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"I gave out only 318 hectares; it is unfair to increase it to 1,097 hectares" - Chief Jim Nwobodo
By Nuel Okoro

The former Governor of the Old Anambra State Chief Jim Nwobodo has condemned the oppressive act of Land grabbing as it concerns Enugu state government and the people of Amechi, in his words;

There are people whose parents and grandparents were buried in this land and you took over their land without telling them in the guise of building a centenary city;

What manner of centenary city? It is not fair. I gave out only 318 hectares and you have now increased it to 1,097 hectares. It is bad,

Of recent, this is gradually turning into a norm among governors of the south east states of Nigeria. Some of these governors tend to convert these land properties which were taken from the citizens under the umbrella of developing the state government to their personal properties after leaving office.

One can logically say that they are using their political power to oppress the same citizens that voted them into power.

The former Governor went ahead to warn high class citizens who acquired land properties in the said centenary city with a supposed legal document from courts;

Any acquisition, title, action, agreement, and or Certificate of Occupancy over the land made and or predicated on the Anambra State of Nigeria Official Gazette N0. 12. II of 27th March, 1986 and the purported 1985 Enugu State University of Science and Technology (PLAN EN (A) 594) when Enugu State was not in existence is invalid, null and void”.

It is not news that the high class citizens and their Government officials’ friends use the courts to influence justice in their favour. The former governor is definitely not in support of such oppression and he condemned it in totality.

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