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We wish to officially announce the departure of Queenlucy Eneh, popularly known as Lucy Q from Big n Small Entertainment due to irreconcilable differences. Big n Small Entertainment has always maintained a vision to solidify its position in the Nigerian music industry. Lucy’s vision has not aligned with ours and we wish to state that Big n Small Entertainment will not be held responsible for any relations involving Lucy Q hence forth.


We also wish to announce the addition of Austin Ejike Kulume popularly known as Odizzy to the family.  Odizzy is a versatile artiste who easily plays around different genres/sounds but majorly, afro-highlife. We look forward to sharing his immense talent with the world soon.


Following recent events, due to the departure of one of its members, SSES which was a three-man band is now a duo consisting of Onyedika Aneke aka Stunna (Mr S) and Ifeakachukwu Oba aka Super K.O. SSES will now be fully known as “Steady Supplying Epic Sounds”. We urge the fans to stay tuned as a flood of new SSES content will be coming their way soon.


Big n small entertainment also wishes to thank all the fans who have stuck with us through thick and thin especially in the past year. We have been putting in a lot of work and we sincerely cannot wait to share all the amazing new content from SSES and Odizzy with you.




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I was a child when I started to hear her songs. She became a household name when my sister got her album as a birthday gift. I fell in love with her in the movie 'Romeo Must Die' which also starred famous actor and kickboxer, Jet Li. She was effortlessly impactful and her style of music is what has inspired and will continue to inspire the modern-day R&B.

If she didn't get on that plane 18 years ago that went down in the Bahamas maybe she would have still been alive. Maybe she would have thought these young singers the real R&B  recipe.

Tributes from fans, celebrities and fans kept pouring in yesterday and today too. She's a phenomenal character and everyone who knew and loved Aaliyah through her songs or movies are paying tribute to her 18 years after she was killed in a tragic plane crash.


The “Back & Forth” singer, who was just 22 when her plane went down in the Bahamas, was remembered by fellow artists Missy Elliott, Kehlani and more for her contributions to the music world on Sunday.

Aaliyah it’s been 18 years now but your STYLE & MUSIC still continues to IMPACT all the generations behind you!” tweeted Elliott, 48, who was a close friend and collaborator of Aaliyah. “May you rest In paradise in PEACE You will NEVER be forgotten so MANY LOVE you Babygirl WE ALL MISS YOU!”

You will NEVER be forgotten so MANY LOVE you Babygirl Read More

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A Wednesday breakdown of the top 10 Box Office movies on Rotten Tomatoes...

Top Box Office Movies on Rotten Tomatoes

1. Good Boys $21.4m

2. Fast & Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw  $14.3m

3. The Lion King $12.3m

4.The Angry Birds Movie 2  $10.4m

5. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark  $10.1m

6. Dora And The Lost City Of Gold   $8.7m

7. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged   $8.4m

8. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood  $7.8m

9. The Art Of Racing In The Rain  $4.7m

10. Blinded By The Light  $4.3m

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Our woman crush for today is Mercy Johnson Okojie. The veteran Nollywood actress was born on august 28, 1984. Mercy Johnson Okojie has remained an industrious woman whom many people look up to.

In her career (acting), she has bagged the best female actress in Nollywood for more than 3 years thus; the movie “live to remember” (2009), “weeping soul” (2012), and she also got city people movie award for the face of Nollywood in 2014.

The most recent of them is her award for popular online choice (female). Recently she acted crazy housewife (2019) and humble wife (2019). The roles given to her were amazing and it brought out her acting skills, she made the movie's fun to watch especially for her fans. One of the reasons why her fans love her is because she is simply exceptional in acting. 

  Regardless of all these awards, Mercy has remained humble in the industry. To crown it all, she has a family of her own and is happily married with 2 beautiful girls and a handsome boy.

Mercy Johnson Okojie remains our woman crush Wednesday.

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Actress Tonto Dikeh has gone public on her former husband, Olakunle Churchill, revealing details about their relationship, including what transpired in the bedroom.

She made the revelations in a three-part video published on her YouTube channel King Tonto Dikeh.

She spoke about how she met Churchill in a night club several years ago after she just came out of another relationship that went sour and left her an emotional wreck.

For her, she clicked to Churchill to fill the emotional gap, after she lost an Mr.X that she had hoped would be her man for life.

In the video, she accused Churchill of smearing her in serial interviews, and in making the video, she wanted to set the records straight, for the sake of her son.

