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 In support of her Clara Lionel Foundation, sensational pop star Rihanna met with the French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss education.

In a press briefing after the meeting, Rihanna said the French President was incredibly welcoming.

She added that a big announcement is coming during the UN week in September, and her foundation is planning on embarking on more work in Africa in October.

Macron shared a photo on Twitter of the two of them sitting to talk, with the caption:

Committed with GlblCtzn , ClaraLionelFdn and rihanna to FundEducation . 264M children are out of school: let’s take up this challenge!

Rihanna likewise  shared a post on Twitter after the meeting saying:

Thank you Mr. President @EmmanuelMacron and Madame First Lady for the incredible meeting and passion for global and girls education! ðŸ‡«ðŸ‡·

Good looking out to her!

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Dr Livinus Nosike is the author of the book:  OVERVIEW OF THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY – A New Perspective in the Saga of the Oil and Gas Struggle. Marking his birthday today the 26th of July, seasoned OAP and TV presenter, Mary Chinda, had an indepth discussion with the petroleum expert, discussing his work and his intrest in the progress of Enugu youths.

Mary Chinda:  Doctor, today is important to you I guess. So what does this birthday signify to you?

Dr Livinus Nosike: First I thank God for his grace and the strength, health and passion to come this far. I tell people that birthday trend has two curves, the upward and the downward. From 40 years, it is time to start looking back to give to society, to leave a legacy, to do what we have always wanted to do.

Mary Chinda: Talking about giving back to society, what are you doing for youths in Enugu?

Dr Livinus Nosike: It is not just for Enugu, it’s for the whole Nigeria.  We are giving young people and all who can still show the passion a chance to get into the oil and gas industry.  The industry is evolving, with changing oil price there is a call for diversification of oil resources.  Today we talk not only of crude oil as in the Niger Delta, but of shale gas, biofuel and coal liquefaction for petroleum products.  Enugu is becoming a focal point because of the vast tons of coal seams that can serve to generate energy and petroleum products.

Mary Chinda: How will you describe the scholarships you sponsor?

Dr Livinus Nosike: You will recall that I myself I am a beneficiary of a major scholarship for my later academic and work training.  The intension was to train few of us who will understudy the International Oil Companies and then pass on this knowledge to others.  It was not easy to train a handful at international levels for many years, but it is even less easy for us now to train thousands of Nigerians locally. We have just started offering scholarships for this phase of the technological knowledge transfer processes.

Mary Chinda: Why are you doing the current training for Enugu Youths?

Dr Livinus Nosike: Like never before, since the defunct coal era in Enugu, has there been this will to revamp the Enugu coal.  Not as the old technology, but with integration of CO2 or Green House Gas capture and sequestration to abate pollution. As well as use the coal for power and petroleum products.  There have been recent talks between the State government and South African investors and other stakeholders. Integrated Elvee Services Limited (IES) is as well involved – we are preparing the youths for the upcoming opportunities.

Mary Chinda: How can anyone interested benefit?

Dr Livinus Nosike:  All you need is show the interest.  If this training had required heavy cost, people will complain of affordability.  If we announce a scholarship with selected candidates going abroad to train, or assuring everyone they will be part of our recruitment for coal extraction and oil and gas services hands, then everyone will come. Ready or not.  So we look out for motivation, we look out for commitments.  People show interest by first registering for the course.  It is left for IES Oil and Gas (iESog) to do the rest.

Mary Chinda: Thank you Dr for your time and the occasion to share this topic, even as we celebrate this birth day with you.

Dr Livinus Nosike: Thank you. 

Dr Livinus Nosike holds a PhD in Sciences of the Universe - Tectonics and Petroleum Geology, from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, following a development of talent award to study for his postgraduate education in Europe.  He worked in technical centres in different countries, onshore and offshore, before returning to work in Nigeria. He is a Member of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists


Dr Nosike is the author of the book:  OVERVIEW OF THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY – A New Perspective in the Saga of the Oil and Gas Struggle. The book is now available in bookshops in every State of Nigeria

He is the Founder of IES Oil and Gas (iESog), the first fully-integrated indigenous oil and gas training and services firm with the aim of equipping every Nigerian with petroleum knowledge.


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Dr Livinus Nosike a Doctor of Petroleum Geology is an oil and gas expert that has transferred his vast amount of knowledge into his latest book titled;  OVERVIEW OF THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY - A New Perspective in the Saga of the Oil and Gas Struggle.

