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Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. was awarded the WBO
welterweight title when he defeated Manny "Pac-Man"
Pacquiao on May 2, but it was announced Friday that the 38-year-old megastar will be stripped of the championship due to a lack of compliance.
Reports reaching out from ESPN that the World Boxing Organisation officially decided to take back its 147-pound belt from the undefeated Mayweather.
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Juba - South Sudan's army raped then torched girls alive inside their homes during a recent campaign notable for its "new brutality and intensity", a UN rights report said on Tuesday.

Rights investigators from the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) warned of "widespread human rights abuses" in a report based on 115 victims and eyewitnesses from the northern battleground state of Unity, scene of some of the heaviest recent fighting in the 18-month-long civil war.

The military, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), launched a major offensive against rebel forces in April, with fierce fighting in Unity state's northern Mayom district, once a key oil producing area.

"Survivors of these attacks reported that SPLA and allied militias from Mayom county carried out a campaign against the local population that killed civilians, looted and destroyed villages and displaced over 100 000 people," the UN statement read.

"Some of the most disturbing allegations compiled by UNMISS human rights officers focused on the abduction and sexual abuse of women and girls, some of whom were reportedly burnt alive in their dwellings. Read More
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Smile Communications Nigeria and auto service firm Metro-taxi have activated free Wi-Fi in over 200 MetroTaxis in Lagos, according to

At the official announcement of the partnership, Alero Ladipo, ‎Chief Marketing Officer, Smile Communications Nigeria said: “Smile Communications Nigeria Limited is uniquely famous for its transformative objective of using the best and most innovative technologies to provide its customers with high quality, easy to use and affordable communication services. A lot of people think about the internet from the utility point of view. We are reinforcing the view that people should remain connected to the internet while on the go. The internet is about a more productive lifestyle. In spite of the strata of the society you belong, you should live a connected life. That is what Smile is advocating.”
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Plans by the Federal Government of Nigeria to transfer hardened Boko terrorists from prisons in Northern Nigeria to Anambra State is causing strong ripples in Anambra State. The protesting traders have grounded Anambra State as they allowed no vehicle entry into the state from Onitsha Head Bridge and other entry points.
They protesters vehemently reject the move, which the perceive as a ploy to invade the state and other parts of Biafra. According to report, market leaders across the state led the heavy protest ongoing now (at the time of filing this report) at Onitsha, Umunze and Nnewi and other cities to register their disappointment over the plans to relocate the suspects.
The traders said they would resist any plans in any quarters to relocate the suspects as it is a ploy to attract invasion of South East by Boko Haram extremists.
The traders refused any movement inside and out of Anambra since morning. The traders under the aegis of Amalgamated market traders association of Anambra (AMATAS) in collaboration with Campaign for Democracy planned to protest from early morning protest till evening, saying no market will open in Anmabra state.
The traders fears are quite genuine. Boko Haram inmates are known for breaking jails at will. Some kept in Aso Rock DSS facility once tried to break jail and possibly assassinate President Goodluck Jonathan. Anambra prisons may not pose much difficulty for the hardened terrorists to break through
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Thousands of people in Guinea have been killed by Malaria as the country’s focus was on Ebola.

The Health experts predict that malaria deaths may far exceed those of Ebola, as currently 2,444 people have been killed by malaria in the Western African nation.

According to the World Health Organisation, 2473 people in Guinea were killed by Ebola.

What do you think could be done to bolster the health system in Guinea?

Photo:Jerome Delay(AP)
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Ifeakachukwu Nelson Oba
He is an upcoming musician known as “Super K O”. He got into music seven years ago and ever since then he has been doing collabos with people to improve his talent but recently he just dropped a new single titled “Adanma” which was. produced by Jay5. which created a lot of buzz among music lovers in and outside nigeria.

He is currently working on another single. He is the only child of his parents and managed to convince his parents to let him get into music because “it’s his passion” while also combining it with his university Education. His Biggest source of Inspiration in the music industry is Don Jazzy and Wizkid His name is Ifeakachukwu Nelson Oba also known as Super K O.
He grew up in Enugu. He is an upcoming musician that deals in all genres of music. What makes his song different is that he puts his heart into it. Super K O believes that in the next 2 years he will be winning awards and being a source of inspiration to upcoming artist at that point.