She spoke about her marriage and how it crashed, the various lies of Churchill and also accused him of being involved in fraudulent activities, known in Nigeria as “yahoo’.

“After I came back from giving birth to my son, I had been suspecting that he was into Yahoo…before I even came back to Nigeria I had already begun to suspect but the only thing that made me confirm was the night that he wasn’t supposed to be home and I slept early because of my son. I heard some noise in his room because he’s in the penthouse and my room is under.

Watch the full video below

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Two new housemates Venita Akpofure and Elozonam Ogbolu were introduced on Tuesday, stirring up excitement among fans of the show.

The new housemates entered at exactly 7 pm, the Big Brother Naija doors were open to the newest members of the ‘pepper dem’ gang following a prior announcement by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

The new female housemate, Venita is an actress, model and video vixen who rose to fame by paying ‘Mimi’ in the widely acclaimed ‘AYs crib’ produced by comedian, Ayo Makun.

She played AY’s quirky but uptight love interest in the sit-com and has also appeared in several other movies and music videos.

The male housemate, Elozonam is graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana. He is an actor, voice artist, director and also a producer.

The resident 14 housemates, who thought they were expecting visitors, were visibly shocked at the addition of two more housemates.

While Omashola and Frood tried to show Venita around, the others were more cautious observing the housemates from a distance.

Fans, however, were excited for the new additions seeing as they had followed their careers before the show.

The new housemates raised expectations on what some fans already describe as ‘a boring fourth season’, hoping that Venita and Elozonam will add more life to the show and give them more vibe to watch it.

@Jessechikwe7 said, “Venita and Elozonam are really giving us the much entertainment we have been looking for. #BBNaija”
@Megxooffical said, “Venita looks like she came with Atarodo and Shombo! Elozonam looks like a grown-up Korede Bello that Diane and Esther will want for lunch and dinner.”
@Unbeatablediva said, “Really love the way Venita introduced herself, yes she’s a mother of 2. She didn’t hide anything. Am beginning to like her already.”
@officialdara said, “Aunty Venita is doing as if she has not been watching BBN at home.”
@Nennybeatrice tweeted, “The moment Venita enter big brother house ooooo tension everywhere.”
@Erica said, “#BBNaija Venita and Elozonam. Two people, I know and love already. Okay, Biggie, I see you.”

NAN reports that with seven housemates already evicted, Mike, Tacha, Omashola, and Jeff are currently up for possible eviction on Sunday night. Who will be evicted?

Nobody right now knows about these two housemates and their games. The question is are they fake housemates or among the real gees fighting for the money?

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Jidenna went from the skinny classic man to a full-blown chiseled body 'classic man'. His glory transformation thrilled social media and kept people asking how? when? what?

The singer who is best known for his 2015 hit "Classic man" steps back into the music sphere with two new songs and news of a new album after so long. The LP, 85 To Africa, is inspired by Jidenna's move to Africa after he was unceremoniously evicted from Atlanta mansion he was renting in 2017.

Read the story of the event in the YouTube description on his new album trailer:

 One fateful morning in the summer of 2017, Jidenna Mobisson found himself on the wrong end of the barrel of a gun. Armed with weapons and warrants, local police officers flooded the eight-bedroom mansion he and his team had been subletting in the suburbs of Atlanta. Unbeknownst to the world-renowned entertainer, the home’s owner had been grievously delinquent on mortgage payments and had lost the house in a foreclosure auction. Jidenna was being evicted. As movers dumped his possessions into boxes, the home’s new residents watched from the sidelines and smiled at his misfortune. Reflecting on the moment that would ultimately set the stage for his remarkable new album, “85 to Africa,” he says that being unceremoniously booted from his home of three years, “felt like the story of being black in America. We’re living in this beautiful house by the lake, that cul-de-sac life. Everything is dandy, career’s going well, we’re paying the lease on time, we’re doing everything right and then, out of nowhere, at 6am in the morning, we’re displaced.” His cul-de-sac dreams dashed and a tour looming on the horizon, Jidenna decided to hit the road and not return to the United States until the spirit moved him. “We had no where to come home,” he says, “so we ended up going back to Africa.”

The first two tracks from the album are called “Sufi Woman” and “Tribe.”

The former is a hip-swinger that applies trap drum programming and Auto-Tune accents to decades-old global sounds. The latter is a more distinctly modern slow groove. “Put your pride in the trash bin, too much ego in the captions,” Jidenna raps. “Don’t get swept up like a Tesla you ain’t really need the gas in.”

