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Enugu eats is an initiative birthed by blueprintafric Food an online blog and it’s all about discovering new cuisines and delicacies in the coal city. For the very first edition, Enugu eats is taking all foodies in Enugu to golden bowl restaurant. Golden bowl is a new cool spot in Enugu and they offer the most exquisitely prepared Asian cuisines. Not Chinese, ‘Asian’ because Enugu already has places like “Chow Mein” and “Panda” doing well in that aspect.

Asian cuisine was mostly referred to as Chinese cuisine in the past, but this world class cuisine actually includes South East Asia, the Philippines, India, Japan and Korea. A wise man opined ‘You have to taste a culture to understand it’. Well we are going to be at golden bowl this evening to ‘taste’ this new culture and don’t worry I’ll bring you all the delicious details! 

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