An eye opener to the unsaid reason why petroleum resource has not developed Nigeria - it turns out not to be because of corruption!
Dr Livinus is known for his continued capacity building for thousands of youths across the country in Oil& Gas. OVERVIEW OF THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY is a must read for every Nigerian. The book is available in bookshops in every state of Nigeria.

Click to see the bookshops in your State



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Jack Ma, founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba and Chinese billionaire is on a three day visit to Africa, his frist time on the continent, from July 19 to 21 where he is expected to attend the Youth Connekt Africa Summit in Rwanda.

Ma In his entourage are 38 other billionaires, including Internet tycoon Bob Xu, Alibaba’s founding partner Lucy Peng, founder and chairman of Mengniu Dairy Niu Gensheng, and real estate tycoon Huang Youlong, Business Day Africa reports.

Jack Ma is a special adviser for youth entrepreneurship and small businesses for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

“I came here (Africa) to share the entrepreneurial dream not to sell Chinese products,” Ma said.

The billionaire has dropped several nuggets of wisdom on starting a business, including:

“Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company, a society, a civilization… work.”

“Find people who can be your boss, not those who are willing to be your servants. That is how you’ll grow.”

“When you’re profitable, after paying your employees, you can then pay yourself as an entrepreneur.”

“Opportunities are always found where people complain”


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Music has come a long way over the last few decades, now being seen increasingly as a profession rather than simply a passion. People study music at school and university, looking for a career in a field where the best entertainers can make big money. Endorsement deals, CD sales and live shows, among other things, some musicians can earn a lot of money.  

Here are the five richest entertainers in Nigeria, in no respective order.


Born Innocent Idibia, the former member of the band, Plantashun Boyz, is among the richest artists in the industry. With two platinum records already behind him, Tuface (2Face)  is speculated to be worth about 550 million naira ($3.47 million). He has had endorsement deals from companies such as Guinness, which earned him 20 million naira ($125,000) and Airtel, which earned him 22 million naira ($139,000). He was also rumoured to have collected 30 million naira ($189,000) from the producers of the Phat Girls movie. Tuface has invested heavily in real estate and stocks, and made bug money from it. He once said his goal was to recover all the wealth taken from Africa.


Apart from his music interests, D’banj has moved into other sectors. His interests include Koko Mansion, a TV reality show, Koko Lounge, an upscale hangout in Lagos and the UK, Koko Foundation, a charity, and Koko Mobile. There are also rumours that he is set to launch Koko Records. The bulk of his money comes from endorsements – his endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications cost  70 million naira ($442,000). He has a multi-million naira endorsement with energy drink Power Fist, a deal with the makers of the Virgin Colour soft drink and another huge deal with a popular jeweller. Another endorsement which runs into millions is with Chris Aire, with D’banj acting as the face of his watches. He collects between 5 million naira  ($31,500) and 7 million naira ($44,200) as performance fee for local gigs, and even bigger fees across the rest of Africa and in the US and the UK. Like his old boss, Don Jazzy, D’banj also bagged a recording deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. D’banj once said, “I work hard so that money, awards, endorsements, bookings and kokolets chase me.”

Don Jazzy

Real name Michael Enebeli, Don Jazzy, is the founder of now defunct Mo’Hits and now runs Mavin Records. He is one of the most sought after producers in Nigeria. As a child he was a member of Good Morning Kids, a group created by his father. He is known for his business dexterity, building Mo’Hits from scratch to become one of the biggest entertainment empires in the country. He recently signed a recording deal with Kanye West – a move that not only boosted his reputation as an entertainer, but also his wealth.

P- Square

Singing and dancing duo Peter and Paul Okoye won the KORA award for Best Africa Artiste in 2010, collecting a $1 million prize in the process. Shortly after, the duo got an endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications worth about 240 million naira ($1.5 million) for four years. Their seven-city American tour in 2010 earned them a whopping $1m and have also built a house valued at 300 million naira ($1.9 million). They own Rayfield Hotel, Jos, and two multi-million naira factories in the same city, where they built a multimillion naira bakery and sachet water companies for their parents. The bulk of their wealth comes from concerts, especially in Africa, where they charge about 2 million naira ($12,600) per show. They have sold over 14 million copies of their CDs since 2005.

