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It's Been 18 Years; Celebrities Pay Tribute To Aaliyah
By Chioma Okwu

I was a child when I started to hear her songs. She became a household name when my sister got her album as a birthday gift. I fell in love with her in the movie 'Romeo Must Die' which also starred famous actor and kickboxer, Jet Li. She was effortlessly impactful and her style of music is what has inspired and will continue to inspire the modern-day R&B.

If she didn't get on that plane 18 years ago that went down in the Bahamas maybe she would have still been alive. Maybe she would have thought these young singers the real R&B  recipe.

Tributes from fans, celebrities and fans kept pouring in yesterday and today too. She's a phenomenal character and everyone who knew and loved Aaliyah through her songs or movies are paying tribute to her 18 years after she was killed in a tragic plane crash.


The “Back & Forth” singer, who was just 22 when her plane went down in the Bahamas, was remembered by fellow artists Missy Elliott, Kehlani and more for her contributions to the music world on Sunday.

Aaliyah it’s been 18 years now but your STYLE & MUSIC still continues to IMPACT all the generations behind you!” tweeted Elliott, 48, who was a close friend and collaborator of Aaliyah. “May you rest In paradise in PEACE You will NEVER be forgotten so MANY LOVE you Babygirl WE ALL MISS YOU!”

You will NEVER be forgotten so MANY LOVE you Babygirl

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