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Adams Oshimole, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, reveals the horrific truth behind his wife's death.

In 2016, a medical expert and visiting professor of Pharmacology, Nagasaki University, Japan,  Prof. Omotuyi Olaposi, has blamed the rising mortality rate in Nigerian hospitals on the wrong diagnosis.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, he said, “If the total number of people visiting the hospitals in Nigeria annually is 100, I think 30 percent of the cases is due to wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment or wrong drugs. And most of the diagnoses are compounded by lack of appropriate equipment while some engage in trial by error.”

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole shared how a wrong diagnosis led to the death of his late wife.

Oshiomhole who spoke at the Founders Day and Launching of Endowment fund of the University of Bénin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) revealed he would have sued the doctors if it were in another terrain because his wife was a victim of quack medical doctors.

He said;

“You visit a hospital, one doctor is gynaecologist, psychologist, pediatric, and the doctor treats everything. My wife was unfortunate to have been diagnosed as having something different while the cancer in her breast was growing.
“This generalized system of medical system is what we must review. It is not the task of government that things are not working. People elect government to make things work. That was why I decided to build what I called Five Star hospital to replace the decayed Central Hospital. I do hope that one day that hospital will open and you will see the equipment.
“One thing we need to do is appropriate compensation. When we have the right policy framework, the other level of compensation, people are paid according to, I believe doctors working outside the country will come back.”

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A Kano state businessman has had to live through 2018 and into 2019 with his wife and 5 kids still at large.

The businessman who has been identified as, Alhaji Shazali Yahaya Sani is currently seeking handy information on the whereabouts of his family – his wife who has been missing together with their five children, since January 2018.

Though there a couple of valid guesses in regards to their disappearance, no one knows for sure what has happened to his family.

He posted a collage picture of his wife and kids on Twitter, Thursday morning, which he captioned;

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The CEO and publisher of Ovation International, a magazine that has given publicity to people from all over the world, mainly in Africa, Chief Dele Momodu turn 59.

He has built quite a long list of title for himself as his Twitter handle bares them all; a teacher, writer, author, publisher, politician, entrepreneur, speaker, actor, mentor, Philanthropist, former Presidential candidate, and global citizen.

 In 2015, he officially launched Ovation TV and subsequently launched an online newspaper called The Boss. Momodu has received hundreds of awards and honors for his work in the world of business, politics, literature, the music industry, and the fashion industry as well.

He writes a weekly column called "PENdulum", published every Saturday on the back page of Thisday newspaper. The articles are praised for highlighting issues in Nigeria, as well as discussing popular topics, current events, and notable people, often in a polemic/critical style.

He took to his Twitter page to share a gleeful picture of himself alongside a birthday text.
He wrote;


Did you know Dele Momodu was on self-imposed exile for three years in order to evade the Abacha administration?

In 1993, Momodu resigned to join the Moshood Abiola Presidential Campaign Organization. Momodu was arrested and detained at Alagbon Close in Lagos, after the annulment of the 12 June Presidential election by General Ibrahim Babangida. He was severely punished by the reigning dictatorship for his pro-democratic views but was undeterred. He was to be arrested in 1995 and charged with treason by the government of Sani Abacha, then a dictator. Momodu was accused of being one of the brains behind the pirate radio station, Radio Freedom (later Radio Kudirat), after the cold-blooded murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola. Momodu managed to escape by masquerading as a farmer through the Seme border into Cotonou, in the Benin Republic, from where he fled to Togo, Ghana and eventually to the United Kingdom.

For three agonizing years, he could not re-enter his homeland, Nigeria. He has since been absolved of all accusations made by the Abacha administration, which are believed to have been orchestrated by Abacha's anti-democratic administration Momodu opposed with his support of MKO Abiola's campaign

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 Nigerian Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele was approved for a second five-year term in office on Thursday when he won a unanimous vote of support in the Senate, parliament’s upper house.

During his first term, Emefiele, who has backed a strong local currency, pumped billions of dollars into the foreign exchange market to support the value of the naira.

President Muhammadu Buhari, whose office favors a strong naira, nominated Emefiele for a second term in a letter to the Senate on May 9. His term was due to expire this month.

“The nominee has performed credibly in his first tenure which resulted in the exit of the nation out of economic recession,” the Senate’s committee report said in recommending approval for Emefiele’s nomination.

Emefiele also introduced a multiple exchange rate regime to try to mask pressure on the naira and avoid a series of devaluations, in a step that has kept liquidity tight in Africa’s biggest economy.


