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Davido says his upcoming single which will be released on April 30 will be the “biggest song in the country”.

He said the song, produced by Spyrochi, is called ‘Assurance’.

The singer who runs Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) made this known on Thursday during a joint interview with artistes signed to his label.

“I’m dropping a single on the 30th of April. It’s gonna be the biggest song in the country. It’s called ‘Assurance’,” he said on the Cool FM programme.

Davido alongside Yonda, Peruzzi, Fresh VDM, members of DMW, recently released a song titled ‘Aje’.

According to the singer, ‘Aje’ is the lead single of the collaboration album which will feature all the members of the label, including Dremo, Mayorkun, Idowest, DJ E-Cool, and Ichaba.

He said the DMW album will be out in June, describing it as a collaboration with Sony Music Africa. His own third studio album, Davido said, will be released in September.

The artiste signed to Sony/RCA spoke about his friendship with DJ E Cool, who he said he has known since the age of 11.

He said: “Me and E-Cool, we grew up in Atlanta together. You won’t believe when I was 11 running around in Atlanta, this guy used to block me from parties. He won’t allow me to enter.”

Davido also canvassed for votes for his artistes ahead of the 2018 Headies. Mayorkun is nominated in the next rated category while Peruzzi is up for rookie of the year.

“If I don’t win I’m okay. But I want to vote for my brothers, Mayorkun and Peruzzi. Vote for them, they deserve it,” he said.

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By Maureen Solomon got us all glued to the TV screen in early 2000. She was the fine girl with sexy eyes and curvy hips, who at the time she was about to make the A-list, vanished from the scene. But not after she had made a lasting impression on her fans.

Entertainer recently visited the Lagos home of the beautiful and brainy actress where she revealed why she left the scene at the peak of her career.

It seems marriage has changed you. You look more beautiful, what is the secret?

Thank you, dear. First of all, it is God that has made me beautiful. I know and I am sure that it’s Him. Secondly, I don’t go out much. So, it’s peace of mind, nothing much and no secret really.

You’re one of the actresses that people loved to watch in those days. Your fans would like to know why you have been off the screen for so long?

It’s not so much silence because I want it to be so, but the fact that I am focused more on the family front, which I feel is more important. For all these years, I am grateful for the time that I have spent with my family, and continue to spend. I have devoted my time to my children for some time now. So, right now, I am coming back to work. My absence all these years has been because of my family.

There is this rumor that your husband stopped you from acting. Is there any atom of truth in that?

As a matter of fact, I got married in 2005 and I acted till 2011. The last time I did a movie was in 2011 and my husband never stopped me. So, I wonder why he would stop me in the middle of the way. My husband actually encourages my work, even in my going back now by the grace of God. It is still him that is pushing me and he will always spur me to do greater things, not just the normal thing we know of. So, he never stopped me, I stopped myself because I needed to dedicate more time to my children. My last house girl left as at the time I decided to stay home and I decided not to get another one. I practically had to become the house girl.

The last time you featured in a movie was 2011. What movie was that?

Yes, I did two movies in 2011. One was Uche Elendu’s movie. I co-produced her movie, ‘In Too Deep’. I think that was the last major film I did. The other one, I remember I traveled to Oba to shoot it. I can’t even remember the title. Those were the last movies I did before I stopped.

That’s seven years of silence. Don’t you think it’s too long?

It’s not too long. Funny enough, to some people, it is. When I look back to when I started in the industry till now, it seems like it was yesterday. Seven years for me is not a long time.

What would you say has changed in the industry between when you left and now?

Honestly speaking, some people might go crazy because of what I am trying to say. The only difference that I can see is the fact that, we can now go to the cinema. Our movies are now in the cinema, but as far as I am concerned, most of the storylines are still the same. It hasn’t changed which I would love so much for it to.

A few weeks ago, Rita Dominic made a comment that Nollywood producers rush to the cinemas to show low-quality movies, and some producers went for her head. Do you agree with her opinion?

That was why I said a lot of people would not like what I am going to say. If I should say my mind, a lot of people are going to go crazy. Nothing has changed in the industry; there is nothing different from the movies you watch in the cinema and the movies that they produce in Asaba. For me, it is just the better and quality tools being used.

