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Looking back to when I was little, I realize that were so many superstitious things I believed. Looking at my life now, I realize how funny it was to believe them; I can’t just help it but laugh. I don’t just laugh because of how serious I believed in those lie but I also laugh because I use those   lies on my younger ones. I got to understand that our parents and guidance told us those lies to prevent us from cursing any harm to our body. So they tell us these lies to scare us from doing things we should not do. What made me write about these is what I told my younger sister.

She was eating chin-chin and while she was eating it, one of the chi-chin fell to the floor but she was going to pick it up to eat. I warned her three times not to eat it but as stubborn as she is, she ignored me. So I remembered one of the lies I was told when I want to pick something from the floor to eat. Then I shouted, “If you eat that chi-chin, you are going to be Satan’s friend” and that stopped her, then she turned around and asked me, “why?” and I gave another scary answer, “Because Satan has licked it”. As soon as I gave her that reply, she left that chin-chin and dared not touch that chin-chin again.

Within me, I was laughing at her facial expression and I was so proud of myself. I remembered how I used to react to those lies while growing up but If anybody tell me the same thing I told my sister, I just laugh and scream “HHHooowww?!”. All these are mostly used on every Nigerian Child; because raising a Nigerian child is very difficult and frustrating. Now I don’t blame my parents or relatives for using those lies on me because I am using those lies on my younger ones.

And this has made me to talk about 10 lies we were told while growing up. I know they are more than 10 but I am going to talk on 10:

10 Childhood Superstitious Belief:

1.      If you swallow orange seed, it will Grow inside You: So many of us were told by their parents, Guardians or Relatives that if we swallow the seed of an orange, it will grow inside us of our body. It took me a week to believe it was false. I don’t know how many of you went through the same trauma while growing up but I did.

2.      When I was your age, I always came first: This particular was told mainly by my father. Although I felt a bit challenged by that, it still didn’t make come first in Class. I actually stopped disturbing myself when I saw his result. Not like he was not bright and intelligent in class but he did not come first in class. I cannot forget the relief I felt when I saw his result. LOL! Did your parents Use this Lie on you?

3.      If you take your Siesta, you’ll be Tall: Do you know the most annoying part of this post, I am still average and my younger ones are taller than me. If you fell for this lie, trust me; it hurts.

4.      Tell me the truth, I won’t beat you: Please if you are reading this and you know that telling the truth will cause more harm to you; stick to your lies. Our Parents can never be God that will forgive and let you go free when you tell the truth. I cannot count how many times I fell for that lie but I was still dealt with mercilessly for my action. Did you?

5.      Give me your Money; I will hold it for you: At a moment, I believed those lies. But I realized that the money was spent on my feeding and housekeeping. I dared not to ask my mother about it.

6.      If you play with boys you will get pregnant: Some parents have no idea how to talk to their girls about the opposite sex and pregnancy, so this is the best line they could come up with.  

7.      Let’s go home, we will come back tomorrow: This trick was used on me especially when I go to a place that is fun. If your parents told you this at an event, you are on a very long thing. Trust me, it would not happen.

8.      Tell the Person that I am not Around: Most Parents use this lie when they avoiding some visitors or they don’t want to see anybody. And they always tell us to tell them the truth without them knowing that they also make us to lie.

9.      I don’t have Money: This particular sentence was mostly used by my father. Even up till now, this answer is still a shock to me.

10.   If you eat the Food on the Floor…: This one is my favourite because somehow, I still stick to it. But it’s the best used to scare children from eating harmful things.

if you remember any superstitious belief that you fell for, tell us more...

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We had a group chat some days back and one thing led to the other, the weird things people sometimes post on social media became the topic of the day. In the new era of trends, where savagery is becoming the new cool, at least for the millennial, it’s almost inevitable not to come across a post either body shaming people or bashing someone for their use of grammar or beliefs.

Well, it is said that “it’s all fun & game till someone loses an eye” and in most cases, a job, a career, a political or corporate position or an opportunity of becoming a brand promoter or ambassador. Social media has its own perks and if for nothing, it should be a red flag to the youths of this generation that the brains behind these platforms have at some point been recorded, saying their kids have specific ages before they can make use of the very own thing they pushed out into the market.

A friend of mine studying in Amsterdam once applied for an internship placement in the UK and gave the company the rights to retrieve all information they could find about her. That was a step of confirmation that she had no criminal record.

