flame, not filling a vessel. Back then I will normally ask, why do I need to study so hard, the popular reply was often “so that you can graduate, get a high-paying job with huge benefits”. We all know that jobs with that description are very scarce in Nigeria. There are more than a 100 tertiary institutions in Nigeria, and they churn out a mass number of graduates yearly. The catastrophe the whole nation witnessed at the last Nigerian immigration service (NIS) recruitment, where over 6.5 million Nigerians applied for 4000 vacant positions after paying an application fee of N1000, goes a long way at explaining the level of employment. Most prisons abroad are filled with Nigerians who have committed one crime or another, and some are killed daily. A great percentage went to study but turned to a life of crime, others claim that they do legal and good jobs over there. The word’ good’ has a lot of definitions, if I shoot my grandmother from a distance of 500 yards, well that’s a good shot but that does not necessarily make me a good man. The so called ‘good’ jobs are dehumanizing like washing of public toilets and so forth, jobs they may never agree to do here in Nigeria.
According to, there are more than 5000 janitors in the U.S that are ph.d holders, it’s a holocaust over there. That’s one of the reasons I admire the Chinese, no matter where you find a Chinese man ,be it in the sahara or the artic, they always own a business, any Chinese that works for someone works only for a short period and that’s to get money to start a business, that is why they prosper both home and abroad. Financial education is one course lacking in our school curriculum ,students should be taught and trained how to invest money and build businesses. A child miseducated is a child lost. (Jonn.F.Kennedy) 3)How did you grow up, how good is your source? Children get two things from their parents, roots and wings. There are a lot of controversies in families today. There are bitter parents ,parents who want their children to take risks they couldn’t take, parents who want their children to read books they didn’t read, parents who wants their children to achieve what they could not achieve. You go to homes and you hear them tell their children, go read a book,or go do your homework, and they themselves are right there in the sitting room watching television. Your children will value what you value. Later in life they give their children a long list of their mates that are rich and successful. Some virtually push their children in a life of crime. One of the blessings in my life came in the person of Nwabugwu Chukwubunnam(Sir chubby),I thought I was a reader until I met him, for every book I have he has three, I might forever play catch-up with him. I get quality advice from him always and I value his words deeply. Know who you take advice from.As for me I don’t take advice from people whose television set is bigger than their book shelf. Parents buy books for your children, don’t be like that man that after his death left only newspapers for his children. What kind of materials are predominant in your house?. I recommend these books for any youth that needs direction in both business and finances. Why ‘A’ and ‘B’ students end up working for ‘C’ students. By Robert kiyosaki. How to drive your competitors crazy. By Guy Kawasaki. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. By Robert kiyosaKI About the author: Onyema Ogochukwu is a freelance writer from nigeria +2349022670689. Read More
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Richard Mofe Damijo, has asked that incoming president, Muhammadu Buhari, should set up a special tribunal to handle cases of piracy in the Nollywood industry.

he made this known at the first screening of his latest movie 'Oloibiri' at Silverbird Cinemas, Abuja.

According to Damijo, it will spell out the punishment or compensation for any pirated work of art. He stated that offenders should be prosecuted and made to pay for the damages caused.

“existing laws are good but what is needed to add is maybe setting up special tribunal to handle cases of piracy and step up the punishment or compensation for piracy because right now it is too low and insignificant." - RMD said.

 â€œThe body of the law is okay, the problem is in the policing and making sure that offenders are prosecuted when they are found guilty they pay damages.” -

“Though, my work is not to protect the movie from being pirated, somebody has that job. The regulator should ensure that all creative works of Nollywood are protected and we earn money from it.

I am not going to stand here to legislate on the kind of movie film makers will do, I am just privileged to be part of the one that is topical now; just to entertain people and make them think as a people and amount of work that could be done." - He added. Read More
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15 under 25 exhibition which is aimed at profiling the top young individuals in their various experties presented by blueprint afric is hither. In each of the 5 categories ranging from
entertainment business & finance art.
Blueprint afric editors and reporters will work with panel of expert judges to choose the fields brightest stars under the age of 25.
With so many entrepeneurs, leaders, investors and change agents , we need your help to do the job right.
To norminate a candidate send an email to with a brief and detailed info of your nominee.
Criterias includes
(1) Must be 25 or below
(2)Must be social media friendly
(3)Must have 2 years experince
(4)Must be based in enugu

login into our facebook(/blueprintafric) twitter (@blueprintafric) and share your thoughts and stay tuned and find out if your favourite 15 under 25 makes our final list on june.

Inquires: 08023985552
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So after a night of hanging out with one of your female friends, you started getting this nagging feeling that something’s different. Has she started looking at and treating you differently, as if she’s sizing you up? Have the things you both used to joke about, such as her physical flaws, become a sensitive subject for her? Has she started wearing a backless blouse and pulling out the 4-inch stilettos just to meet you for coffee?

