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By Engr Enumah Ikechukwu N

We wish to officially announce the departure of Queenlucy Eneh, popularly known as Lucy Q from Big n Small Entertainment due to irreconcilable differences. Big n Small Entertainment has always maintained a vision to solidify its position in the Nigerian music industry. Lucy’s vision has not aligned with ours and we wish to state that Big n Small Entertainment will not be held responsible for any relations involving Lucy Q hence forth.


We also wish to announce the addition of Austin Ejike Kulume popularly known as Odizzy to the family.  Odizzy is a versatile artiste who easily plays around different genres/sounds but majorly, afro-highlife. We look forward to sharing his immense talent with the world soon.


Following recent events, due to the departure of one of its members, SSES which was a three-man band is now a duo consisting of Onyedika Aneke aka Stunna (Mr S) and Ifeakachukwu Oba aka Super K.O. SSES will now be fully known as “Steady Supplying Epic Sounds”. We urge the fans to stay tuned as a flood of new SSES content will be coming their way soon.


Big n small entertainment also wishes to thank all the fans who have stuck with us through thick and thin especially in the past year. We have been putting in a lot of work and we sincerely cannot wait to share all the amazing new content from SSES and Odizzy with you.




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