2 months later, she got a letter stating that she had been rejected and why. Basically in 2014, she made a comment on Facebook about how immoral gay marriage is and because it was against their human rights to freedom, she was rejected. Her opinion to what their culture said is suitable, made her unacceptable by their culture. They said she wasn’t accepting, and that she describes and judges people by her prejudice and based on their sexual orientation, which was what hospitals in their region stand against. They went further to explain how they believe in gender equality and though it isn’t written anywhere yet, it is their belief. So they were rejecting her because her belief was a threat to their belief.

A boy also in her class was rejected by the force because he had a picture during Halloween with a Nazi (Adolph Hitler) statue smoking pipe. So they said that act alone shows he identifies as a Nazi. This disqualified the boy from serving in the Military. A Picture he took when he was 16 years old.

Now, you would think…. There are other places. But imagine it’s been your dream to work with this particular company someday and they rejects you, this time not because of belief but because of a silly joke you pulled online about ladies, guys, sex, religion, other people’s beliefs or lifestyle? And what of the case where you are applying for a masters scholarship or foreign grants for a project in Nigeria or anywhere at all?

Bigotry doesn’t translate to being open-minded or flexible or even wise. Things that doesn’t add up in the North, adds up in the South and things that are not right by the East, can be right by the West. We need to learn to stand by our principles and respect other people’s own. As the Igbo proverb would always say:

“If you must eat a frog, eat the biggest one.”

Most people don’t enjoy reading and thinking, so it’s easier to minor in the majors and major in the minors. Maheeda said this and that, thousands are online trying to show whose savagery is more classic than the other. But the minute a thought provocative question is thrown to them or something with value comes up, the crowd becomes stream-lined all of a sudden.

The problem with our youths is, most of us don’t project to the future when we would be expected to have out-grown most things and when we would have our own kids looking up to us. Most of us keep our vision very far in the future and it becomes easier to convince ourselves that we are not yet living the vision (Your vision is who you are by reason of what you see), and somehow it’s in the future waiting for us to round up our youthful exuberance. We forget too quickly that today was last year’s future, last 2 years’, and even last 10 years' future.

If you are not a fitness trainer or a body model or a lingerie model or a nudist by belief or aspiring to be one, you need to carry us along with your naked and savage posts. Caption for us what you intend to achieve by posting a nude picture of yourself. If it’s class you want or fame or power, just state them so we know what to expect from you in the future too. Don’t let trends shift your focus from what’s important. The Social Media is a powerful tool for everything good and bad. Learn the good sides of it and sieve out the rest. We know you have abs, s-line, boobs, ass and the whole package of them (congratulations!), but for posterity sake, career building and for the sake of being relevant and not just popular, stream-line some things. 

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Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems, like problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion.

Anger is not just a state of mind. It triggers an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline levels. Anger has survival benefits, and it forms part of the fight or flight response to a perceived threat or harm.

Anger is an emotional reaction that impacts the body. A person experiencing anger will also experience physical conditions, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline. Some view anger as an emotion which triggers part of the fight or flight brain response.

An Angry person or animal is a dangerous. It is normal to get angry but you should not let it consume you or control you. When you are angry, you can do anything deadly and you can say something that you will regret for the rest of your life. There are so many ways to control your anger but I will list 5 of them.

5 Ways to avoid your Anger:

1.       Silence: it is not only the best for a fool but also the best answer for ‘Anger’. Most times, being silent shuts down a lot of noise and Havocs that is rising within you. So to avoid that strong and deadly feeling that is rising within you and to mind the choice of words, Keep Silent.

2.       Drink Water: yes! Drinking water really helps in so many ways. We don’t only drink water drown down food; we also drink water to drown the wicked and hurtful words that is about to come out from your mouth. If you cannot drink the water, hold it in your mouth, it will help you in controlling your mouth.

3.       Listen to Music: Listening to music helps too. It helps in forgetting the cause of your anger. And when I say Music, I mean Good Music, the type of music that can make you forget your worries because they are some music that can trigger or increase the weight of your anger.

4.       Watch a ‘Funny’ Movie: I emphasized on ‘Funny’ because they are movies that can make you make a dangerous and stupid move. To avoid any further or thoughts, just ‘kukuma’ watch a funny video that will make you laugh and forget your worries.

