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Nigerians are outraged over the unprovoked assault melted out on a female sales rep in a sex toy shop in Lagos by Senator Elisha Abbo. The incident which was caught on camera has raised dust that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, at least not until justice prevails.

Meanwhile, celebrities and politicians alike have also picked interest in the matter and are advocating for immediate investigation and prosecution of the arrogant senator. I doubt there would be a need for further investigation as the incident was caught on tape. The senator was definitely oblivious of the recording CCTV while he pounced on the lady.

However, the peaceful protest and social media uproar have alerted the attention of the senator's party, PDP and other prominent politicians. Nigerians are not about to let this go by like the COZA rape allegation case with Pastor Biodun.

Though The National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party still looks at the case against their own senator as 'allegation', they assured Nigerians that proper investigation is ongoing. This was made known today, July 3. 

The senator is representing Adamawa North Senatorial District.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan, in a statement pointed out that the PDP is a law-abiding and upstanding party.

He added that the party detested and completely condemned such “act of lawlessness and callousness” as exhibited in the video and will therefore never condone it.

According to him, PDP was also shocked that the harmless victim of the unprovoked assault is said to be a nursing mother, who ought to be protected.

He said, “Though this is personal conduct of an individual which has no bearing with the culture of our party, the PDP, however, holds that no responsible person will condone such an attitude.

“In the light of this, the NWC has commenced an investigation into the matter and summons Senator Elisha Abbo in line with the provisions of the Constitution of the PDP and code of conduct of our members.

“In the same vein, the party has taken note of the immediate action taken by the Senate.”

Ologbondiyan stated that the PDP, at all levels of engagement, is reputed for its utmost respect and commitment towards the rights, safety, and well-being of Nigerian citizens, particularly women, and cannot tolerate any callous assault on any Nigerian.

He assured Nigerians that PDP will always stand on the side of justice and will never spare a thought in taking action on any of its members found wanting, particularly those elected or appointed into public offices.

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A young generator 'engineer' has been reportedly shot dead in Rivers State. The reported murder looks less of a robbery gone wrong and more of a 'mad man' attack as his head and genitals were severed from his body.

The incident, which happened in Choba, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area on Thursday night, caused apprehension in the area as residents and business owners were in too much shock to open their shops the following day.

An eyewitness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the victim lived and repaired generators in the area for many years and was well known to residents.

He said the victim, whom many knew as a mechanic, was attacked and beheaded in his house while he was with a lady. The relationship between him and the lady is, however, unconfirmed.

The eyewitness added that the man’s lady friend was shot at but was lucky enough to survive. The gunmen who may safely be referred to as 'madmen' killed the mechanic, decapitated and cut off his genitals before disposing of them (genitals) out on the street.

“The criminals also shot at the man’s girlfriend, but she luckily survived. I think some people called the police; it was when the police came that they rescued the girl and took her to the hospital.

“The police also took the man’s body and the severed head and genitals away with them.”

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, confirmed the incident, adding that apart from the generator repairer, a man standing by his Toyota Sienna car was also killed.

Omoni said, “I can confirm the incident; the man that was killed by gunmen was from Ogoja. Apart from that, the gunmen also shot a man standing beside his Toyota Sienna car.

“The man bled to death. The wife of the man (generator repairer) was injured and was rushed to the hospital, where she is receiving treatment. Altogether, two persons were killed and one person was injured by the gunmen.”

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Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa is practically making waves and moving mountain to become 'Africa's Leading Beach Destination'; as stated by Patrick Oketch. Diani Beach has further strengthened its partnership with Silverstone Air to foster domestic tourism as the high season for tourism begins in July.

The new package that runs up to December this year, will allow the domestic traveler to save 30 percent off the normal flight and accommodation rate to enjoy 2 nights’ stay on half-board basis, return flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Ukunda’s Diani Airport, return airport transfers, complimentary gym and swimming pool use along with a 15 percent discount on beverages and spa treatments.

