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My daughter,you are now a wife and soon you’ll be become a mother too. God bear me witness that I taught you how to cook and do other house chores. I taught you to respect men and to explain your anger when necessary but if you do
otherwise,i know you,not as a daughter but as my fellow woman.
My daughter,you see this your husband? He is a gentleman but don’t take advantage of that. Don’t bring out the beast in him. My daughter,you see this mark on my forehead?

Your father gave it to me.He tolerated me everytime but on that day,He came unexpectedly.It wasn’t his intention but i dared him and he hit me just once
My daughter,Men hate it when you use the word “YOU CAN’T DO IT”.He sure can do more than but he’s just protecting you from harm. My daughter, whenever there is an arguement or  misunderstanding, try drinking water.You can’t talk when you have water in your mouth.
Now,you have two families.You are very lucky.Tolerate and appreciate them just as you
did here. Learn to welcome other people’s kids and soon, children will sorround your table with love.
You see that my big pot? I bought it when i still had no child but i always cooked with it to feed those children who had nothing to eat.
Learn to show hospitality. Welcome a visitor and at least,offer a glass of water.Don’t discriminate.
Don’t shatter your husband’s family. instead, bring them together. Learn to appreciate little efforts and soon,they’ll
learn to do more.
Today,you are wearing a wedding gown and you look so beautiful in it but there is still another gown you need to wear.That is the MATERNITY  gown. I wore it and you shall wear your’s too.
When you have a misundertanding, don’t come back here.Sort things out and build a happy home.I built mine and your father enjoyed me.
Men like food.They like both the kITCHEN food and the BEDROOM food.Don’t deny him any of the food all because you had an arguement. If the ones i taught you are not enough, learn more!
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Boys in my country don't finish last
They jump hurdles in high acceleration
Achieve goals with firm determination
Boys in my country; we eat fast
Boys in my country dont wear a coward's smile
They squeeze gold out of hot air
They freeze dews to diamonds
Boys in my country don't walk a careless mile
Boys in my country don't snooze
They hate weekends and love Mondays
Bank pays on Mondays not weekends
In a battle of survival, boys in my country don't loose
Boys in my country we come from different homes
They wake up with excitement
And they sleep with joy
We play different matches but score the same goals
Boys in my country don't complain
They face hard times and live like kings
They can snatch your kingdom to feed their queens
Nah! Boys in my country don't complain
Boys in my country talk with a silent voice
We God's children are little gods
You should fear them and their little guts
Cuz boys in my country are Nigerian boys

-TheVyrus Udensi
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I am sick and tired of hearing tragic love stories from women. It really breaks my heart to hear how girls get played out relentlessly, many times to the point where I internalize the pain and take it out on my own boyfriend even when he hasn’t done anything wrong! I know you ladies can feel me on this one…

One of the worst things to feel is played out by your man. After one of these horrible experiences women feel back stabbed, betrayed, bitter and brokenhearted! But I’ve noticed a common factor in all the crazy stories and its that women say this same thing, “I let it happen.”

What do you mean you let it happen?

Yes, that means that there is a way to be aware if your boy is playing you out and the opportunity to act upon it!

Ladies, there are red flags that you shouldn’t be oblivious to. Don’t let the crazy story happen to you!

First and foremost, know your IDENTITY! Ladies, know who you are and value yourself! Know that you are beautiful, you are a queen and you deserve the best! So don’t settle for BS, some things are unacceptable.

Number two, there is so much love in this world! If you aren’t being loved in the way that you want to be loved, then Leave! This world is filled with people who want to love you, don’t think it can only come from one person. So don’t feel limited or manipulated to stay in a relationship. Men love to make woman feel like no one else can love them. That’s the bull!

Now lets get down to business. Its hard to keep your eye open for red flags while trusting your partner at the same time, but you need to keep a healthy balance of both! If you witness suspicious behaviors that give you a funny feeling, verbalize it even if you don’t have substantial information to back it up. Don’t be afraid to question things! And if he doesn’t want to answer or if the answer is ridiculous, then that is a red flag you need to keep record of.

Ladies, pardon my vocabulary, but this topic really infuriates me, don’t let shit slide! I heard a girl tell me, “But the ‘I’m sorry’s’ are so good!” Ladies, you have standards for a reason, so keep them! Again, stop settling and giving in to the nonsense, that is exactly how you “let it happen.”

A very close male friend of mine once told me, “things don’t just happen out of the blue, you always get signs.” So when I hear women tell me, “I let it happen” it’s confirmation! Don’t ignore the signs. People show you who they are from the beginning, we just chose to ignore it.