5.       Scream: screaming is another best solution. You should SCREAM! in an empty air or anywhere you feel comfortable to release the rage and anger in side you. It helps to ease out the feeling that is rising in you.

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Standing in front of my new class, it’s the beginning of a new semester. Here I am with that "new me" chapter of my life feeling.....Well of course I always say this before I go into a new class in this blasted faculty, promising my God and my future that I'll be more focused and still I never keep up to it, but not this time, this time it's different, this time I'll be better focused and get my priorities straight. I prayed.

 Finally I'm in my seat waiting for an elective class to proceed so I can be certain if to take the course or not. As I nonchalantly waited my witch bitchy girl friends walked in, being the first time we've seen each other over the three months of the holiday, we could not just keep calm, there was so much laughter and resounding screams I thought I would go deaf, after a while when we had quieted down and had gotten our gossip, we wondered if the lecture would still hold and by the way, who elective course epp? we could always choose another one, still chatting on, we over heard the group behind us, and someone in their midst say "hmm I swear eh the only reason I'm still here is to see the fine male lecturer that has got the whole department on heat" as interesting as the gossip was, that was the least of my problems, imagine taking a class because of man, I Mean ,Girls! Come on we are better than this.

  Hungrily getting up and adjusting my pleated skirt, I was heading for home. We've waited for more than an hour yet the lecturer wasn't near sight, I cannot come and die; besides I was already feeling dizzy. Immediately a body of students rushed in, indicating the arrival of the damned lecturer, I rolled my eyes and grudgingly forced myself down on my seat, willing myself to stay for the lecture....

As I got a hold of my phone to put it on vibrate the class suddenly got quite and I realized the lecturer had entered into the lecture hall. Looking up, my eyes were not prepared for the handsomeness described by novels..If a fly didn't enter my mouth I wouldn’t have realized it hung open, I mean what stood before me, before my class was ridiculous, he looked like something that just stepped out from an all male vogue photo shoot; the way he looked around the hall so comfortable, like he's taught all his life, with his blue jeans and dress shirt on he didn't even look like he was trying. ‘Where did this school find this distraction from?’ I wondered.  I was annoyed and at the same time I appreciated my Dean for the first time for employing this eye candy...

 At this point the Adonis had started speaking to the class, and God the way his lips moved and his clothes strained against his male skin, I believed more than anything when people said "God created this one on Sunday" and gosh did God rest when creating my lecturer kept staring so much I forgot it was human to blink, he had the perfect everything ,from the unbelievable chiseled jaw to the unruly brown eyes which went really well with his gorgeous deep brown skin tone mean the man could do no wrong with his looks. I thought  I could not make myself seem like more of an idiot until he looked at me, I meant to look away but I just couldn't, The heat of his gaze could have stopped my breathing I swear, I was just so lost in the trance I didn't realize he had started speaking again, speaking to me! I couldn't even hear him because my heart was beating so loudly ,I could have sworn it was in my ears, I don't know why I stood up but had to do something otherwise he would think I was a complete idiot or worse still an escapee from an asylum. I was so embarrassed and confused because I just noticed I had been asked a question which I didn't know Jack about because I was bodily present but absent minded, all thanks to the heat of his gaze. Everyone stared and made faces, my friends weren't even helping my situation, I said to myself "Isioma, you this sad excuse for a being, say something!!!! Anything would be better than this torture". When the perfectly made man had decided that I had embarrassed my family members enough he motioned for me to take a seat, and I wished that seat would disappear so that I could fall straight into the ground, but rather I sat sulking and hating my life. What a first impression!

At the end of the rather short lecture, which was solely for the purpose of introductions, the nameless sex in jeans decided to grace us with his identity, as if he wasn’t enough evidence of God's existence he had the perfect name to go with that too, the name Jide rolled of his tongue smoothly and I swear I heard a girl sigh longingly behind me. On that note Jide walked of the class... staring at his macho back going through the door way I Let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding in and unforgivably sighed "what the fuck!!!"

