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Mali is working hard at ensuring increased access to electricity in the country where power is accessible to only about 17 percent of the population, one of the lowest in Africa.

The west African nation signed a 30-year concession agreement with Kenié Energie Renouvelable, a subsidiary of Eranove Group, a major pan-African player in the electricity and water sectors. Under the agreement, the Group will finance, develop, build and operate the Kenié hydro-electric dam located in Baguinéda on the Niger River, 35km east of the capital, Bamako. The deal makes Mali the latest African nation that is shifting focus to effectively exploiting the potential of renewable energy on the continent.

Hydropower is the world’s largest source of renewable energy. It currently accounts for a fifth of global electricity. If water is harnessed responsibly, it can help to take electricity access to millions of people who currently lack access. Mali is expecting to add 42MW from the Kenié hydro-electric facility to its installed power capacity of approximately 414MW, which covers only half of potential demand.

“And we mustn’t forget micro and pico hydro-electricity either. These small hydro-electric facilities can supply power to villages or groups of villages in remote areas far away from interconnected transmission systems. Hydro-electricity is a renewable and competitive source of power in terms of production costs, and could even play a role in the financial balancing of power sectors and in meeting demand. This would prove hugely beneficial both for local populations and for regional industrial development,” said Marc Albérola, CEO of the Eranove Group in a statement by the company.

Rural electrification in Africa is very low at less than 10 percent. Mali is already addressing this through its work with Électricité de France (EDF), which in conjunction with ADEME, has created a Society for Decentralized Services (SDS), aimed at offering energy services to be supported by a local law firm. SDS has only one mission; it is electrifying 20 villages in the French-speaking African nation, using low and medium-voltage micro-stations that could be supplemented by diesel and solar energy. The new agreement with Kenié Energie Renouvelable further shows the commitment of Mali to ensuring energy-sufficiency as one of the poorest countries in the world works towards improving its fortunes.

According to the current project schedule, construction of the Kenié hydro-electric dam is due to begin in 2016 and the dam would become operational in 2020. It will then be operated under a concession agreement by Kenié Energie.

The project is supported by Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), a pan-African leader in private equity investment that has raised more than $2.5 billion in assets for the continent.

About 400 gigawatts of hydro potential remains undeveloped in sub-Saharan Africa. This is enough to quadruple the continent’s existing installed capacity of 80 GW. Although hydropower offers great opportunities, the World Bank notes that it also brings with it challenges such as resettlement of communities, flooding of large areas of land, and significant changes to river ecosystems.
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Empire queen, Taraji P. Henson has landed in a hospital after she was diagnosed for food poisoning.

Multiple reports claimed that the actress had been laid up in a hospital bed with a bad case of food poisoning after her return from Europe.

It was further gathered that Henson has had trouble keeping anything down in her tummy since getting off a plane yesterday from Europe and was treated for food poisoning shortly after her return from Monaco.

Confirming the situation, Henson, who plays the role of Cookie in the famous TV series, Empire, shared a picture of her arm with an IV drip on one of her social network account.

The post was captioned, "I AM FINE!!!!!! Just need to SAT ALL THE WAY DOWN for a bit. #listentoyourbody Read More
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Women activists around the globe are struggling to convince lawmakers and politicians to criminalize ‘marital rape’.
Only four African countries including Rwanda have criminalized “sex without consent.”
The activists argue that non-consensual sex is rape, no matter what the circumstances.
Some African cultural beliefs may hinder this movement, as men believe that marriage is all about sexual satisfaction at any time of need.
If only eleven countries on the globe have criminalized ‘marital rape’, is this an indicator that women are not protected from sexual violence in their marriages? Photo: Magnus Manske/ Wikimedia common Read More
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Nigerian Student Ufot Ekong has broken a 50-yr record in Japan after graduating with 1st class degree and best overall student from Tokai University in Tokyo Japan.

This is the first time a Nigerian could achieve this feat since 1965.In addition to the award,he has developed a car to his name.He also won Japanese language award for foreigners and solved a mathematical equation that could not be solved 30-yrs ago in his first semester.

Currently he is working with Nissan.Below are some of the photos of the car he developed,his mother on visit to Japan and some of his awards.