“This is a great partnership with one of the leading domestic airlines in the country. We believe it will be beneficial to local tourists since they are saving up to 25 percent from the usual rates. At the same time, Diani has a lot to offer to be Africa’s leading beach destination. We urge Kenyans to take advantage and enjoy this special offer as the high season kicks off in July.”According to Bobby Kamani, Managing Director, Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa, the new package has been introduced to encourage the domestic traveler to enjoy affordable rates as well as have the opportunity to visit Africa’s leading beach destination.

At the same time, Patrick Oketch, Sales and Marketing Manager, Silverstone Air said: “We are most pleased to work with our preferred partners on the South Coast, the Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa. Together, we have launched a discounted fly and stay package for the domestic market. This is a very special package which will enable Kenyans to take advantage of visiting the award-winning Diani Beach, which is well and truly Africa’s Leading Beach Destination. Our association with Diani Reef is a long – term and fruitful one. We look forward to working with such partners in all regions of operation within the country”.

Last year Diani Reef was feted by World Travel Awards as Africa’s Leading Beach Resort and was recently awarded the five star status by Kenya’s Tourism Regulatory Authority.


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Reuters: The United Nations said on Thursday it had confirmed the killing of 17 people and the burning of more than 100 houses in Deleij village in the Darfur region of Sudan earlier this week.

The United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur also said 15 people were injured and the violence “occurred during heated clashes between nomads and residents apparently angered by the increase in commodity prices at the local market”.

Opposition medics said “Janjaweed militias” fired live ammunition at civilians on Monday at a market in Deleij, Central Darfur, killing 11 people and wounding 20 others.

The Janjaweed are Arab militias who have been accused of committing atrocities in Darfur, in the west of Sudan, during a civil conflict that started in 2003 and, according to U.N. estimates, has killed up to 300,000 people and displaced 2.7 million.

Ousted President Omar al-Bashir’s government denied the allegations on Darfur.

Janjaweed fighters were incorporated into Sudan’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which have been the dominant force in the capital Khartoum since Bashir was overthrown on April 11.

The deputy head of the military council that took power after Bashir left, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, heads the RSF.

Witnesses said the RSF led a raid on a protest sit-in in Khartoum on June 3 that left dozens dead and led to the collapse of talks between the military council and protest and opposition groups pushing for a democratic transition.

The military council has said forces moved in to deal with disruptive groups near the sit-in and the violence spread from there. It also said that some RSF members had been attacked and that people had put on their uniforms to impersonate them in an attempt to harm their reputation.

This week Amnesty International said it had new evidence showing that “Sudanese government forces, including the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and allied militias, have continued to commit war crimes and other serious human rights violations in Darfur”.

At least 45 villages were completely or partially destroyed in the past year, Amnesty said.

“In Darfur, as in Khartoum, we’ve witnessed the Rapid Support Forces’ despicable brutality against Sudanese civilians – the only difference being, in Darfur they have committed atrocities with impunity for years,” said Amnesty Secretary General Kumi Naidoo.

“There are no Janjaweed elements currently in the national capital,” said Major General Osman Mohamed Hamid, the RSF’s operations commander.

“The Janjaweed are elements that were found in the period of armed movements in Darfur. These elements do not belong to a certain category, do not belong to a certain tribe,” he said on Al-Hadath TV on Tuesday.

“They are elements rebelling against the law, harming every person in Darfur. [They are] elements that have no leadership, no structure.”

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'Wife of the president' has officially been deleted from the title of Mrs. Aisha Buhari as she announced on Thursday, her decision to be addressed as the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is coming five years after then-candidate Muhammadu Buhari said there would be no office of the first lady for his wife, Aisha.

Since Mr. Buhari’s first term inauguration as president, the presidency has referred to Mrs. Buhari’s office has ‘office of the wife of the president.’

The previous title obviously didn't appeal to her plus she felt it was a confusing title when referring to the title of wives of governors.