That night, I engaged in a discussion with my friends with the random gossip because quite frankly that's all we do. My bestie Melissa asked "Ehen isioma are you going to offer Jide's class?”This she said with a wink, I scoffed and acted disinterested but said "Yea the course is cool sha and besides its easy, who wouldn't do it" but I already made a pact with myself that if I didn't offer Jide's course, let me drop out or better still die. Easy ko easy ni. As the week went by, I literally counted the days until Jide's next lecture and every time I saw his face and each time he spoke, I got so addicted you would think I relied on every class to survive, and you know it didn't bother me since the first day he stepped into the lecture hall, I haven't learned a thing. “O well, you lose some and you gain some which still leads to the phrase "I cannot come and die ". It was like every other class and in like every other class my senses were assaulted with his good looks, and I made a mental note of how he kept sneaking glances my way, I mean how could I not notice, I never looked anywhere else but his face.

I didn't make anything of it though, I decided it was wishful thinking,with the end of the class drawing near, I began counting the days until I would see his dreamy features again. I guess I wouldn't wait that long when I suddenly heard my full name being called out, I suddenly snapped out whatever reality I just stepped into and looked behind, wondering who could have called me, the boy behind me pointed a finger forward and as I slowly turned to the direction where the sound of my name came from a second time, it didn't take a fortune teller to know who called me, no one in my class had that deep masculine, pant dropping voice. Facing Jide, gazing into his eyes, I tried to focus and listen to the words he spoke and not to make myself a fool for the second time in his presence ,I nodded coyly when he asked "are you Isioma Obi"

 Heavenly Father, the way he said the name I always disliked made me want to thank my parents for giving me such a name. He said it so adoringly like a song, like we'd met in another lifetime and giving me a once over, with a look on his face. He said;

 "Meet me in my office after this okay?"

He repeated the "okay?" probably because of the dumb lost look I gave him. As jide casually walked out of the class and with the constant teases and snickers I got from my classmates which I was in nowhere in the mood for, I got up, headed for the door and with every step I made, the thought of somersaulting to jide's office or just to freeze at the spot where I was or better still running away from school entirely played about in my head.

I got to the supposed office and knocked on the door. A hoarse voice invited me in. I stepped inside and all the while looking anywhere but his face plus still trying to come to terms with the fact that I was in his office standing before him. I forced my head up when I heard nothing, and met those mesmerizing orbs he called eyes staring at me. He stared long enough for it to be awkward and strange before he reached under his desk and into his drawer and pulled out an envelope from which he revealed a white print out sheet and pushed it to the end of the desk in my direction.

 "I assume this is yours" he said.

I looked down at the paper and gave out an "oh" it was one of my school documents, my school fees print out to be exact.

 "I saw that lying somewhere around the faculty" he said

As if he read my mind as to what in earth he was doing with my document or why he was showing it to me. So that was why he called to his office, to return a lost item to its owner. I did feel disappointed a bit. I  won’t lie a huge part of me felt or prayed it was more than just that reason, so with my document returned I felt that was my que to leave, I thanked him and was about to leave when I heard him quietly say;

 "So Isioma"

I whipped my head back so too quickly I thought I would snap my neck; he raised a brow at me and asked;

 "How have my classes been? I want a view from a student I'm lecturing"

I managed a "good sir" he smiled and I swooned,

"Just good eh isioma" he teased,

 I didn't know where this conversation was going but I really enjoyed him talking and this time to just me, I was so happy I could cry even if I didn't show it.

 "I guess that'll be it my dear"

 He said getting up, coming round his desk. He stood before me;

"So isioma"

There he goes again I thought saying my name like how I'd assume an angel would say my name.

He continued "I want you to feel comfortable with me alright? Come looking for me whenever you want, anytime”

 He said that with a dare devil smile ,when I left the office I wondered what it all meant, what his words meant, but I decided to leave it be , I had day dreamed enough.

Of course my friends would not let me hear the end of it, I got teased so much I got light headed and let's not forget the senseless suggestions thrown left right center from those who thought they knew better. It’s been days since the jide drama and honestly I was grateful for the quietness I was now engulfed in. Sitting in my room, scrolling through my music gallery, I felt my phone vibrate and the screen light up informing me of an incoming call, from an unidentified caller.  Against my better judgment I picked the call, I didn't need a fortune teller to know who spoke on the other end of the line.

 "Hi isioma this is jide"

Like I didn't know, I had so many questions for starters; which any reasonable person would ask, how did he get my number and why was he calling?  But I proceeded;

 "Hello good evening sir

Good evening dear how are you?