What’s the way forward for quality movies?

My husband is my biggest critic. So, I will say that it is either the creative people are not being given enough opportunity or the leadership of Nollywood somehow lacks creativity. We need originality and creativity and I know that in Nigeria, we have an abundance of such people, but either that they don’t have the opportunities. Apart from creativity, we still need people in the area of sponsorship and people that will spur us to move forward. I know very well that we have a lot of creative people and a lot of original ideas but we lack the opportunity and help to get them out.

Talking about creativity, we have new crops of people in the industry now. Would you say that producers prefer to use these new crops of actors?

I can’t really say but I know that most of these new actors are good. But there are still some of them that need a lot of training. I have heard in some places that the old actors need to come back, as they don’t understand the new ones. I don’t know if that is a compliment or something else, I have heard people say that to me a lot. We don’t have places where new actors can actually go and train. And on the issue of them being preferred by the producers, I can’t really say, but I know it has always been a norm in the industry for producers to go for the person that the face will sell market more. So, if they think that the new faces sell market more, maybe that is why, but I know to a large extent that, producers don’t call people because they are very good.

Would you also attribute this to the fees they pay to the new ones compared to the old ones?

To be honest, I think there are some old ones that won’t mind whatever fees they are paying to the new ones. I know a whole lot of people would say there are no jobs, like the old ones will say there are no jobs coming their way. So, I don’t think it’s the fees but the faces that sell movies.

There is this rumour that people in the industry use devilish power or what they call ‘juju’ on others. Is that true?

Are you kidding me? I have no idea. Like you heard, I have also heard but my own prayer is that I don’t come across anybody that does that. But I wonder why they would have to do that, the industry is so large, it can contain everybody. So, why would they need those fetish and devilish things? Is it for more work? You can’t even be on three different locations at a time.

How did you come into the industry in the first place?

I have always wanted to act. In my nursery school days, the major programme I took part was dancing. Then from my primary to secondary school, there was no drama that I didn’t partake. My mom has always known that to be part of me. So, when I watched movies, I would be like, ‘mummy I want to act’ and she would always laugh. My mom was working with the Union Bank then and she always says that Pete Edochie was one of their customers. So, in my mind, I would say ‘will this woman ever introduce me to him?’ But I never knew how to tell her. Then, there was this day that everybody in my house traveled apart from my elder sister. I came back and she wasn’t at home, but someone told me where she went. I went there to collect the house key but when I got there, they were having an audition. They were asking some people to act this way and others that way. The person that was directing was Lancelot Odua Imasuen. And he said, ‘you this way’. I forgot the key that I went to collect and joined the queue. The next day, my sister came home and said that my name came out. And that was it; that was how I did my first movie, ‘Alternative’. From there, I continued. I started in the industry early enough, I got into the industry when I was 17 going on 18 and in December 2005, I got married.

How much were you paid for that movie?

N2,000 and I played six scenes, and it was a big deal for me. It was my second time to earn money. Before that time, I had worked as a receptionist somewhere; the manager chased me to my house, I think he wanted to woo me, and after that one month, I collected my N4,500 salary and ran away.

What’s the worst thing you have ever heard about yourself?

The only thing that I heard that brought me to tears was shortly after my first movie. It was a story in a newspaper. I can’t remember the exact title, something like ‘Maureen Solomon on the rumpus side’, that was when I was dating one of the actors. They said that a guy had a fight with a director over me. But there was no fight honestly. It was when we were doing ‘Wide Revenge’, where I had my first lead role. I was supposed to play the younger version of someone and my boyfriend at that time said no. It created small rancour but it wasn’t like a fight but the paper turned the story upside down. That was when my mom sat me down and advised me to use cuticle to cover my ears if I love my job.

To make a comeback, it has become a trend for actors to produce their own movies. What are you working on right now?