The reason why she is now treating you less as a friend is because she is starting to see you more as a potential mate. Here are 5 signs that she wants to be more than just friends with you.
1. She’s jealous of other women you talk to

If you are dating other women, most of the time she is cool with it, but suddenly she is being critical of them and sees them as some type of competition. So if you notice her getting an upset look on her face or steaming just because you’re joking around with other women, you can be sure that she wants to become more than a friend .

2. She hangs on your every word

No matter what you are talking about, she’ll be sitting at the edge of her seat, looking into your eyes longer and will be interested in what you have to say, even if it is about a topic she has no interest in. If she hangs on your every word that’s a good indication she wants more attention from you and to give you more.
3. She no longer talks about other guys in front of you

If she suddenly stops talking about the guys she meets and dates, there’s a good chance she’s keeping herself available for you.
4. She makes excuses to hang out alone with you

If a woman is interested in you, she’ll make an effort to have alone time with you. She will ask you to hang out and will isolate both of you from other people. For example, if you are at a party, she may suggest sitting out front where there are less people around.
5. She starts wearing more makeup and dresses better around you

If you come over to watch a movie and you notice that her appearance is getting sexier by the minute and you’re wondering what’s the occasion, the truth is she wants you to take notice of her beauty and see her in a different light. Read More
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Women sometimes get to a point in their relationships where they expect their men to know absolutely everything and automatically fix them.

This is okay if you guys have been dating for a long time and if you know everything about him and fix them too. But if that isn’t the case and you simply just expect him to fix the world or read your mind without you uttering a single word, then you are being wrong.

A man needs you to let your words out, express your feelings and let him be in the know whenever you need or want something done.

Let him know when it is not okay. We have all had that time when we answer “I’m fine” to a question that asks about our well being when we certainly aren’t. if you are trying to appear calm, cool and collected in the presence of a storm at work or in front of your kids (if you have any), then this response might be valid.

But the moment you say you are fine when you know deep down you are not and your spouse can fix why you aren’t fine, then that is not fine.

Let him in. let him know what the problem is and if he is the cause, let him fix it. Don’t expect him to know and fix it, tell him. after all, he is just a man, not a wizard.

The gifts to buy. my friend once  dated a guy who just knew what to buy. He bought  everything, straight down to her undies and all she had to do was go to bed while he shopped for her because she knew he could do no wrong with the things he bought.

He knew her size for everything and that was relationship heaven. she still mourn the relationship. But I digress. Not all men are like that. In fact most men aren’t. they want to spoil their woman, but they just don’t know where to begin with.

Don’t just sit there, letting music videos and Pop music tell you he is not the one because he does not know what brand of chocolate or Ice cream to purchase for you. Tell him, drop a hint and let him know somehow what to do.

Let him know your fave shoe brand, perfume, what you need at the moment and what you won’t mind for him to get you during your next birthday.

What you like. Again, some men are absolutely in the know of what their woman wants in bed from the very first day they set eyes on her. They know how to please her, make her moan, make her forget her name and her house address and all that and they know how to find the G-spot without much trouble.

But some don’t.

They do know how to please a woman but they don’t know how to please you.

So instead of rolling your eyes while the act is on or hoping he would touch the right places, subtly tell him when the act is over that which you want and how you want him to do it.

You will be surprised at the results!

What your future plans are. What you want to do in the next few years, where you want your career to be headed or be at and what you want from the relationship/marriage need to be discussed.

Men rarely start this conversation, not because they don’t want to marry you or don’t see a future with you, but because when a woman does not say anything, they assume everything is well. And more, because women are the talkers and the organizers. So the moment you don’t let him know your plans, your relationship will be in trouble soon. Especially if one of you does not see the other in the future and the other person does.

What you are worried about. They say a problem shared is a problem half solved. This is kuku not always true, we all know this. But in a relationship, you need to use this technique. Tell your partner what you are worried about and even if he does not fix it (he most likely won’t, except you are dating Iron man), he would help you through it and help you see that you are not alone.

And who won’t love to go through the problems of life with their lovers? Read More
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When and how condoms came about is a bit of a mystery. One story says one Dr. Condom supplied sheaths to King Charles II of England to prevent unwanted pregnancies and it all started from there, but most experts don’t believe it. While some people said that ancient Egyptians wore condoms in different colors, but the earliest description of the condom appears in 1564, when an Italian anatomist claimed he invented a linen sheath, that he had 1,100 men try, to guard against syphilis. He later claimed that none of them contracted the disease.


This is not true. There are three main kinds of condoms, latex, polyurethane, and animal skin or organic condoms (lambskin), they all help prevent pregnancy, but protection from disease is another story.