 Not waiting for my reply he continued;

 "I was just leaving school and I thought I'd see you before I leave, text me where you stay so I can come by"

He sounded so sure of himself that I would just give in, I mean sure I was alarmed, what on earth could he want to see me for it wasn't exactly appropriate but as stupid as I know I am, I stuttered;

 "Sure, I'll text you the place”

 Staring at my phone dumbfounded when he hung up, I hurriedly texted my school lodge address, because I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the anticipation of seeing him and sure it was getting dark so no one would really see and the thought of that made me feel better.

Rushing down to the ground floor ,of course after dolling myself up and moving outside the lodge premises it didn't take long before I saw a familiar vehicle pull up, it was dark but I could make out his outline when he stepped out. It was impossible to miss him at night anyways, he held my hand and opened the passenger seat willing me to enter which I did without hesitation, so there I was sitting In his car all awkward in a literal tight corner breathing the same air conditioner air and him just staring at me giving me that lazy sexy smile, I decided to cut through the thick tense air.

 "So I have a lot of questions

"I'm sure you do" he replied

 I got a backbone and continued before I lost it

"How did you get my number, why did you call me to meet you, why are we both in this car" I mumbled on

He gave a throaty laugh still looking at me he said;

"Calm down na, haba you this girl, isioma" he paused

 "Have I told you that you have a beautiful name?"

I scoffed "I wish" I said in my mind, nevertheless he continued

"Look isioma I'm not one for going on and on, so I'm just going to come out and say it,I like you"

 I tensed a bit.

"I really do like to see you in class and I like to know you're sitting there when I teach, I don't know if you've noticed, I almost can't stop staring at you, whenever I'm in your lecture hall"  

In my mind I thought, how could I not notice when I couldn't manage to tear my eyes away from his face in class. He went on;

"Forgive me, I know this is unprofessional but I'd really want to share more than just a student -lecturer relationship and I don't mean just being friends”

I just looked at him, not even knowing what to say or open my mouth at the least. I sat in shock looking into his eyes, the blood pumped in my ears the cool from the AC became an uncomfortable cold to the skin, he lifted my jaw with a finger looking into my face, maybe checking to see if a spirit still occupied my body and repeated what he had earlier said

 "So my dear what do you say??"

With my mind still processing and my heart confused I got out of the car and said through the window;

 "I'm sorry sir I can't give an answer right now, I'll meet you in school on Monday sir” and with that I left in such a hurry one would think my village people were after me

 I never thought more about anything in my life, like i had thought about the ridiculous dilemma I was in, I did reach one decision which I hoped my treacherous heart would make final and not betray my good morals, I decided that I wouldn't date jide, I wouldn't cheapen myself for an easier A, even if that wasn't the case I wouldn't make myself a cliché of school girls dating their lectures, even If that certain lecturer was a god on earth, that would mean me going against every principle I held dear and although I am a lot of things but I definitely am not an easy girl . The dreaded Monday came and I tapped softly on jide's door to bear my news and while I waited I realized it was because of being ungrateful and turning down wonderful blessings like jide from God was the reason why people had bad luck in their lives but I brushed that thought off when the door opened, I was met with that very familiar handsome face. I made a silent prayer to God, to give me the strength not to sway. I told him the good and the bad, my reasons of why what he wanted from me was not a good idea...

After it all, he took it quite well; he did look a bit upset as he heaved a heavy sigh and said;

"Well I do admire you a lot more now isioma”

I just stared at him

 "It takes so much more to say all you have said to me, you are one in a million o, I'll tell you that”.

 I just smiled, relieved he was not mad at me, he continued;

 "Well I want you to know I don't give up easily, I for one am glad you're in your finals, that means you can't run away much longer"

I too was happy for that fact. I thought as he bent over and gave me the warmest hug and a lasting kiss on the cheek. I couldn't help but grin like an idiot as I practically skipped out of his office.

 You can be rest assured that jide didn't give up, he always made sure I knew he was waiting for me with little reminders like, his loving looks in class and out of class and simple but extravagant gifts here and there, he was indeed in the truest sense, a Gentleman.

  I can't tell what the future holds but it wouldn't be so bad if there was a picture of jide and I in it together ...  STAY TUNED


 About the Writer:

My name is Eberechukwu Ngwu and I exhume happiness. My dreams are a lot bigger than I am. I love to write and express myself through written words.

don't be afraid to stalk me on Social media.