It’s actually not a bad idea. I am actually tilting towards that side. I have a lot of scripts but I am actually waiting for the right moment. As you can see, movie is not the only thing I do now, I have delved into other things as well. On acting, if I see a good script I will definitely take it. Funny enough, all these while that I have been at home, scripts came once in a while but it’s not what I wanted to do as a comeback. Come on, I have been out of the screen for a while, I mean if I am coming back, it should be something tight, even if it’s not my own movie, it should be something tight.

Talking about my own movie, definitely, but one place I am really looking at is directing. It has always been my passion but for some reasons, I ended up in front of the camera. Now, I think I am more balanced to chase that dream. I am not saying that I am not going to act but will do more of producing and directing.

What would you like to be remembered for in the industry?

I have seen a lot in the industry, most of the stories that we play for people to watch are actually our own lifestyles. I wanted to post something on Facebook the other day but I quickly wiped it off, because I know people would come for my head. I was watching a movie the other day and it dawned on me that we do these dramas every day but we don’t learn from them. We do movies about broken homes but we don’t learn from them, it is always our homes that are breaking. It doesn’t make sense. We tell the stories but we don’t learn from them. So, I believe and I am praying to God that my coming back to the industry is to change lives and not just looking for the money. If it is for the fame, I don’t think I can get more famous than I am now, I don’t know how famous I am anyway. My coming back to the industry is strictly to change lives, not just the people that are watching but also the people that I am working with. That is what I am hoping for because a whole lot of times, I don’t know if we are blind, we do things but we don’t look at ourselves.

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Boyega said he is developing a few Nigerian stories and choosing one which makes sense budget-wise at an indie budget of $20-$25 million dollars.

John Boyega has told CNBC Africa that he is interested in shooting a 'low budget' movie from a Nigerian story with $20-$25million (N9billion).

The 'Detroit' actor wants to tell the Nigerian stories having reached a vantage position in the American movie industry.

British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega, stunned Nigerian movie lovers when he told CNBC Africa that he is interested in shooting a 'low budget' movie from a Nigerian story with $20-$25million (N9billion).

Boyega spoke to Power Lunch West Africa host, Onyi Sunday during the promotion his new movie “Pacific Rim.”

"We’re developing a few Nigerian stories and choosing one which makes sense budget-wise. We’re probably looking at an indie budget of $20-$25 million dollars."

With the highest Nigerian movie having a budget less than $500,000, the "Star Wars" actor might be starting a revolution that will create a marriage between the Nigerian movie industry and the American movie industry.

Boyega was revealed as Forbes' 10th highest grossing actor of 2017 after starring in more than six blockbusters that raked in millions of Dollars at the box office.

Did Boyega just hinted at working with Genevieve Nnaji?

From the pictures that have been seen, Boyega might have hinted possibility of working with one of Nigeria's most glamorized actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

"I’m very interested in original Nigerian stories. I grew up on Nollywood. The first Nollywood film I ever watched was Blood Sisters with Genevieve Nnaji," the 26-year-old actor told Power Lunch West Africa host, Onyi Sunday during his interview at CNBC Africa.

However, the movie also featured Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, who was named Time's 100 most influential personality alongside Michelle Obama and Beyonce.

Boyega might be the first producer to pair the two actress who have hardly worked together after much hyped and imaginary rivalry.

Boyega's interest in Nollywood dates back to his early days in Nigeria
The 'Detroit' actor revealed that his interest for telling Nigerian stories dates to many years ago and having reached a vantage position in the American movie industry, he feels it's time to tell the Nigerian story in a professional way.

He says: "It’s a chance for me to develop these stories, merge Hollywood with Nollywood, to bring the genuine and most important stories to light but captured in a very important and professional way.

"I've been interested in Nigerian stories for a very very long time. It's just that now I've worked to a point where I have the opportunity to do something."

Boyega made his debut in the British sci-fi comedy "Attack the Block" after which his performance caught the attention of J.J Abrams, who decided to cast him as Finn in "Star Wars: The Force Awaken" at the young age of the then 19-year-old.
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BLACKROSE is a deep emotional movie, with a firm and deeply rooted understanding of the virtuous woman.