Banky W

Banky W  has become one of the richest entertainers in the industry, making the bulk of his wealth from gigs, where he charges between 2.5 million naira ($15,800) and 3 million naira ($19,000) per show and performs three to four times each week. A brand ambassador of Estisalat, one of Nigeria’s telecommunications giants, he also featured in Coca Cola-Nigeria’s World Cup theme song and Microsoft’s Anti-cyber Crime Initiative. An entrepreneur, Banky W has invested heavily in various businesses and also doubles as a philanthropist, founding the Mr. Capable Foundation, where he provides tuition fees for indigent and brilliant students. He is also the force behind EME music which has, arguably, the Nigeria’s fastest rising  artiste (Whizkid) under the label.


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In today’s world of social media, where people are constantly showing off their flashy life style, news feeds are filled with happy news of engagements, vacations, speaking gigs, new achievements etc it seems like no one is struggling anymore. Every one’s life seems like this happy bubble of new wonderful things every day. This isn’t bad of course but after reading a lovely article today, I had to agree with the author to the harsh truth, instagram happy life doesn’t translate to real life happiness.

In case you’re an entrepreneur or an aspirant and you feel like you face certain struggles alone, well, that’s false. The fact that people don’t publicize their struggles doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. Here are a few common struggles entrepreneurs often face but are either afraid or for the sake of the gram, are ashamed to admit them.

Unmonetized Talent

Lately, when talents like being funny or just being plain silly can earn you a few bucks via social media, a lot of entrepreneurs feel like their talents cannot be monetized. For eg, a young person who has managerial roles often finds it difficult to monetize that, for him/her to make a living out of that and given the state of Nigeria,  there aren’t a lot of jobs. I was awakened by this upside down approach to success when a mentor said, “Your net worth is intimately related to your network.” And that turned my world right side up. Just as we should dance like no one’s watching, I started blogging like no one’s reading. And even though it felt so uncomfortable to not monetize this talent, this daily practice led to even bigger networks, even better relationships, and of course eventually will lead to more money. It feels counterintuitive and yet so profound!

Irritation with Prospective Clients

As a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to interview quite a number of people. I met with this vibrant fashion designer once and I asked what was her most re-occurring challenge on a daily, and she said ‘dealing with clients who don’t know what they want’. They can come to the store and ask a ton of questions and take the whole day and at the end, make no decision at all’ I find it very irritating. I’m sure everyone can totally relate to that.  Dealing with people on a daily is a job on its own. The trick is to offer your best services and hope you impacted their lives positively.

The Desire to Struggle

A lot of us are programmed to struggle but we’ve lost that zeal. We think that we’ll get a trophy for working harder and faster. But then reality hits and to make it worse, it seems like people who work less hard earn more. We all want success with just a tiny push and when that doesn’t happen, we tend to get frustrated. Aliko Dangote once said in an interview ‘Most young people want the wealth I have but they are not willing to work hard for it’. That statement is true in every facet of it. Struggling is not a sign of weakness. Walking through fire instead of around it ensures that you come out pure and refined.

The bottom line is, we all have struggles. So how do we counter these issues and grow in spite of them? Please keep in touch for the next article.


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He is funny, handsome and super talented. His humorous spirit drew us in and wrapped itself around our hearts. Have you watched an episode of ‘The Report Card”?? Absolutely hilarious. He brought something new and fresh to the table and has been dishing new delicacies ever since. He’s a classic comedian, event host and Tv presenter at Linda Ikeji TV   

  1. Tell us all we don’t know about you. Full name, state of origin, educational background, marital status, nationality and religion.

Hero Daniels: I’m Daniel Ifeanyichukwu (Dad called me Hero at birth), A 23-year old man born into a gorgeous family of Six (and no, I’m not the baby of the house but the last child of my parents). I hail from Nkpor, Anambra State in Nigeria so I guess I’m American. After my “Ajebota “ primary school education at St. Andrews Primary  School Onitsha, I proceeded to Dennis Memorial Grammar School  Onitsha in Anambra State and  finally got a degree in Microbiology at the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. I am a Christian and I like to think I’m Single, I hope she thinks so too.

  1. We got from your instagram bio that you’re a media personality, classic comedian and event host, how do you fuse this all together?

Hero Daniels: It is quite simple. I host my TV shows during weekdays, Events at weekends and its fun all the away because I enjoy what I do.