Lastly, there is always room for hope. Cheaters are only cheating themselves  Don’t let a bad experience ruin your chances to meet your prince. I encourage you to rise above the negativity and stay resilient! Love is never ending and its never too late to love!

Anita nwakamma
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A lot of things have been going on in relationships these days. You see some that barely lasts even a year or two. Some of you might wonder what’s wrong and what the real cause is. But there are some nutrients that are lacking in that relationship.  Here are some tips on how to make your relationship better and happier.

1. Remember no one is perfect:  Don’t expect your partner to be perfect. A machine is not 100% efficient but yet still does work very well under stressful conditions so your partner can still do better even in her imperfection. And your ability to love yourselves even in your weaknesses makes the love stronger and better.

2. Appreciate who you have: if you don’t appreciate who you have, someone else will so make them know you value them so much and that they are the best thing that has ever happened to you and it    will go a long way to make them know that you appreciate being with them.

3. Respect your partner:  Respect is one key factor to sustaining a healthy relationship. This applies is so many areas for example; a guy shouldn’t go chasing another girl if he respects his girl and shouldn’t sleep with other women if he respects his girl. And same thing applies to girls. When they advice you, listen to them. That’s why you are in a relationship to build each other. So never relent to show respect.

4. Compliment your partner: This goes a long way to show you are happy to be with them. If she makes a new hair, compliment her. If she buys a new dress, tell her she looks beautiful in her dress. If she prepares dinner, tell her she’s the best cook after your mum. If he shaves, tell him he’s even more handsome … make it work if not someone else will make out with your partner.

5. Show Love to your partner:  Showing love to your partner does not only make him/her love you better, but propels the relationship to a greater height. Sending her text messages, giving her a reason to smile and not to feel rejected.. Always show love to your partner so that your dream of being married together will be a reality.

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DREAMS are not those which comes while we are sleeping nut dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.                                 

                                                                                        -Abdul Kalam

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  A few steps to help you to stop being shy around good-looking girls!

1. Tell yourself that many girls are also shy around boys:
One way to prepare yourself for talking to girls is to remember that it’s likely that the girls are just as scared about talking to you as you are about talking to them. They may look like they have it all figured out and may act like they’re not shy or nervous whatsoever, but on the inside, many girls are nervous about talking to boys, too. If you’re more aware of the fact that every girl or guy is shy about talking to people to some extent, then you’ll be less self-conscious about talking to girls.

2. Make eye contact.
The best way to see who’s interested in you and show a girl that you’re interested in her, too, is to make eye contact and hold it for a couple of seconds. This is a big first step, and it will prepare both of you for speaking to each other.

3. Don’t back down after making attempt:
A lot of guys often does this, doing this will only make you never want to try and gain and probably inform the girl that you are shy. And walking too fast will make you look overeager. She may be in a group of people, which is intimidating. However, if you want to speak with her, you’ll have to brave the crowd and head over anyway.

4. Don’t worry about saying the perfect thing:
Guys who are shy about talking to girls tend to romanticize the situation and think that, when they talk to a cute girl, they have to say something absolutely perfect or astonishing to win her over, and then the two of you can walk off into the sunset together. In reality, if you tell the girl you like her shirt or talk about the Drake concert you just went to, you’ll be perfectly fine. Instead of searching for the perfect
turn of phrase, just work on saying something to keep the conversation going.

6. Come up with a few topics in advance so you feel less nervous:
 Prepare a few questions that will help you to not only strike up a conversation but also keep one going. Start by asking her name and where she’s from. You can ask what she does for a living, where she went to school and when was the last time she traveled. If you continue talking, ask about her hobbies, siblings and favorite fun things to do on the weekend.

7. Just pretend that you’re talking to one of your friends:
 Sure, talking to the cute girl in your grade may seem completely different than chatting it
up with your best friend, but if you stop being so worried about everything being perfect, you’ll see that it’s really not so different. You’ll have to come up with things to talk about, making the other personal
laugh, talk about something interesting you did over the weekend, and so on. Once you relax and stop trying to sound so impressive, you’ll be able to fall into a natural pace of conversation, just as you would with a close friend.
     I believe with these few steps, you will always be bold and be able to walk up to a lady and speak with them.