Rose struggles to be upright, as imparted by her mother...not so practiced by her sister. Her desire for a better life without selling her dignity seems to be in the person of Desmond, a man she fell in love with at first sight regardless of their differences. He introduces her to everything he knows rather untimely and before she can stop herself, she is wrapped in his world, a place she would rather not be


Blossom Chukwujekwu

Ebele Okaro

Lilian  Echelon

Betty Belor

JKA Swanky

Director of Photography:

Okechukwu Oku

Produced and Directed by:

Okechukwu Oku..


You can't afford to miss this.

Be There!



Powered by THE BASE, ENUGU

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There are achievements and there are groundbreaking, stereotype bursting, achievements. The latter is the case of multi-award-winning Nigerian Gospel musician, Osinachi Joseph, popularly referred to as Sinach. From being interviewed on BBC Africa to sold-out UK shows, tours in over 26 countries of the world Sinach definitely has something special going on for her, this year.

But that’s not all.

Sinach recently shared on her social media platforms a days ago, the mind-blowing news of Way Maker, her 2016 song which attained a premium status of 50 million views on YouTube; a position that accommodates only a selected few. There are many ways to think about this.

First, that a Nigerian Christian song broke through all of the seeming barriers, leaving several “industry giants” behind and proving yet again, that Gospel Music can never die.

The second, which is quite fascinating when you think about it deeply is that Way Maker by Sinach broke industry barriers without a VEVO account; the new music video promotion alternative for artistes. The Way Maker sure came through on this one.

It’s news like this we love to hear.

To achieve such at moments when everyone is trying to hard to push their negative bias and propaganda against Gospel Music deserves applause. Gospel Music is still a necessity, globally commercial and causing ripple effects worldwide. you are not wrong if you are in that space committed to producing “spiri” music.

And there’s no stopping to this; within the time of posting and writing of this post, the video has made over 74,000 views extra.

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It’s the ambition of most, if not all, performing artists to go global and reach a worldwide audience. For most, however, this dream remains unattainable, often due to lack of knowledge. There’s also a certain amount of self-belief and hard work involved if you want to be noticed among the rest.

To gain a better understanding of how artists can expose themselves to a worldwide audience and get booked overseas, Music In Africa spoke to Reeperbahn Festival conference director Detlef Schwarte who was at this year’s ONGEA! Summit.

Reeperbahn Festival is a celebration of the arts held in the German city of Hamburg every September. As part of its programme – music performances, workshops, film screenings and theatre productions at about 90 venues in Hamburg’s St Pauli quarter – Reeperbahn’s industry conference brings together thought leaders and pioneers working in the entertainment industry to discuss the arts and the business trends behind them.


It’s difficult for an artist who’s never left their home country to make it globally. Although one must begin at home and build a solid fan base, the next step is to venture out. The bottom line for every festival is ticket sales, and a festival will book those artists who are most likely to drive up sales. For this reason, relatively unknown artists stand less of a chance to be booked for international festivals compared to their more popular counterparts.

Reeperbahn festival attracts 40 000 visitors and 4 700 professionals from 56 countries annually. It hosts 450 bands that are picked through a strict casting/screening process.

“It’s very disappointing to participate in a festival where no one knows you. You will be lost. Unless you have done a tour there or launched your album in that country, it’s very hard to have a successful performance,” Schwarte says.

Drawing on this, it would be important for artists to market their music in a certain country before embarking on a tour there. This would mean targeting a country online, getting in touch with online distributors and monitoring whether there is interest in the music. If there’s hope, planning a tour can begin.


It takes teamwork to make a dream work. Going global requires a number of professionals to work together with the artist. They could include a tour manager, local promoter, agents and publicity people who can create hype in the target country. It is also critical for an artist’s management, which is often the musicians themselves, to grow their network and research the market they want to enter. And all this must be done professionally.

“A band must be export-ready for us to book it,” Schwarte says. “No matter which country you come from, we won’t book you if you don’t exhibit the level of professionalism we’re looking for. If you are just making music for your fans, then do it at home. But if you want to make it a business, then you must do a little more.”

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Come April, Revamp Entertainment is set to host a star-studded entertainment show tagged AWKA FIESTA where #musicmeetscomedy to make one of the most memorable and remarkable Easter celebrations for the city of AWKA and its environment.more.