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Members of the terrorist group, Boko Haram, have launched a fresh attack on Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, northeast Nigeria.

Some residents told Channels Television that the attackers launched the offensive through an area called “Cashew Plantation” which is behind Giwa Barracks, the headquarters of the 7th Division of the Nigerian army.

Our correspondent in Maiduguri, Blessing Tunor, confirmed that there were heavy gunshots, adding that residents in the state scampered to their homes when they got wind of the attack, while those living close to Giwa Barracks ran in different directions to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

Meanwhile, the Hausa Service of the BBC reports that an official of the Nigerian Army also confirmed the attack, adding that they are trying to repel the attack.

The Boko haram militants have suffered losses in recent times, following a fresh onslaught by the Nigerian military, leading to the recapture of territories formerly controlled by the insurgents and the rescue of over a thousand people held in captivity in various locations in the northeast, many of them women and children.

Only recently, the military announced that it had raided Sambisa Forest, believed to be the last stronghold of the terrorists, and rescued numerous women and children as well.
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Chichi Igbo took to her instagram page to write on why she stopped playing for the national female team:

"I really miss my girls but definitely not the bullshit, I hope the monkey dey work baboon dey chop business have changed cos our girls deserve much better, it's crazy how people can keep quite when we know nothing is right about the treatment those girls get, they are doing way better than the male team but what do they get? I don't fuss about Nigerians n their bullshit cos we've never gotten along from day 1 and I doubt that's ever gon change and I'm cool with that.

Nigeria is a country where people kiss ass and don't stand for their rights cos they are meant to believe they don't have one but here comes Chi-chi the no BS taker, I knew I wouldn't last on the national team cos I don't take bs from nobody and I smelled that immediately I walked in.

 I was the youngest on the team during my time but I knew and stood on my rights cos I knew nobody from the federation to threaten me of dropping me, (which is the reason most of the girls don't speak up and I can't say I blame them) I merited every call up so know I spoke up when shit wasn't right. It wasn't just about the money but the treatment, they'd train us like animals but deprive us of our rights, no respect whatsoever common now.

Things won't change until light is shone on what's really going on and I'm here with my torchlight   I fear no man but the most high.

 Here is your answer For those asking why I stopped reping the green white green jersey. You wouldn't know until you been there, it may be ok to most but a big NO for me cos I know my worth. Canada 2015 is just around the corner, I'm rooting for you girls all the way, go make us proud as always. May God continue to strengthen and protect y'all as you serve your country hole heartedly. Read More
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She Leads Africa (SLA),has  announced the launch of its 2015 SLA Pitch Competition. The annual program, which identifies young African women who have demonstrated exceptional commitment towards developing the continent’s entrepreneurial society,  applications have started and its ending June 30, 2015.

participants will be competing for a $15,000 cash prize, while the winner, apart from getting an exclusive meeting with top investors, will also undergo an intensive six weeks mentoring under seasoned financial and business development experts.

She Leads Africa was launched in 2014 by Yasmin Belo Osagie and Afua Osei to provide support for female entrepreneurs below the age of 35 in the continent and diaspora. “We decided to launch She Leads Afrcia because we saw a critical gap in the market- no one was investing in high growth female entrepreneurs,” says SLA co-founder Yasmin Belo-Osagie.

The program will reward exceptional women breaking the barriers of unequal and limited access to education, financing, opportunities, as well as constraining cultural stereotype in Africa. To ensure the full participation of females in Africa’s economic growth, SLA will also be training and mentoring the top ten finalists. They will also be featured in Forbes, Ventures Africa, Venture Burn and other international news outlets.

The maiden edition in 2014 had Cherae Robinson emerge winner. The founder and CEO of Rare Customs while speaking on the experience and exposure so far said that the competition literally changed her life and business. “I was able to hire my first employee with my winnings and I continue to receive support from the team nearly one year later.”

to apply:!sla-pitch-2015/co4

written by; CHRISTIAN OKOLI (brainbox)
ff on twitter @am_brainbox Read More
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Jemiriye was one of the finalists on the 2012/13 Nigerian Idol game show.