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The nigeria campus connect. An initiative that is dedicated to improving the lives and experience of Nigerian students as well as to uplift the tertiary educational system to a glorious and enviable state is hither. With so many packages to offer the Nigerian campus connect pride's itself as game changers here to unravel the passion in every Nigerian student.
This is truly the best thing yet to happen come October 1st. If your a student then brace yourself because WITH LESS you can DO MORE and BE MORE!!!...

Stay informed with the NCC
Twitter : @ncampusconnect
Instagram : @nigeriacampusconnect
Facebook : /nigeriacampusconnect

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There's no relationship without sex contrary to what so many people have been made to believe especially the young ones(female). So many people have sited the fact that some people have succeeded in it but I say to you no one have succeeded in it, this might sound strange to you but its the truth, the only truth there is this "if you don't want sex don't be in a relationship"
Some people will buy into this idea but still question the rationale behind it; some people might say they've seen it happen in the course of reading this but has it really happened?

Let's break it down:
Sex can mean any of this kissing, masturbation, mutual masturbation, fingering, fore-play, non-penetrative sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, smoothing.
Now ask yourself can you be in an intimate relationship without engaging in any of this?

If you say yes, then it means you are not in an intimate relationship because the love you have for your partner will cause you to have feelings which brings about intimacy.
"Just because you're not having penetrative sex does not mean you are not having sex"

You need to have sex to commit fornication the act of committing fornication isn't until you have penetrative sex or any of those form of sex mentioned earlier I think Christians will agree with me that all it takes to commit fornication is for you to look and lust in your heart which means mere looking and lusting in your heart shows you've had sex within you.
Now again ask yourself is it possible to be in an intimate relationship without lusting after your partner in your heart the answer is no.
So if you don't want to have sex in a relationship don't be in one
Saying you and your partner have both agreed not to have sex in your relationship does not make sense it only shows how misinformed you are or have been.
Remember just because you are not having "penetrative sex" in your relationship doesn't mean you are not indulging in other form of sex. However There's the courtship stage you don't have to be in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship to get to the courtship stage so rather opt for that option

Credit: relationship chronicles
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Every woman has a "kind" and finding your kind of guy is what actually brings that happiness and joy that she has always wanted.

You can always recognize the traits of a good guy not just by the way he treats you, but the way he relates with others around him. But there are qualities generally associated with good guys, so how do you know who they are?
 These are the qualities below:

   1. He's kind to everyone.
Not just you on your best day but you on your worst.He also treats his friends around with love and care.   Someone who is genuinely kind spreads kindness wherever he goes.

  2.  He's genuinely happy.

A happy person is not only a healthy person but also someone who is optimistic and fulfilled. Happiness is the key to healthy livivng and when faced with a challenge, he does not fall back down with fear but with joyn tackles the situation. Who wouldn't love a life with someone like that?

   3. He loves you.
Yeah, I know, duh. But I mean the real you. Not just the way you look or the things you do for him or the fact that you are conveniently 4 inches shorter, also love staying in on Friday nights, and get along with his family. He must love the unique things about you no matter what happens. even in your weakness, he still loves you, how you put exactly three lemons in all your drinks, the long-winded way you tell a story, or how you always need the toilet paper roll so that the top flap faces down.

    4. He takes care of you in bed.
 A gentleman always ensures that the lady finishes first. and gets the right treat in bed not to cause selfishness

   5. He makes you smile
When you're with him, and when you think about him you feel like having him by your side because of how he smiles when you are both together.

   6. You can be yourself around him.
No matter how much you might be into someone, it's never going to be real until you can let down your guard around him. you will always find fun being around him.

   7. He's the only one you fantasize about.
You know that thing that always turns your head when a hot guy walks by? Maybe you're a sucker for pretty blue eyes, or broad shoulders, or chiseled arms? Well, sex appeal is a total package that mercifully factors in more than just abs and penis size—your guy doesn't need any of those things as long as he's the one you want to be with.

   8. He spends like you.
 A guy who's on board to make your fantasy  vacation a reality? Fantastic. A guy who then complains about every dollar you want to spend on said trip? Nah. Your happiness is his priority as well.

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The joy of having a mother is always what keeps us youths going. A mother will always do her best to make u happy no matter what. A mother will never let her child go through pains because she knows the child is her future."Nothing else can produce the joy or broken heart that motherhood allows. I couldn't imagine going through life without feeling that spectrum of emotion. There are wonderful days when I feel my cup runneth over. There are days that I want to run away and question every decision I have ever made. Feeling it all, good or bad, gives my life purpose. Motherhood is walking around with all of your nerve endings raw and exposed. It is the most extreme measure of being alive." Like if you love your Mother.
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