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If you have been sending CVs for a long time now online and you haven't been getting feedbacks, it might be because you are doing it all wrong. These are ten tips to take into consideration when next you are applying for a job through an electronic mail. These ten tips may be the reason why you are not getting a response of acceptance or no vacancy. Here are the ten tips below:

  1. Don’t send an empty mail with your CV attachment. Anyone can engineer a CV with qualifications and to any level of education they want and most times, people pay to have their CV written for them and organizations know that. A message body directly describing yourself, how you heard about them and why you are interested in working with the organization would be perfect. Not only can they tell you can write complete sentences & spell but if it’s a Bot review system they are using, then you need to be on the safe side.
  2. Don’t send your CV through your phone. A lot of people who work in these organizations you apply to, pay attention to some details you might not see as necessary. Most people can use a phone, but only few can use a computer. We are in the digital age and they want to know you are a computer literate without having to ponder too much about it. Using your phone would come off as you are not that serious in working for them.
  3. Don’t sound too official or too amateur. It’s a job application, not a press release or a journal article. Find a mark between coming off official & active, and stick to that. They want to know the business and personal side of you, not a tailored profile of you.
  4. Be mindful of Cc & Bcc. These are usually found on top of a mail, when creating one. Cc means Carbon Copy and Bcc means Blind Carbon Copy. You can use any of them however you choose to, but it would be great to note that using Bcc when sending a mail to a group of people would prevent those people from seeing who & who you sent that particular mail to but Cc doesn’t do that.
  5. Have a Cover Letter to go with your CV. Your cover letter is basically the lettered format of your CV, without the titles and qualifications. It’s more of who you are, how competent you are and why you chose to apply to that particular company.
  6. Have a proper subject title for the mail. It should be the title of the job you are applying for. Keep it short & simple as possible and straight to the point.
  7. Make proper research about the company, what it does, the CEO and the role you are applying for. The visual popular representation of this can be seen in beauty pageantry. Most of the times, you hear questions directed to some models on stage about the organization hosting the beauty contest or the name of the MD or CEO of the foundation sponsoring the pageantry they are currently contesting for and 6 out of 10 people would fail that particular test. This is a huge turn-off for the organizers. Your mail should have that knowledge with it and so do you, in case they invite you for an interview.
  8. Your CV and Cover letter should be in a PDF format. Thousands of CV gets submitted for every vacancy. You know how bored you get writing and submitting CV upon CV? Well, HR Personnels get bored reading all of that. Anything written and saved in PDF format, remains the same way you wrote and arranged it when opened in most medium and in the case where it’s a Bot that has programmed to read CVs for the company, it would be great to remember the first thing science said about computer – it is an idiotic machine. It can only execute as programmed.
  9. Attach your picture to the mail if it’s not already included in your CV. This can sometimes be overlooked but a picture still bears a thousand words. It won’t be used to judge you or anything, but it feels great to be able to put a face to the name on the CV & achievements.
  10. Use a proper mail address. A mail address can still say a thing or two about you. You can’t be applying for a job with “ or We know you are all of that and no one can take it away from you but for the sake of getting that job you’ve always wanted, you might consider a mail that bears your real names.


Good Luck!!!!

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It's a new week and it is looking quite promising. Well, we hope it goes all the way through. Here are the 5 things to do every Monday morning:

Make Targets:

Write a to-do list; lists of all you hope and need to achieve by the end of the week. Make them realistic and at the same time, make it vast so that if by the end of the week, you don’t get all of them executed – it would be like aiming for the moon, and following among the stars. It would still be a great week at the end.

Reply Your Inbox:

Arrange your message box; your emails, facebook, whatsapp, DMs, LinkedIn and the rest of them. Reply all the messages send to you over the weekend. So you don’t miss out on any important message.

Schedule Your Week Activities:

Plan how your week should look like. You don’t want to be caught in a cycle of 8am to 5pm that would have you doing nothing and at the same time, feeling like you are doing everything. Get all those jumbled up works into specific time frames, so you do enough and still have a ‘you” time to recharge.


Get your brain back from the weekend chill, and keep your head in the game. You need to concentrate and gather all your thoughts from the weekend hangouts, so you can be more productive in all your works.

Oil Your Communication:

Check in on friends and colleagues; do a little chit chat with friends. Call in, gist a bit, laugh a little, and ask for new ideas, new thoughts, updates and how great life has been.


Have a Great Week!!!!

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Malta Guinness Herbs Lite has won the Fair Competition and Creativity Nigeria Awards (FCCNA) for its innovation and creativity. The award ceremony which held on  Thursday, 9th November 2017 at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry was organized by the Consumer Rights Awareness Advancement and Advocacy Initiative.

The Fair Competition and Creativity Nigeria Award (FCCNA) aims  to encourage and reward companies and organizations that use innovation and creativity as tools to continually deliver superior products and services in the market place despite environmental challenges. 