Mrs. Buhari further said that her new title would take effect immediately. She hoped that the action would also resolve the issue of the title of wives of governors.

Mrs. Buhari disclosed her new official title at the presentation of awards to the former and current wives of governors of the 36 states. The event was held at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“When my husband was elected newly I personally chose to be called the wife of the President.

“But, I realized that it causes confusion from the state as to whether the wives of state governors are to be addressed as the first ladies or wives of the governors.

“So, forgive me for confusing you from the beginning, but now I chose to be called the first lady,” she said.

Buhari’s Pledge

Mrs. Buhari’s announcement could be a departure from her husband’s promise while contesting in 2014 that he would not have an office of the first lady.

Mr. Buhari said so in an interview with Weekly Trust in December 2014. Then-candidate Buhari said such office is not provided for in the constitution and the Ministry for Women Affairs should be allowed to play its role unhindered.

Aisha Buhari then also pledged to be addressed as the wife of the president.

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Horrifying news silently and steadily fuels the internet. Over 1,000 deaths have just been recorded in the Sudan Massacre and we fear there might be more unreported incidents.

Life is almost becoming a dread and death an unfriendly nosy neighbor. Many cannot stop but wonder if this is what the bible explained as 'end time'.

According to reports, five people have been injured after a gas exploded at a shopping mall in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Nnamdi Omoni, confirmed the incident on Wednesday.

He said the explosion, which occurred in the Kitchen area of the mall, left five persons seriously injured.

The police spokesman added that the victims are currently receiving treatment at the Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, and activities have returned to normal.

DSP Omoni also said that investigations are ongoing to unravel the cause of the gas explosion.

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Former Vice President and presidential candidate of the ruling party PDP,  Atiku Abubakar, takes to his Twitter page to share his thoughts on what the current Nigerian government should really consider. He explained that 'June 12 remains a threshold in Nigeria’s national life and demands some soul-searching from Nigerians.'

Mr. Abubakar said in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday that the day was one to ask the salient question of “How better off are Nigerians?”

According to him, June 12 is at the soul of our democratic struggle; a threshold in our national life. #DemocracyDay

He further explained that the significance of the celebration of June 12, 1993, Presidential election is a reminder of Nigeria history to becoming a democratic country.

The significance of the celebration of June 12, 1993, Presidential Election is a reminder of our history to becoming a democratic country. On this day twenty-six years ago, Nigeria voted for democracy against the jackboot notion of oppressive totalitarianism.

According to him, there is still major disrespect for the rule of law and disregard of court orders on issues that border on fundamental human rights.

He said that it was not enough to declare June 12 a work-free day when ordinary Nigerians still didn’t have the freedom to find a better life from the grip of poverty.

Read tweets below;

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Additional details have materialized on the alleged prompting of lawmakers in the House of Representatives to vote for Femi Gbajabiamila. The report explains that lawmakers in the House of Rep both old-timers and first-timers were induced with vouchers and credit cards to vote massively for Femi Gbajabiamila to emerge as the speaker.

According to a source, all members were given vouchers and credit cards with dollar value with a view to influencing and inducing them for votes. 

Though it could not be immediately ascertained the amount that was contained in each card. 

The card which was customized with inscriptions "Member's Green Card" also have the campaign slogan of Femi Gbajabiamila, 'Nation Building A Joint Tast'  

Also on the card was 'Femi Gbajabiamila/Ahmed Wase' boldly written with serial number and date. The card was shared to those who have openly endorsed Gbajabiamila and pledged their loyalty before the inauguration on Tuesday.

Before the commencement of the voting in the lower chamber many lawmakers were seen in the chamber's male toilets stuffing dollars in brown envelopes. 

The inducement compelled members to display their ballot to show who they voted for as proof and to justified the money given to them. 

It will be recalled that about 66 senators who endorsed the candidature of Senator Ahmad Lawan were alleged to have been given N25 million each to curry favor from them during the election. 