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An order has been given from Burundi’s Supreme Court for the seizure of assets belonging to opposition activists in exile, the latest swipe in an internationally-condemned crackdown by President Pierre Nkurunziza’s government.

The ruling applies to 32 politicians, rights campaigners and journalists living abroad, and also to nine military officers jailed in Burundi over a 2015 coup attempt, according to a statement by the prosecutor general and Supreme Court president.

In power since 2005, Nkurunziza’s decision to stand for a third term in 2015 was denounced as illegal by the opposition, triggering protests and a failed uprising. Nearly half a million people have fled since the 54-year-old former sports teacher and ethnic Hutu guerrilla leader was re-elected then.

Last year, Burundians approved a referendum enabling him to stay in power to 2034, deepening fears of authoritarianism and renewed ethnic conflict in the heart of Africa’s volatile Great Lakes region.

In the statement late on Wednesday, Prosecutor General Sylvestre Nyandwi said he had informed the registrar of land titles that buildings belonging to people on the list must be seized.

Vital Nshimirimana, one of the opposition politicians in exile named in the ruling, said it made a mockery of Burundi’s judicial system.

“These are the people that the regime of Pierre Nkurunziza wanted to assassinate,” he tweeted about the people affected.

“Most are free and continue to expose the regime’s crimes.”

In March, Burundi forced the United Nations to shut its local rights office after 23 years, declaring it had made sufficient progress so the bureau was no longer justified.

The U.N. and international rights groups say there are credible reports of violations in Burundi and that political freedoms have shrunk dramatically since 2015.

The government denies this and has accused former colonial power Belgium, the European Union and neighboring Rwanda of trying to destabilize Burundi.


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It's awful the way rape, ritual and suicide are fast becoming a social norm in our society. 

On Tuesday, a 40-year-old laborer, Sani Ibrahim, was remanded in a Katsina Prison for raping his neighbor’s seven-year-old daughter.

Ibrahim, who will be in prison custody till June 26, 2019, is facing a rape charge under Section 283 of the Penal Code.

According to the statement made to the court by the police, the incident was reported by the victim’s father, Hamisu Lawali, at the Bindawa Police Station on May 9, less than two hours after Ibrahim was allegedly caught in the act.

Ibrahim, Lawali and the victim are residents of Sabuwa Abuja Quarters, Bindawa, in the Bindawa Local Government Area of the state.

The police in their First Information Report informed a Katsina Senior Magistrates’ Court that Ibrahim during interrogation allegedly confessed that he had slept with the victim about three times.

The police prosecutor, Sgt. Lawal Bello said an investigation was in progress.

The presiding magistrate, Hajiya Fadile Dikko, adjourned the case till June 26 and ordered that Ibrahim be remanded in prison custody.

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The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, has inaugurated a committee to negotiate the consequential adjustment in salaries arising from the new national minimum wage.

Mustapha, who inaugurated the committee on Tuesday in Abuja, said the gesture was in accordance with President Muhammadu Buhari’s remarks at the signing of the new National Minimum Wage Act, 2019.

He said the president had said there would the constitution of another committee to negotiate the issue of relativity over the new wage with relevant labor unions.

“Government has carefully appointed members of the committee under the chairmanship of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation with the SGF as Alternate Chair.

“ Members of the committee from the side of government include Ministers of Labour and Employment, Finance, Budget, and National Planning, Health, Education and the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice.

“Others are the Director General, Budget Office of the Federation, Secretary, Federal Judicial Service Commission, Secretary, National Assembly Service Commission and the Chairman, National Salaries, Incomes & Wages Commission. Gara-Gombe resigns from NFF reform committee

“On the side of the Trade Unions, ten representatives have been nominated by the Joint National Public Service Negotiation Council as members of the Committee,” he said.

The SGF said that the mandate of the Committee would be to negotiate the consequential adjustment in salaries arising from the new national minimum wage. He urged members to amicably consider the issue of relativity and consequential adjustment with thoroughness, bearing in mind the welfare of the nation’s workforce vis-à-vis the current economic reality. Mustapha expressed optimism that the committee would have abundant literature, reports, and other materials to help in its assignment, adding that the committee had four weeks from this inauguration to submit its report.

The SGF said President Buhari has the interest and welfare of workers at heart and believed that, for government to succeed in its fight against corruption; Nigerian workers must be adequately remunerated. In her remarks, the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita commended the Federal Government for considering members of the committee worthy to serve.