 “Our consumers are always at the heart of what we do, and we constantly strive to innovate with exciting products to delight them; we are happy and proud to receive this award from The Consumer Rights Awareness and Advocacy Initiative, said Ifeoma Agu, Brand Manager Malta Guinness and premium Non Alcoholic Drinks. She also added,  Malta Guinness Herbs Lite is a distinctive refreshing malt drink with lesss sugar and the added benefit of herbal goodness that gives consumers more than they expect in a traditional malt drink. It’s packed with all the refreshing goodness of Malta Guinness, great tasting natural herbs and even less sugar than most mainstream malt drinks. They say that life is all about compromises, that you can’t have it all- but we say you can, with Malta Guinness Herbs Lite, a refreshing premium malt drink that compliments your lifestyle with more flavour, herbs and even less sugar.

Also speaking at the event, Dorcas Mashingil, Innovation Manager, Guinness Nigeria Plc said “Malta Herbs Lite is the first truly light sugar malt drink in Nigeria, which means that it contains less than 9% sugar content as against the regular malt drinks with average sugar content of 11% and above. New SON and NAFDAC regulations for sugar classification in malt drinks introduced last year categorizes malt drinks in 3 categories based on the sugar content, the classes are: Low Sugar: 0-2.5%; Light Sugar: 2.5% -9%; Classic: 9% - 13%. Malta Guinness Herbs Lite contains onlyabout 8% sugar making it a perfect choice for the health conscious Consumers who want a lower sugar malt drink without having to compromise on taste. 

According to the FCCNA Chairman, Igbrude Moses, the Fair Competition and Creativity Award was given to Malta Guinness Herbs Lite for its innovation and uniqueness in the malt segment to the delight of consumers. “The recognition is to remind management that competition is about ideals, innovation, and creativity as well as supplying the market what it needs and at the right marketing.” 

Malta Guinness Herbs Lite is a unique combination of the finest malt and natural herb extracts, perfectly brewed with even less sugar to give you all the goodness and refreshing “more than you expect” taste. It is a variant of the Malta Guinness Trademark and is manufactured by Guinness Nigeria Plc- the home of quality brewed beverages in Nigeria.


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22year old Kendall Jenner has been crowned as the world’s most generously compensated model. Kendall’s earnings more than doubled from 2016’s $10 million total, making her the biggest dollar and percent gainer on the ranking. 37 tear old Gisele came in second place, having earned $17.5 million, marking the first year she has not headed up the line-up since 2002.

See 2017 Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid models

1. Kendall Jenner $22,000,000

2. Gisele Bundchen $17,500,000

3. Chrissy Teigen $13,500,000

4. Adriana Lima $10,500,000

5. Gigi Hadid $9,500,000

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley $9,500,000

7. Karlie Kloss $9,000,000

8. Liu Wen $6,500,000

9. Bella Hadid $6,000,000

10. Ashley Graham $5,500,000



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Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has been featured in a new photography book titled “200 Women: Who Will Change the Way You See the World“. The book is described by as the coffee table book that will inform your activism in the days ahead.

The book by Geoff Blackwell and Ruth Hobday features interviews with 200 women along with their portraits which were shot by photographer Kieran E. Scott.

Get a copy here.

Some of the other women featured include:

• Jane Goodall, conservation and animal welfare activist
• Margaret Atwood, author and winner of The Booker Prize
• Roxane Gay, author and feminist
• Renée Montagne, former host of NPR’s Morning Edition
• Alicia Garza, activist and co-founder of Black Lives Matter
• Alfred Woodard, award-winning actor and activist
• Marian Wright Edelman, head of the Children’s Defence Fund
• Lydia Ko, professional golfer and Olympian
• Dolores Huerta, labor activist, community organizer, and co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association
• Alice Waters, chef, author, and food rights advocate

Each woman shares her unique reply to the same five questions: What really matters to you? What brings you happiness?, What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?, What would you change if you could?, and Which single word do you most identify with?


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As most of our graduates are leaving their various different states for their one year National Youth Service to their Country tomorrow, it would be great to list some possible ways money one can be made in camp. Below are 6 possible “legal” ways to make money in camp:

Fashion Designing:

If you are a professional or greatly talented in fashion designing, then this is for you. Every place you turn to, there’s a slay queen or king, who wants to wear their 7/7 in a more exceptional style and it starts from camp. Take an advantage of this and propose to give their khaki a nice touch for some pay of course. You can also design people’s white t-shirts during the carnivals for a specific amount of money.

Hair Stylist:

As far as NYSC is involved, there would always be someone who didn’t braid their hair before coming to camp. Either there was no time or they came to camp with an old hair style. Leverage on that if you are bad ass in braiding hair. You can charge for any suitable amount of money. I would have said, get an hair clipper if you can give an hair cut but sharp objects are contraband…. So you decide.


Everything sold by vendors in camp is expensive, including getting your makeup done if you can’t make yourself up like a pro. If you can make-up, that’s great. Get paid for it. People would look for you if you are damn good and affordable.


While most would argue that this is the same as make-up, I do believe it has its own uniqueness and class. SFX means Special Effects. If you are really skilled in special effects, then the carnival would serve as a harvest for you. Give special effects on carnival days or any day, for a price.


Shaping of a Khaki shirt & trouser is N500 each fabric, that is, a total of N1000. If you can speedily and really sew with a needle and thread, give this a shot. If the tailors are charging N1000, you can charge N500 and if you can’t sew a lot of khaki clothes, at least save your money and sew it yourself.