Facebook ID: Bebe Ngwu

Instagram ID: Bebehills 


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Vacations are one of the best things to do in a holiday. This Christmas holiday is the best holiday whereby one can take a vacation. There are many beautiful places where you can travel to this holiday in Nigeria. Yes! I said Nigeria; I know some people will be asking themselves where Nigeria can they travel to? But they are a lot of beautiful places to spend your vacation.

You don’t need to worry because there 5 beautiful places to visit this christmas

1.      Olumo Rock (Ogun State):

Olumo Rock is a popular tourist attraction in the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. It was used as a fortress by the Egba people in the early 19th century. Olumo rock, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, West Africa, sits in the ancient city centre of Abeokuta; a name which means “Under the rock”; it has a height of 137 metres above sea level. Olumo Rock has a height of 137 meters above sea level. That’s pretty high and is half the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (300 meters)! However, it’s nowhere near as high as Zuma Rock, which is 725 meters above sea level.


2.      Obudu Mountain Resort (Cross River State):

The Obudu Mountain Resort offers the leisure seeker and the conference goer a complete contrast. Not only in its temperate climate but also it’s exciting and different location. The temperate climate offers a total contrast and welcome respite from Africa’s tropical heat. Idyllic tranquillity, beautiful scenery and breathtaking views make it ideal for the lone adventurer, families on reunion, young couple or holiday group. Obudu Mountain Resort is in Cross River State situated close to the border of Cameroon and is reached from Lagos by plane. Obudu Mountain Resort provides accommodation in the form of African round huts and chalets on stilts maximising the breathtaking views.


3.      Yankari National Park (Bauchi State):

The Yankari National Park is a large wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, in north-eastern Nigeria. It covers an area of about 2,244 square kilometres (866 sq. mi) and is home to several natural warm water springs, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. Its location in the heartland of the West African savannah makes it a unique way for tourists and holidaymakers to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. It is the most popular destination for tourists in Nigeria and, as such, plays a crucial role in the development and promotion of tourism and ecotourism in Nigeria. It is also one of the most popular eco-destinations in West Africa.

4.      Idanre Hills (Ondo State):

The Idanre hill is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria. It includes such cultural sites as "Owa's Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Apaara) and burial mounds and grounds". It resides 3000 ft above sea level and houses a unique ecosystem upon which the cultural landscape has integrated. On getting to the entrance of the hill you will see a great tree at the entrance of the ancient city of Idanre called the IRAYE TREE, and then you can now get prepared to take the steps to the great city beyond the hills of Idanre.


5.      Lekki Conservative Centre (Lagos State):

This is the only vibrant protected area in Lagos State and one of the very few vibrant tourist destinations of repute in Lagos and has thus been recognized as one of the notable Sites/Monuments of special interest and exceptional relevance by the Lagos State Government under the LISTED SITES for the preservation, protection and restoration of historical properties and cultural heritage in Lagos State and for connected purposes.

One you visited one of these beautiful places, know that that you had the time of your life.

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Berger – Ojota – Cele – Maza-Maza na the only place wey I go stop o, our driver was shouting as we approached Lagos.

I visited Lasgidi aka “eko or LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES”  recently and immediately we entered Lagos/Ibadan expressway, it was as if we had landed in another republic ; hold up everywhere, people in a hurry jumping from one place to another, others at the bus stop looking for a means to go home by 10PM at night especially civil servants.

The next day I was off  to the Oladele Olashore street in Victoria Island, I had to wake up as early as 6 am for an appointment by 8am, prepare, take the normal C.M.S route and endure the normal Lagos traffic. I came back home by 9pm and I kept on asking myself the same question, is 8-5 really worth it in the land of opportunities?

They say all paid jobs absorb and degrade your mind, it’s like a chronic illness; it doesn’t happen immediately, it’s a slow process.

An average Nigerian spends 9 hours working, 6 hours sleeping, 3 hours worrying and 3 hours on the road. That is just 3 hours left for leisure, 3 hours to live your life.

Why do we keep running away from Virgin states in the east looking for investors  like Owerri, Aba and Enugu to the most populated state in Africa where there are more people than the basic amenities and jobs there. Why not invest in the South East and live a stressfree life?

Do you know that out of the population of white collar workers in Lagos, Nigeria.