She said that the commitment of the Federal Government to prioritize the welfare of workers towards engendering productivity and sustainable service delivery in the public service was a step in the right direction.

“I also appreciate the leadership of Nigerian workers for the understanding they have exhibited during and after the negotiation of the new national minimum wage.

“In carrying out this national assignment, the committee, as constituted will do its best to deliver on its mandate within the stipulated time frame,” she said. Oyo-Ita said that the committee would do its best to ensure that the benefit from the new minimum wage cuts across all levels of workers in the public service. 


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Suicide it's rather becoming more of a trend than a psychological illness. This social trend is fast becoming a social norm amongst youths in Nigeria and the world at large.

In this week, at least 5 announced Nigerian youths have taken their lives with causes to the recent development attributed to depression.

According to Wikipedia, 

About one person in 5,000–15,000 dies by suicide every year (1.4% of all deaths), with a reported global rate of 10.7 per 100,000 population in 2015 (was 11.6 in 2008). In Western countries, male and female rates of suicidal behaviors differ at a greater degree compared to those in the rest of the world.

Depression has been described as a psychiatric disorder showing symptoms such as persistent feelings of hopelessness, dejection, poor concentration, lack of energy, inability to sleep, and, sometimes, suicidal tendencies.

According to gathered reports, a Malaysian teenager has committed suicide in regards to results she got off her Instagram poll. The teenager had made a poll asking if she should live or die and had gotten a resounding YES from her respondents. This, however, sparks calls for an investigation. Her respondents may not have known what she may have been going through or the seriousness of her question while they voted yes to suicide.

The unidentified 16-year-old from Kuching in Sarawak was found dead right after posting the poll Monday.

Sixty-nine percent of votes cast were in favor of her ending her life, with just 31 percent against, local media quoted police as saying.

As sad and unfortunate this sounds, suicide is definitely not an answer to whatever issue you may be facing.

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Nigerians aren't about to fall for what the police force is giving them right to do.

This is what we've always demanded right? it's suddenly served us in a platter of very hot coal coated in fine gold and we are screaming it's a TRAP!

It's quite impossible to not scream it's a trap considering what we've gone through in the hands of the Nigeria police force but what if this is it? What if this is what we've always wanted?

Let me backtrack a little; the Nigeria Police Force has said that Nigerians have the absolute right to politely request to search policemen in select circumstances.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said this in a statement on Monday titled, ‘(Part 2) Tips For Safe And Cordial Conduct During An Arrest.’

The statement reads that if an officer is about to search a citizen or his property, it becomes the absolute right of the citizen to first demand to search the policeman in order to ensure that no evidence is planted to incriminate him(the citizen).

According to the NPF, Nigerians also have the right to demand to know the reason for their arrest whenever an arrest is about to be made.

The Force spokesman further stated that in some instances, Nigerians have the right to demand that an arrest warrant is presented before allowing themselves to be apprehended. 

The statement reads in part,

“You may politely request that the officer be searched before searching you. Often times, this helps to allay fears that someone may be trying to plant incriminating items on you or implicate you in any other way.

“Demand to see the warrant of arrest where necessary (note, however, that not all invitation/arrest requires a warrant). As a matter of fact, under our laws, the Police have wide powers to arrest without warrant in many circumstances.

“Politely request that the officers allow you inform a trusted friend or a family member or a lawyer soon after your arrest in order to avoid unnecessary apprehension as to your whereabouts or safety.

“If the arrest requires the officer to conduct a search on you, demand to see the Search Warrant and comply with all legitimate instruction during the search (note that there are a lot of instances where a policeman can search you with or without a warrant).”

The Force called on Nigerians never to resist arrest, even if it seems unjustified. 

So this is rather contradicting as The Police had already stated that we should demand an arrest warrant before allowing ourselves to be apprehended. How can they still say we should not resist arrest even if it feels unjustified? 


The force further counseled Nigerians to never interfere in the arrest of a third party.

According to the statement, the Police may ask one to perform some tests such as walking in a straight line if a person is pulled over on suspicion of being drunk or high on drugs.

A Nigerian also has the right to decline writing a statement upon arrest.

What do you think though? Will this actually work?

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Housing developers and landowners found love in the sight of Idaw River Layout Enugu state as foundations and newly named streets sprout up in the area. 

With such recent development, the area is bound to be flooded by foreign investors and realtors in no time.

In a twist of events, a young man loses his life while digging a foundation in one of the lands in this developing area.

The man who was working at a building site in an area marked off as Ikirike, reportedly died on Monday after an underground foundation collapsed on him.