Listen to the two songs below and also watch the album trailer:

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Photoshopping, digital alteration, image manipulation, blah blah blah. Everyone talks about the fact that so many images of women are “perfected” with the help of technology, but we can’t just toss it aside as 'normal' everyone already knows about.

Whether or not a person is aware of the possibility of image alterations, not everyone realizes exactly HOW MUCH these images are changed to fit some seriously un-human and unrealistic ideals that we view over and over. And not everyone understands that it isn't just fashioned magazine covers that feature drastically Photoshopped images. It’s on TV. It’s video. It’s your favorite brand online. It's your favorite celebrity. It’s everywhere.

Despite having access to more makeup kits,  skin glow deodorants and a glam squad at their disposal than I could possibly have in a lifetime, celebrities are most times still inclined to stretch and reach out for the Photoshop app. A lot of us are.

With the app, they can literally present themselves as Snow White or Little Mermaid. 

They spend more time trying to give themselves a little face tune for their Instagram followers/fans than actually representing whatever it is they are representing. 

I don't know why you look up to whichever celebrity you look up to but I feel 'value' has to be one of the reasons.

I used to love Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana but since she's taken on the Miley career full time, I pay little or no attention to her(not like she cares). I don't hate her but I feel she no longer gives off the same vibe I fell in love with,

That's what happens when celebrities depend on Photoshop to scale up their brand image.  They say you should love your body and be proud of it but then turn around and fall into photoshop with glee.

It’s hard to believe anyone’s “personal best” is a fake representation of themselves. These media outlets will plaster “body confidence!” all over the magazine or social media and quote "Nelly talking about her own real body confidence", but they refuse to show us her actual body.

Oh, it's upsetting.

What we see in media, and what we may be internalizing as normal or beautiful, is anything but normal or beautiful. It’s fake. It’s a profit-driven idea of normal and beautiful that women will spend their lives trying to achieve and men will spend their lives trying to find. 

As a celebrity, you have to recognize that you are not just a body. You are a brand and a public image. Recognize that your body is not just an ornament or an object to be fixed and judged — it is an instrument to live and do and be.

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"With great hype comes great expectations"- Britney.

- The feature song, Blow My Mind, we've all been waiting for is finally out and its gotten a lot of feedback already.

- The hype online surrounding the song featuring Davido and Chris Brown has to be worth the wait, a lot of people have said.

The moment the duo announced the song on social media, the hype and juice surrounding the song took a thousand leaps and multiple backflips with little help from the owners of the music.

The reason behind the hype bounced between Chris being a better singer and would definitely deliver the song well and David being the real MVP. 

Honestly, the song is simply okay and that's it. A friend said that listening to Davido's songs over time will make you like it or at least get acquainted with the lyrics. I fail to understand if that's supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.

Look at it this way, why not make a hit song that listeners will fall in love with instantly than make a hit song that listeners will be compelled to like when they listen to it twice or thrice.

On Chris Brown's Youtube channel, the song has hit over 14k viewers with 1.5k hitting the like button.

Anyway, check out the feedbacks below:

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#LocalBoyGoneInternational as he is popularly called; the southeastern incredible singer and songwriter - Ransome (@Ransomemay5) in his ‘1on1’ session with  BlueprintafricTV, commended the Igbo-Rap godfather – Mr. Raw for all his selfless support for upcoming music artists.

In his response to “Southeast Artists and mutual supports”, he said:

Mr. Raw is a Legend! …as at the time he featured me in one of his songs –TURU UGO, I was just an ordinary campus Artist. But I’m still riding on that exposure till today”

“If Mr. Raw didn’t feature me in that song, MAYBE, I may not be in music by now”.

“…the other day I was watching a collection of Mr. Raw’s videos, and I saw myself, I saw T.J, Slow Dog, Flavour, Phyno and many others doing music with him”…I think that’s one of the best things a made artist can do for the people coming up!”

Handsome-Ransome is known for his 'Local Boy' collaboration with Phyno; 'Okpogho Ole' ft. Reminisce and other amazing jams like  'Afia' ft. Zoro  and his newest single - 'Beautiful You'.

He further advised younger artists in the industry on the reputations of humility.

“The bigger artists need to do more! …and the up comers that need the help need to do more too”.

“No one owes you any favor, whatever it is you’re seeing today, someone else saw it yesterday”.

“If they made it, you too can make it. Just be humble”.


Watch Ransome’s ‘1on1’ interview to know more about his personal life and music career !

Click on this link >>> 

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