  1. Where is your major strength?

Hero Daniels: Well, I give in a Hundred and one percent (101%) to my craft, so it’s pretty much TALKING, on or off the Camera.


  1. Working for the leading blogger in Nigeria Linda Ikeji, has this impacted your life and career in any way?


Hero Daniels: Of course, GREATLY. Linda Ikeji is hardworking and energetic woman and that energy is highly contagious. She also has an energetic Staff and we try to deliver the very best of content on Linda Ikeji TV which has ultimately made me invest more in  my craft and has given me a platform for my art to be appreciated.


  1. How did you come up with the idea of ‘The Report Card’?

Hero Daniels: I have always been a fan of Satirical shows and it occurred to me that Africans hardly do satire and the market was ripe for it .So I met with Mr. Theo Ukpaa (the show producer), pitched it to him and with his help and that of others, the Report Card was born.


  1. When did your career officially start?

Hero Daniels: In 2009, I started hosting Child’s Parliament (A Debate Show) at Anambra broadcasting Service, Awka, Anambra state. I took 4 year-break and re-surfaced in 2015 as host of Carnival Calabar for Ebonylife TV. Then, I was selected to represent Nigeria at Discovery Networks’ TLC Next Great Presenter Competition in 2016, I made it to the top six (6) finalists in Africa. Coming back to Nigeria, I took up a job with Linda Ikeji TV.


  1. What is the most challenging thing about your work and how do you deal with that?


Hero Daniels: JOKES !It takes a lot creativity to make jokes out of very serious issues and still pass a positive subtle message. Sometimes joke ideas come in slow and I just have to step out and draw ideas from everything and everyone around me.


  1. What was the beginning like, did you have to convince your friends or family about your chosen career path?


Hero Daniels: Not necessarily. I’ve been talking from my mother’s womb, so my family and friends   pretty knew I would tow this path and they have been very supportive.


  1. Why are you so funny?


Hero Daniels: Lol…Am I? Well thank you. Humour is relative; therefore, I try to find a common ground with my audience so the jokes can appeal to them.


  1. In your line of work, you meet celebrities on a daily, tell us, are they what they seem on social media?


Hero Daniels: Well some are, while some are not. There is a societal pressure on them to keep up with a luxurious lifestyle. Most often than not, Social media is all about “Packaging” for some celebrities.


  1. How would you define a ‘media personality’?

Hero Daniels: Anyone that churns out content on any kind of Media Platform (TV, Radio, Podcast, Social Media, Print Media …etc)

  1. What is the one thing you find to be true that most people disagree with?

Hero Daniels: The truth is that Rihanna is in love with me.

  1. If you could delete one year from your life, what year would that be and why?

Hero Daniels: The year I was born because I would love to be younger .After all, all I did that year was to cry and suck my mum’s breasts.

  1. Describe your Ex with a football club


Hero Daniels: Don’t even go there, Real Madrid ...she is the female version of Ronaldo.


  1. Which media personality influences you the most?


Hero Daniels: James Corden


  1. What do you think makes a person crave fame?


Hero Daniels: Attention. Everyone loves attention.


  1. What advice do you have for young people who have interest in the media?


Hero Daniels: Never be in hurry to be popular. Be consistent, Trust and enjoy your growth process. Invest in your craft so you would be too good to be ignored! ******Drops Mic****

Stalk Daniels on instagram via @herodaniels




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  • Jaden Smith

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is an American actor and rapper. He is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. Jaden Smith’s first movie role was with his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness -Wiki.

Jaden Smith also started his working on his own and began to make some cool bucks for himself at the age of seven which is really pretty cool for a kid like him.

His personal net worth is estimated to be over $9 million, but he also has the money his parents will eventually leave to him, making his current Smith family income over $554 million.

  • Dannielynn Birkhead Marshall

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead is an American child model, tabloid sensation and reality television personality.

She is the daughter of the late great Anna Nichole Smith who wan an actress and also a model. Dannielynn also followed the footstep of her mother and eventually got a plum job for modeling as Kids Guess. She now worth over $10 million

  • Abigail Breslin

She began her career when she landed a gig for a commercial when she was 3-years-old. Two years later, Breslin debuted in her first film, Signs (2002) directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film was a box office success. Her breakthrough performance came in the year 2006 when she starred in a comedy-drama called Little Miss Sunshine. The film was a critical and commercial success and Breslin received rave reviews for her excellent performance. She received many nominations including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Screen Actors Guild Award. Breslin has starred in other films like No Reservations(2007), My Sister’s Keeper (2009) , Zombieland (2009), August: Osage County (2013),  Ender’s Game (2013) etc.