63% can’t afford to own a car without support

75% haven’t acquired any landed property

88% are totally dependent on their monthly salary and

90% are not happy with their jobs

Ask yourself this question: if I lose my job today, what next? What do i fall back on?

Don’t be that person that wakes up and realizes that all through his or her life, what you gave so much devotion to was modern day slavery and at the end of the road, we don’t want to look back at our lives and realize that the time we could have spent living a good living a good life was spent in an underpaying and overworking job. The target is to work smart and not long, do less and gain more.


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Few months ago, I’d have sworn that I’d be among the batch A 2017 NYSC, well with all things being equal, but I felt all things were equal because all my results were good, my project defence was awesome so I was already warming up for service, day dreaming about myself in the khaki and white polo.

Well I’ve always been the type of person that has my life planned out; I had already planned that immediately after my defence in school I’d look for a part time job while I wait for service. I had to go see my family in the north after almost two years because I was already 'Home sick'
The love, joy and happiness at home was just too much, I had to extend my stay, I didn't only extend my stay I decided to just stay put until when it was almost time for the service 'thingy' then I’d come back to school and start my clearance.

Anyways by February I had to tell myself the truth I went back to school finished my clearance, but unfortunately or maybe fortunately my department didn't release our names as those that would be going with batch A for some reasons best known to them alone. I won't say I didn't feel bad, I did feel bad because most of my friends from other departments were already busy buying stuffs for service.

As someone that is allergic to idleness and laziness I started looking for a job.  I couldn't imagine myself being idle just 'kee' me already, I'll just die of boredom. Anyways I got called for an interview with a Clothing company as a store manager, I was a bit sceptical about it, I applied for the job just for applying sake because I saw their advert on IG, I already had a CV I drafted, I had plenty data so I just sent my CV to their email and forgot about it. Well I went for the interview, three days later I got the job and I can say that has been the best thing that has happened to me.

I'll tell you how;

The job opened my eyes to so many things, I met people that are determined, I met young men and women making waves, I came in contact with great minds people who have not allowed anything deter them from changing the world. I met people who have gone beyond school or any certificate whatsoever, intelligent people at that. People that believed in themselves and constantly do things to grow and build up themselves, people who are not just waiting for the 'right' time to make progress, people who have almost killed procrastination, people who are causing positive change regardless of the Country's Economic condition. When I say 'people' please don't imagine people in their 30's o or early 40's, hmmm...biko don't give yourselves hope, let me surprise you they're people still in there early and mid 20's.

I'm presently working for a Fashion designer, she is so GOOD at what she does, she is so good to the extent at first I thought that was what she studied until I found out she studied Nursing, not just for studying sake she is good at that too, she is also practising it. Then I began to ask myself when did she have time to learn fashion designing, the secret is she didn't 'WAIT'

I happened to know or rather I was privileged to meet 3 young men who already own a media company of their own, one among them is still a university undergraduate in his third year in school, the secret is they didn't 'WAIT'.

I also worked for a young man, a very good mathematician, and  fashion designer too he makes the best suit I've ever seen, the secret is he didn't 'WAIT'

I happened to know a lady who owns a sewing, cooking and ICT school hmmm..She didn't 'WAIT'

Mehn! I could go on and on, staying around these people automatically formatted my mindset about so many things.

Then you now hear someone say "I’m waiting for service", "I just want to wait and finish school", "oh my dear o, the economy is not helping us o", "Buhari is not helping matters at all, so I’m waiting for things to get better", "the only thing I’m waiting for is money o" and so many blah blah blah.

For those waiting to go for service first before they can have 'sense', did you keep an already made job waiting for you, or is there anywhere in the Nigeria's constitution that says 'Once you go for service you'll make it in life' please if there is let me know so I’d fold my hands and wait too.
For those still in school, I can understand your own because I also 'waited' while in school because I thought I just needed to concentrate and come out with good grades, well nice one you can wait literally but not mentally you can still be thinking about ideas, even though you won't go ahead with it almost immediately because of school stress and limited time, but you can just think, create ideas outside the box write it down and keep it safely, think of what else you could do after school, think of skills you might want to learn outside what you are studying, think of what you can create with your hands and how to learn it. In summary THINK, CREATE IDEAS AND MAKE PLANS. So when you finally finish the 'school' you won't be confused, you'll have a head way and a direction regardless.