The highly anticipated maiden edition already promises an Eccentric and Electrifying Stage Performances beyond expectations with our exceptional duo hosts Mc paparazzi et Uzor Osinkpa and southeast number 1 hype man, Mc Lordell. our aim is to enhance a better social lifestyle in Eastern Nigeria with our current focus being Awka city.

This one of a kind Event will take place at the prestigious Marble Arch Event Centre Awka town Anambra State on the 6th of April 2018 starting at 4pm Red carpet and 6pm main event with the likes of 

Kiss Daniel, Zoro, Mayorkun, Harrysong, Slowdogg, Yaw, Kenny Blaq, Klint D Drunk, Funny Bone, Gandoki, Accapella, Mr Ibu, Parrot Mouth, Buchi, Mc Shakara, Senator, Josh2funny, Arinze baba, Dan D'Humorous and many more.

 The concert has been made affordable, with an entrance fee of N1000 regular, VIP 5,000, Gold 250,000 table for 10 persons, Platinum 500,000 table for 10 persons. This is explosive musical and comedy experience! Mark the date down, now!

 For updates on artists and other amazing surprises, visit or follow @awkafiesta  on all social media platforms with the hashtag #AwkaFiesta2018 #RevampEntertainment.

Grab your tickets now and stand a chance to win amazing prices on the day of the event. 

 Tickets are available at, Genesis Deluxe Cinema Anambra , SilverBird Cinema, Priceless Store, Nazmine Media Company Enugu. For Table/Tickets Reservation, Call +2348034859420 | +2348177773194 | +2347082208185

This event is packaged by Revamp Entertainment

Proudly Supported By:

HipTv, Trace TV, Urban 96Fm, African Magic Igbo, African Magic Epic, 106.7 Dream FM, 106.3 Bridge FM, Wazobia FM, Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), Solid FM, Goaltrendhub Media.

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Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, revealed in a recent interview that she is not opposed to the idea of getting married again. The actress admitted that although her marriage was ‘a huge mistake’, she would ‘absolutely’ get married again.

The mother of one also disclosed that while she is currently born again and celibate, her celibacy may last until she gets married.  She also shared what qualities she is looking for in a man she had this to say:

‘Right now the only thing that can interest me in a man is his love for God and his love for my son, if you have any of them at 99% and not 100, then my answer is no. You have to be financially stable, I am not going to help a man grow anymore. You have to be financially strong enough to take care of me; I’m tired of being the moneybag.’

When asked about her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, Tonto said that she believes Churchill is ‘eating off my energy and my stardom and I don’t want that anymore.’

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 According to TV producer and media entrepreneur, Mo Abudu ‘The wedding party 2 – Destination Dubai’ is now the highest grossing Nollywood movie of all time. The excited producer took to her instagram page to share the big news. She wrote;

Yipee! Lord we thank you. Read More

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Following criticism currently trailing his song ‘science student’, Olamide Adedeji aka Baddo, has called for an end to drug abuse

This is coming after the Senate led by its President, Bukola Saraki, convened a roundtable in Kano where it resolved to go after importers and distributors of drugs, at an even which the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi called for the need to subject public officers to drug test.

Similarly, the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria also inaugurated a drug control group to check distribution of codeine and other addictive substances.

The song with the hastag #Sciencestudent according to Olamide discusses the rising rate of drug abuse in the society.

The title of the song itself comes from the current trend of youths mixing different hard drugs in various quantities.

The YBNL boss in his reaction to the criticism said on his Instagram @baddosneh saying, “Since the release of #ScienceStudent, the support has been massive.

“As you are all sharing, dancing, singing along to this relatable music of mine, I want you all to take some time to reflect on the subject, say no to drug abuse.

“Don’t abuse alcohol. Stop mixing what you don’t know about. Live responsibly and drink responsibly.

“Don’t aspire the ‘highness state’ but a state of purpose fulfillment and passion discovery.

“Together let’s put an end to drug abuse and save as many lives as possible.

“The video will be out soon and I can’t wait for you all to see it. #SayNoToDrugAbuse#DrinkResponsibly #ScienceStudent,” Olamide added.


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