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Noodles are one of the quickest meals to make and the fact that they come with their seasonings, makes it easier. One could, however, get bored of their taste. Every noodle brand has its unique taste, from Indomie to Honeywell, to Chikki, to Mimee; they all taste differently.

Now, how about tweaking the taste of these noodles brands? This simple food-hack will not only change the taste of your noodles but also greatly improved the smell.

All you have to do is add a few slices of onions, and half a tablespoon (depending on the quantity of the noodles) of vegetable oil, which has previously been used to fry very ripe plantains, a minute before the noodles get ready.

There you have it; a very simple food trick to spice up your noodles.

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If you are not from the East and you happen to be around the East at some point, you may want to know the best Eastern Soups to combine with your pounded yam or fufu.

Ofe Egwusi:

The Nigerian Egusi soup, prepared with melon seeds, is prepared by most tribes in Nigeria in many different ways. It is known as Miyan Gushi in Hausa, Ofe Egusi in Igbo and Efo Elegusi in Yoruba.

Ofe Okra:

Okra Soup is one of the quickest and easiest Nigerian soups to prepare. Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables used in preparing it. Yes but once the vegetables are ready; it cooks in no time at all.

Ofe Nsala:

Nsala soup or White Soup is a tasty, fast and easy soup recipe that has its origins in the riverine areas of Nigeria. Nsala Soup is perfect for a cold rainy day due to its spicy taste. Because it is so easy to prepare, you can count on it to save the day when you run out on soup a few days before the big soup day
Ofe Oha:

Ora (Oha) soup is native to the South Eastern Nigeria. It is a very traditional soup similar to the bitterleaf soup but cooked with Ora leaves. Ora (Oha) Soup is special because the tender ora leaves used in preparing this soup recipe are seasonal unlike their bitterleaf counterpart which can be found all year round.
Ofe Onugbu:

Bitterleaf soup is one of the most traditional soups in Nigeria. It is native to the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria. The name is quite misleading in that a well prepared Bitterleaf Soup should not have even the slightest bitterness. This is achieved by washing and squeezing the bitter leaves (and changing the water at intervals) till all traces of bitterness has been washed off.
Ofe Owerri:

Ofe Owerri is one of the most expensive eastern soups; it is made with assorted meat (which is different parts of cow meat), snails, dried fish and stock fish.

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Yes! you read right. You can now sit at home and order a delicious wrap of chicken shawarma and coke for just 1k. Delivery cost is N100 anywhere in Enugu urban. 

Who said Enugu state in lacking in good things? OMG shawarma bank just made life easier. If you're anywhere in Enugu urban, simply call 08090990809 

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If you're in the coal city and you haven't had the OMG shawarma experience, you're really missing out!
OMG Shawarma Bank is in the fast food industry cum shawarma business and their major priority is to give quality service delivery and customer care. Hence, they go all the way to make available the best varieties of shawarma and other service offerings as listed below:

• Chicken

 • Beef •

Sausages •

Special/ Combo (Chicken and beef together with Sausage)

 • Cocktails that come in Non-alcohol or alcohol options

 • Barbecue Fish

 • Chicken and chips  

The summary of the story about OMG Shawarma Bank is ‘simple and sweet’. “OMG Shawarma Bank was born with the sole objective of making the best Shawarma snack. OMG Shawarma Bank will bring your tongue alive with Shawarma rolls that water your mouth and pepper your gang.

“This is why we have a Shawarma captain to take you on this culinary voyage. Our Chef is seasoned with a master recipe which is translated in every bite of our Shawarma.” 

We're located at No 1 Winners Avenue Independence Layout by Auto Ease Lounge Enugu or Call 08090990809 for delivery. Delivery cost is N100.  (Our delivery is restricted for our customers in Enugu ONLY)


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Coconut rice is a delicious food, filled with a taste of coconut. It is mostly cooked during occasions and that is the reason why it is a classical food.

What you see is simple coconut rice, super delicious. The only difference between the usual jollof rice and this is the use of coconut milk; it changes the taste and impairs the colour slightly.

There are many recipes used to make coconut and one of the recipes is the use of totomato even though most people don’t use it.

Coconut Rice is not one of my favourite foods but I do have a soft spot for it.

Below are the ingredients and directions on how to cook Coconut Rice.

Here are the Ingredients for Coconut rice:

Coconut (one big ball)

3 cups of rice

Fresh ground or sliced tomatoes (500ml)

Chicken/beef (2KG)

Onions (2 bulbs)

Maggi cubes (2-3)

1 sachet Kitchen glory (beef seasoning)

Groundnut/vegetable oil half cup (150ml)

Salt and pepper to taste

How to Cook Coconut Rice:

You start by breaking and the shell of the cocoanut, note that the water of the coconut should not be used to cook, grind the coconut with a grater, the idea is to squeeze out the milk from the main coconut. Normally you grate the coconut with a grater and then add a cup of water or two and then squeeze out the white water (coconut milk) which is needed for the preparation of coconut rice. Filter the squeezed out milk and set aside in a bowl.