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Fat is an essential part of our diet and nutrition. Fat provides a cushion to protect our vital organs, without fat, our organs would be more prone to damage. But just like every other thing, too much fat can be extremely dangerous. Excessive fat accumulation is described as ‘obesity’.

In the last 33 years, not a single country has made serious progress in the fight against obesity. While in 1980, 857 million people worldwide were fat or obese, by 2013 that number had more than doubled. Today, nearly one third of all living people a whopping 2.1 billion are either fat or obese. These stats, including the graphics, come from a new analysis of 1,749 published studies on weight from around the world, published in the Lancet in May.

The analysis showed that the United States is home to the highest number of overweight and obese people in the world. In the U.S., 70.9 per cent of men and 61.9 per cent of women are overweight or obese, compared to 38 per cent of men and 36.9 per cent of women worldwide. Our waistlines start growing early 28.8 per cent of boys and 29.7 per cent of girls are overweight or obese in the U.S., compared to 14.2 per cent of boys and 14.7 per cent of girls worldwide.

Fat and obsess are terms used to describe people who weigh more than they should, according to current medical knowledge. The exact weights can change as new medical research is done, but an obsess person is a very overweight person. Medically, fat is the type of tissue that makes a person overweight or obsess.

These are 10 countries with the highest ratio of fat people:

1.      United State

2.      China

3.      India

4.      Russia

5.      Brazil

6.      Mexico

7.      Egypt

8.      Germany

9.      Pakistan

10.  Indonesia


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Ever since Samuel Jackson made a comment on "What is in your Pocket," a lot of questions have been going on in my head about what I have regularly on me when I leave home everyday. This question has been the buzz on twitter, on everyone's hashtag and it got me thinking.

The popular belief that a woman's handbag usually contains her makeup and nothing more is a myth, at least for most. Yes, there may be one or two makeup stuff, but its much more than that. You can find face wipes, hand sanitizers, packed tissue, keys, phone, ATM cards, a nail clipper, a pack of q-tip etc.

The general thing everyone carries are power packs, a pen, a note pad, an identification card and a phone. Some can't move without perfumes, a lip balm and a flash drive. Others like students can go the extra mile of having groundnuts, biscuits and pop corns in their pocket.

I would have asked how necessary is this when I heard it but every question is a question worth thinking on for me. Knowing what you have in your pocket and where you have it can help save you time in trying to remember where you kept it. If you are with it or not. Whether you are leaving an important thing at home or not.

I also have things I can't move around without. You can always find a laptop or a phone on me, a jotter, pen, a flash drive, a means of identification, an ATM card and a book.... I would bet you can't find me dead without a book. Can be any book; information or a novel or a poetry book.

Going by the buzz of the day, what is in your pocket? What is in your bag? What can you not leave home without?


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Maybe it was me, or maybe it wasn’t me….wait when I tell you the story you will be able to decide. It wasn’t a moon light kiss story, it wasn’t that our eyes met and other shitty love stories like that. We started as friends and slowly he became my sarcastic ass best friend of guy, we would jonze all the lovers wed see on our long walks to the canteen area and trust me eh people in UNN fall in love easily and it disgusted us. For months in a semester, he was my buddy/ drinking partner, essentially. We attended all the parties and went on the craziest adventures together. For me our friendship was a match made in heaven, first he was my kind of guy and I could finally friend zone a guy in peace. Fast-forward to the holiday…..and you know what happens to a guy you friend zone, we just stopped talking. I didn’t bother much; it didn’t occur to me that I really liked him then anyway. And then we came back and off our friendship went again, the drinks, the books, the poems, the stupid song collabos, the food, especially the food.

One really weird Friday night, while we were eating, he went on to open up to me about a girl he liked, I mean we talk about our heartbreaks and stuff but this got to me like……dude aint I enough already?. He liked her, he thought I wasn’t a love person… inner bollywood freak was doing cartwheels when I saw him. I couldn’t have him, I wasn’t going to let him see as one of those girls……so I listened and chipped in some really good advise (curse my miss goody twoo shoes nature) long story short, he got her and even though he didn’t ask me to leave , I did because I don’t share, friend zoned or not, my man is my man. So maybe it was me, or maybe it wasn’t…….but that’s how we actually met, but did not meet. 

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