 His major backbone since he started his musical career are God, His parents, His Manager Jasmine his management NAZIMINE MEDIA HOUSE, his team. Apart from music, he would have been in comedy. The best advice he has gotten so far is “if you know better, you will do better”. When asked what his biggest lesson ever learnt was, he said “Being real, knowing that you win some and you lose some and also knowing that God is Most Important”.
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Mali is working hard at ensuring increased access to electricity in the country where power is accessible to only about 17 percent of the population, one of the lowest in Africa.

The west African nation signed a 30-year concession agreement with Kenié Energie Renouvelable, a subsidiary of Eranove Group, a major pan-African player in the electricity and water sectors. Under the agreement, the Group will finance, develop, build and operate the Kenié hydro-electric dam located in Baguinéda on the Niger River, 35km east of the capital, Bamako. The deal makes Mali the latest African nation that is shifting focus to effectively exploiting the potential of renewable energy on the continent.

Hydropower is the world’s largest source of renewable energy. It currently accounts for a fifth of global electricity. If water is harnessed responsibly, it can help to take electricity access to millions of people who currently lack access. Mali is expecting to add 42MW from the Kenié hydro-electric facility to its installed power capacity of approximately 414MW, which covers only half of potential demand.

“And we mustn’t forget micro and pico hydro-electricity either. These small hydro-electric facilities can supply power to villages or groups of villages in remote areas far away from interconnected transmission systems. Hydro-electricity is a renewable and competitive source of power in terms of production costs, and could even play a role in the financial balancing of power sectors and in meeting demand. This would prove hugely beneficial both for local populations and for regional industrial development,” said Marc Albérola, CEO of the Eranove Group in a statement by the company.

Rural electrification in Africa is very low at less than 10 percent. Mali is already addressing this through its work with Électricité de France (EDF), which in conjunction with ADEME, has created a Society for Decentralized Services (SDS), aimed at offering energy services to be supported by a local law firm. SDS has only one mission; it is electrifying 20 villages in the French-speaking African nation, using low and medium-voltage micro-stations that could be supplemented by diesel and solar energy. The new agreement with Kenié Energie Renouvelable further shows the commitment of Mali to ensuring energy-sufficiency as one of the poorest countries in the world works towards improving its fortunes.

According to the current project schedule, construction of the Kenié hydro-electric dam is due to begin in 2016 and the dam would become operational in 2020. It will then be operated under a concession agreement by Kenié Energie.

The project is supported by Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), a pan-African leader in private equity investment that has raised more than $2.5 billion in assets for the continent.

About 400 gigawatts of hydro potential remains undeveloped in sub-Saharan Africa. This is enough to quadruple the continent’s existing installed capacity of 80 GW. Although hydropower offers great opportunities, the World Bank notes that it also brings with it challenges such as resettlement of communities, flooding of large areas of land, and significant changes to river ecosystems.
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Empire queen, Taraji P. Henson has landed in a hospital after she was diagnosed for food poisoning.

Multiple reports claimed that the actress had been laid up in a hospital bed with a bad case of food poisoning after her return from Europe.

It was further gathered that Henson has had trouble keeping anything down in her tummy since getting off a plane yesterday from Europe and was treated for food poisoning shortly after her return from Monaco.

Confirming the situation, Henson, who plays the role of Cookie in the famous TV series, Empire, shared a picture of her arm with an IV drip on one of her social network account.

The post was captioned, "I AM FINE!!!!!! Just need to SAT ALL THE WAY DOWN for a bit. #listentoyourbody Read More
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Women activists around the globe are struggling to convince lawmakers and politicians to criminalize ‘marital rape’.
Only four African countries including Rwanda have criminalized “sex without consent.”
The activists argue that non-consensual sex is rape, no matter what the circumstances.
Some African cultural beliefs may hinder this movement, as men believe that marriage is all about sexual satisfaction at any time of need.
If only eleven countries on the globe have criminalized ‘marital rape’, is this an indicator that women are not protected from sexual violence in their marriages? Photo: Magnus Manske/ Wikimedia common Read More
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Nigerian Student Ufot Ekong has broken a 50-yr record in Japan after graduating with 1st class degree and best overall student from Tokai University in Tokyo Japan.

This is the first time a Nigerian could achieve this feat since 1965.In addition to the award,he has developed a car to his name.He also won Japanese language award for foreigners and solved a mathematical equation that could not be solved 30-yrs ago in his first semester.

Currently he is working with Nissan.Below are some of the photos of the car he developed,his mother on visit to Japan and some of his awards.

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