Gbajabiamila emerged as a speaker with 281 votes to beat his opponent Umar Bago who polled 78 votes. 

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The Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Prof. Isha Akintola, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to order heads of all security outfits in the country to eliminate all known kidnappers’ camps and hideouts.

Akintola in his Eid-el-Fitri message on Tuesday said that security agencies should take the battle to the kidnapper's camps.

He also urged the government to introduce welfare packages for the poor as a mitigating factor to checking these societal ills.

According to him, it is high time we addressed the issue of kidnapping squarely. Our approach to it in this country is absolutely wrong.

He said, “We surrender to kidnappers and pay the ransom so easily.

“We are aware that our security men have not been able to storm the kidnappers’ camps for fear that they may kill some of the victims, not because they are afraid of the kidnappers.

“But that is when the objective is to rescue the victims. They must now be given a different order. Their new task must be to use every legitimate means to stop further kidnappings.”

He said that Nigerians must cooperate with the government in ending kidnappings in the country.

He also said that Nigerians should be prepared to make sacrifices.

“Unless we do this, the kidnappers will continue to pick us one after the other and make us pay through our noses until virtual every Nigerian has fallen victim.

“It is certain that some of the kidnapped victims may be killed while some will be rescued if the kidnappers’ dens are raided. But we just have to face this grim possibility.

“It is a war situation and casualties are expected on both sides. This is the sacrifice we have to make in order to liberate ourselves. Freedom is never free it comes with a price.

“It is a time for political leaders to come together and act as a single body of responsible and patriotic citizens. The blame game must stop,” he said.

Akintola also advocated the use of carrot and stick method as a solution to the scourge of kidnapping rampaging several parts of the country.

“We don’t want to die because we are too materialistic. We have forgotten that life in this world is ephemeral. The criminals are enjoying it because they are having their way.

“While we subscribe to the theory that this is an uprising of the poor against the rich, I must affirm that the kidnappers, in particular, have gone too far.

“It is time for the government, politicians, the press and the good people of Nigeria to adopt the ‘O to gee’  slogan meaning it is enough; and confront kidnappers headlong,” he said.

MURIC also urged the Federal Government to review its decision to revoke the licenses given to gun owners as it would expose citizens to attacks by hoodlums.

“Although we frown at the proliferation of guns, we believe that owners of licenses should be screened so that only decent and law-abiding people are allowed to own guns.

“The indiscriminate withdrawal of licenses given to gun owners  will further boost the kidnap industry as the criminals will now realize that they are free to raid homes without the fear of any challenge.”

Akintola advised politicians, the press and the citizens to give the government every necessary support.

He also implored the government to consider welfare packages for the unemployed Nigerians to help them cushion the effects of joblessness.


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The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, has advocated for the rights of the girl-child to education.

‎The first class traditional ruler made the call while addressing the people of the state, shortly after he led the Eid prayer at the Kofar Mata Central Eid ground in Kano on Tuesday.

‎‎He urged political leaders at all levels to give priority to female education as they did with their male counterparts.

“The people need to prioritize their commitment toward the education of female just like their male counterpart,” he said.

He underscored the need for Nigerians to also continue to pray for peace and progress of the state and the country at large.

The monarch also urged Muslims to fear God in all their activities, reminding them that each and every one of them must give an account of his or her deeds hereafter.

Besides, the Emir called on the people of the state to continue to pray against banditry, kidnapping and other vices.

He admonished Kano people to support each other and work as a team for the overall development of the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that among those that attended the prayer at the Kofar Mata Central Eid ground were Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje; and his Deputy, Alhaji Nasiru Gawuna; and the Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Usman Alhaji.

Also in attendance were traditional rulers and members of the Emirate Council.

NAN reports that security was tight during the prayer as armed policemen and other security personnel were deployed to various Eid grounds and other strategic places across the state to ensure a peaceful celebration.

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