Latex condoms are the most popular and most inexpensive of the three, they are also the most effective kind of condom at preventing many STDs.

Recently, condoms made of polyurethane (a type of plastic) have also become available. Polyurethane condoms are usually thinner, stronger and less constricting than latex condoms. Because of this, they can help to increase sensitivity. Polyurethane condoms are more expensive than latex condoms, and they are as equally effective in preventing BOTH pregnancy and many STDs. But compared to latex condoms, polyurethane condoms are less elastic and looser-fitting, making them slightly more likely to break or slip off during sex.

There are also “natural” condoms, which are made of animal membranes (lambskin). This kind of condom supposedly has a more “natural” feel during sex than latex and polyurethane. They are also expensive and although they are effective at preventing pregnancy, they do not decrease the spread of many sexually transmitted diseases because of the tiny holes which viruses can get through but sperm can’t. Natural condom is made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb and those small pores make it ineffective in protecting against viruses that cause STIs. But they do protect against pregnancy, since the pores are too small for sperm to pass through.


Yes, though regular-size condoms will be fine for most men. But since a condom can only protect what’s covered, it’s important to find a condom that fits well and that’s not too short, too tight, or too big. A condom that is too short could allow diseases to be passed on, and one that is too big could slip in the heat of the moment. If you measure more than 7 inches long and your penis circumference is more than 5 inches around when you are aroused, you may need a larger condom size. And they sell it in the market, just ask.


For whatever reason, that your woman is not wet enough for penetration, it might be alright to lubricate. But never use oil based lubricant like petroleum jelly or baby oil, it will damage the latex. Ensure to use only water-based or silicone-based lubricants if you can get them, but if not, stick with water or saliva. Some women are irritated by saliva in their private parts though, so you might just want to stick with ordinary clean water. But you can still decide to buy only the type of condom that is already lubricated.


This is not true. You should know that doubling up won’t double your protection, or your pleasure. Using double condoms can cause friction between the two and increase the chance that they’ll break, so stick with one condom at a time and wear it correctly. Also, be careful during withdrawal and when you take the condom off, you don’t want the condom to slip off and semen spill out.


Keeping your condom in your wallet or glove compartment is not ideal; a condom is more likely to break down if it has been exposed to air, heat and light for a long time. Your wallet will fold the condom and heat it up especially after keeping your wallet in your back pocket. The ideal place to keep a condom in the home would be a dry storage place like your bedside drawer, where it won’t get folded or heated up. And if you must carry a condom with you, let it be in a front pocket or bag for a few hours, and not for days and weeks.

Also know that condoms do have expiration dates, so make sure you check the expiration date on the wrapper before you suit up, especially when you buy from a local store that you don’t trust. Be safe! Read More
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1. ABIA 08035415408 08079210003 08079210004 08079210005

2. ADAMAWA 08089671313

3. AKWA IBOM 08039213071 08020913810

4. ANAMBRA 07039194332 08024922772 08075390511 08182951257

5. BAUCHI 08151849417 08127162434 08084763669 08073794920

6. BAYELSA 07034578208

7. BENUE 08066006475 08053039936 07075390677

8. BORNO 08068075581 08036071667 08123823322

9. CROSS RIVER 08133568456 07053355415

10. DELTA 08036684974

11. EBONYI 07064515001 08125273721 08084704673

12. EDO 08037646272 08077773721 08067551618

13. EKITI 08062335577 07089310359

14. ENUGU 08032003702 08075390883 08086671202

15. FCT ABUJA 07057337653 08061581938 08032003913

16. GOMBE 08150567771 08151855014

17. IMO 08034773600 08037037283

18. JIGAWA 08075391069 07089846285 08123821598

19. KADUNA 08123822284

20. KANO 08032419754 08123821575 064977004 064977005

21. KATSINA 08075391255 08075391250

22. KEBBI 08038797644 08075391307

23. KOGI 08075391335 07038329084

24. KWARA 07032069501 08125275046

25. LAGOS 07055462708 08035963919

26. NASARAWA 08123821571 07075391560

27. NIGER 08081777498 08127185198

28. OGUN 08032136765 08081770416

29. ONDO 07034313903 08075391808

30. OSUN 08075872433 08039537995 08123823981

31. OYO 08081768614 08150777888

32. PLATEAU 08126375938 08075391844 08038907662

33. RIVERS 08032003514 08073777717

34. SOKOTO 07068848035 08075391943

35. TARABA 08140089863 08073260267

36. YOBE 07039301585 08035067570

37. ZAMFARA 08106580123

Source: Police Emergency Numbers
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Diezani Alison-Madueke Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum Resources and President of OPEC featured on the front cover of Forbes Woman Africa April/May issue Read More
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