  • Nick D’aloisio

Nick D’aloisio is a 19-years-old computer programmer from United Kingdom. He became an internet entrepreneur when he was just 15 years of age. A technological genius, D’aloisio is best known for inventing Summly, an application for iOS which he later sold to Yahoo for $30 million. He received many accolades including Wall Street Journal’s “Innovator of the Year”, TIME Magazine’s one of the world’s most influential teenagers etc. In 2014 he won the Apple Design Award at WWDC. Currently, pursuing Computer Science and Philosophy from Hertford College, Oxford University, D’aloisio is one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world.

  • Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt

Who hasn’t heard of Brangelina right? Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt are twins of Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. When they were born in 2008, in a seaside hospital in Nice, France, there were media people circling the place like a vulture tryimg to catch one glimpse of the children. The first picture of Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt was reported sold for $14 million which became the most expensive celebrity photographs ever taken. Since Knox & Vivienne are children of one of the highest paid celebrities in the world, it’s no surprise they ended up in the number 2 passion of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world today.






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Photos have emerged, showing a rugged-looking jeep which was allegedly made in Imo state, using local raw materials from Imo.

The photos were shared by Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha on Facebook. According to him, the car is called Biafrakwezuonu and the one in the photo is the 2017 model.

The engineer who designed the car can be seen in the photo below covered up in a protective racing suit.

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Innocent Ujah Idibia better known by his stage name 2face Idibia, or 2Baba was born in  in Jos, Nigeria on18th September 1975 (age 41). He is from the Idoma ethnic group in the southern part of Benue State, in central Nigeria. He enrolled at Institute of Management & Technology, Enugu (IMT), where he did his preliminary National Diploma course in business administration and management but eventually dropped out to pursue his music career.

Here are 15 things you need to know about the R’n’B Legend.

  • He dropped out of school to pursue his music career.


  • In 1996, he moved to Lagos and started performing with rapper Blackface (Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, who he had met while attending IMT).) and with musician Faze (Chibuzor Oji), he went on to form the trio band Plantashun Boiz.


  • Plantashun Boiz released two successful albums: Body and Soul (2000) and Sold Out (2003) under the Nelson Brown's owned Label (Dove Records) before disbanding in 2004.


  • The band came back together in 2007 for the purpose of recording a third and final album entitled Plan B.


  • After the disbandment of Plantashun Boyz in 2004, 2face Idibia released his debut solo album Face 2 Face (2004), which established him as a viable solo artist.


  • He released his second album Grass 2 Grace in 2006, which contained hits "One Love", "True Love, "4 Instance”.


  • In 2006, his song "African Queen" was used in the soundtrack for the film Phat Girlz, which was released internationally.


  • In 2010, 2face released an "international edition" of his 2009 album The Unstoppable International Edition making him the first Nigerian artist to have an appropriately priced international album.


  •  He is the first non-Liberian to become an honorary member of the Liberian music society in recognition for his outstanding contribution to the growth of music in Africa.


  • 2face met heavy weight American Rapper and business mogul Jay Z in New York City 2014.


  • Formerly signed under Kennis Music record label, he set up his own record label known as Hypertek Entertainment after his contract ended with Kennis music.


  • On October 8 2007, 2Face was robbed and shot by armed robbers.


  •  2face has 7 children from 4 different women.


  • On 2 May 2012, 2Face Idibia and Annie Macaulay married in Lagos, Nigeria in a private ceremony. Annie Macaulay and 2Face had their traditional wedding on 8 March 2013 in Eket, Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria. The couple also had a white wedding in Dubai, on Saturday 23 March 2013 with Nigerian and Ghanaian celebrities all present to see the long term couple tie the knot.


  • 2Face has received one MTV Europe Music Award, one World Music Award, five Headies Awards (Hip-hop award), four Channel O Music Video Awards and one BET award for his musical work, four MTV Africa Music Awards, one MOBO award, one KORA award, and numerous additional nominations.


2face is an is an avid reader and constantly seeks information and in his spare time he enjoys watching football
In his words, he adopted the stage name "2Face" (Tuface) because he was "trying to demarcate my personal life with my business life.




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