Recently she got this monumental gig to perform at the Philadelphia Phillies vs Miami Marlin’s game at the Citizens Bank Park Stadium, Philadelphia.

she captured the entire stadium with her voice singing the anthem, “Take me out to the Ballgame”

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Noble Igwe popularly called “Nobs” by his friends is a native of Umuomaku in Orumba South Local Government Arae of Anambra State. He was raised in Aba, Abia State, where his parents lives.

 Nobel Igwe is a graduate of Urban & Regional Planning from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He also has a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management which he acquired from Pan Africa University.

Nobel Igwe is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 360 Group. The most popular in the 360 Group the

Noble Igwe is one of those individuals who translated their hobbies into a business, just like Linda Ikeji. Noble Igwe have always loved events and even while he was in a paid employment, he continued to juggle his job alongside event promotion and production. Noble worked as the Events and Sponsorship Coordinator for Virgin Nigeria. When he left Virgin Nigeria in the year 2008, he joined an advertising company, 141World Wide, He later worked briefly as Public Relations Officer for Mo Hits. He further moved out of Mo Hits to stage his Canopy with M.I., and from there to Banky W.

In 2009, Nobel Igwe started his own company, 360Nobs Limited. Today 360 Group is one of those going-concerns that is soaring high very fast. Read More
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“Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity. It involves an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring, or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion, or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them,” according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Human trafficking is also identified as modern-day slavery, is driven by compulsion and exploitation. Physical force and violence often are part of the crime, but sometimes the oppression comes through psychological or emotional manipulation, insurmountable-debt, immigration or other legal threats, or blackmail.

Although the name suggests it, human trafficking doesn’t necessarily involve transporting victims. People can be trafficked on the same street they grew up on.

Excessive desire of money and luxurious life style drive slavery. Human trafficking increases because the risks involved for traffickers are low and the profits are high.

Human trafficking victims are robbed of their freedom and choice. Victims are left with lasting pains on their minds, such as the physical, mental, emotional, and financial scars follow them all the rest of their lives. It is a disheartening crime that occurs under the surface of everyday life. But it is also a crime that can be stopped with people being educated about the dangers involved and commit to using their abilities and interest to eradicate modern day slavery.

Is very painfully to see that fellow human are now being traded for the price of a laptop. We are face with the fear of the safety of our young ones because the next minute you turn your back, you may not know exactly what will happen to them.

It is well known that human trafficking is a secreted crime which can only be eradicated through information SHARING OF EXPERIENCES from the victims. Who suffered or feel the pain and wished they had known about its risk earlier enough. But they don’t want others to become victims as well. Also aspire to bring the issue of human trafficking to the barest minimum through public awareness programme in communities.

To educate the victims on the importance of sharing information, experiences, with young ones or communities will go a long way to educate them about the hidden truth about human trafficking and give tips of what the so-called helpers used to get people to follow them.

Reports has shown that teenagers between the ages of 11 and 15 are particularly at risk of  becoming victims of human trafficking for the reason that they are vulnerable target for the traffickers. Most of these victims are girls, but boys can be deceived as well.

Research has proved that 60% of human trafficking victims are recruited through persuasion and a false sense of friendship, relationship or love. It has also been determined or specified by that any child under or below the age of 18 who is involved in paid sex acts is defined as a victim of human trafficking.

Therefore, I feel that it is very important to educate the population that is most at-risk of becoming victims in hopes of preventing this crime from happening to our children and grandchildren. In addition, by educating boys, that means we can change attitudes that nurture trafficking rather than nurturing respect towards women. While there are fewer male victims, there are more male perpetrators so both girls and boys need to be educated.

The trafficking situation content ranges from being lured by a friend, through offers of love, protection or opportunities that seem too good to be true.

Finally, the ultimate hope is to have the EXPERIENCES of victims to be used as a prevention tool that can be copied across the county in order to educate all Nigerian youth-at-risk about the dangers and signs of human trafficking.

A big thanks to organisations like PRAWA and National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other Related Matters (NAPTIP), for their wonderful effort and hardwork in trying to create awareness in schools and remote communities in the country about the dangers of human trafficking.

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