Parboil about three to four cups of rice, grind the tomatoes/peppers, blend it or you can slice the tomatoes. Also parboil the chicken with all the necessary ingredients like Onions, Maggi, Salt, and seasoning, add water about five minutes later and allow cooking till it is soft for consumption.

Pick the chicken with a fork and deep fry while reserving the stock (water from the meat) for further cooking. Set your cooking pot on heat, add half cup (150ml) of groundnut oil, allow heating for at least 90 seconds before adding the ground or sliced tomatoes. Now fry and stir the tomatoes for the next 10-15 minutes till it is dried.

Add the meat extract (water from the meat) once you are done with frying the tomatoes, also add the coconut milk, a cube of maggi, add more salt to taste. Allow to boil before adding the rice, cook for the next twenty to forty minutes until it is very soft for consumption.

You can add a little more water along the line. Once it is soft enough to your desire, go ahead and serve with the cooked or fried chicken. Aside chicken you can also use goat meat, beef or assorted meat to make a delicious coconut rice meal and a chilled drink.

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The picture alone is making me droll for this food. I am already salivating for the food. What attracts me most about this food is the fish. This is the best time (afternoon) to eat bole and plantain. It is not my favourite but I can’t watch it pass me by. If you have never tasted this food then you’re missing a lot, but if you love it and want to know how to make it; here are the ingredients and directions for cooking it.

Ingredients for Roasted Plantain and Bole:

Ripe / Unripe Plantain

Fish (preferably Mackerel)

Palm Oil



2 Habanero Pepper or any fresh chilli pepper

Salt (to taste)

How to Prepare Pepper Sauce or Bole:

Wash and cut the onions and pepper into very tiny pieces. If you have mortar and pestle, then no need to cut the pepper, just pound it with the chopped onions.

When the pepper and onions have medium smoothness, transfer to a bowl. Then add some palm oil till you get the consistency you want.

If the oil is congealed, place the container in a bowl of hot water for some time to melt it. You can also melt it in the microwave. You can increase the quantity of peppers if you prefer your pepper sauce very hot.

Add salt to taste and your pepper sauce is ready.

How to prepare a Roasted Plantain:

Wash and peel the unripe / ripe plantains to be roasted. Wash and cut the fish, remove the insides and sprinkle salt on them. Set up your barbecue on medium heat as the plantain needs to be roasted slowly. If using an oven, set to grill and a temperature of 150°C.

When the barbecue is heated, place the peeled plantains and fish on the barbecue grids to start roasting. Remember to turn the sides from time to time for an even roast.

When the plantain is perfectly roasted, place the pepper sauce on the grid to heat it up.

Your Bole and Plantain is ready to be served. Wash it down with a chilled drink.

 It should look like this:

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African breadfruit a.k.a Ukwa is one of the most delicious foods you can eat in the tribe of Igbo. It is a food that is rich and classy.

The first I saw Ukwa, I hated it because it looked very weird to me at first till I tasted it. The first time I tastes this amazing delicacy, I was surprised and amazed at how delicious it is. The softness of the food and the taste of this food is just everything.

My stomach is already making all types of noise because of this delicious appetizer. That is Good Food!!!

Here are the Ingredients for making this amazing food, Ukwa:

700g Ukwa

2 medium dry, smoked or Ice fish, meat or Chicken

2 small stock cubes

7g edible potash

Palm oil (enough to colour)

5-6 fresh bitter leaves

Pepper & Salt (to taste)

How to Cook it:

Before cooking your ukwa, soak it overnight in plenty of cold water that is if you’re using dry ukwa. If using fresh ukwa, skip this step. The next day, soak, debone and wash the dry fish and break into pieces. Wash the ukwa thoroughly in cold water. Stones and sand usually settle at the bottom so watch out for those. Pound the pepper. Rinse the bitter leaves and set aside.

Put the thoroughly washed ukwa in a sizeable pot. Pour enough water to cover the ukwa. The level of water should be about 1 inch above the level of the ukwa.

Add the edible potash. Add the dry fish or stock fish, cover the pot and cook till well done. The ukwa is done when the seeds melt when pressed. You may need to top up the water while cooking so watch it closely. Add enough palm oil to the well done ukwa, add pepper, stock cubes and salt to taste.

Stir, Cover and cook on medium heat till the palm oil changes colour from red to yellow. This should take about 5 minutes. Stir and add the bitter leaves. Cover and leave to simmer or till the leaves wilt but still green and the ukwa is ready to be served!!!

It should be served with a chilled palm wine or any chilled drink.

It should look like this: