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Shine Your Eyes Oh- Etinosa Warns Regina Daniels Against Her Friends
By Chioma Okwu

When I was 19 I was too busy attending lectures that may or may not add any value to my life, lets not forgetting the teenage boyfriend episode.

At 19 actress Regina Daniels may just be Nigeria's, Kylie Jenner. Honestly, I have lost count in the number of cars Gina flaunts allover social media in an effortless attempt to taunt those of us dashing our heart out with no return benefits. Lets not even talk of the luxurious travels she's taken in these past few months plus the beautiful duplex she gifted her mom.

Gina assures us with every loaded social media upload that she's not done balling. 

The forever 16-year-old doll on Monday was captured in a video of her with friends flaunting her security guards and her billionaire husbands customized Ferrari. 

The video which was carried by Tundeenut, an IG entertainment blogger, got reactions from the likes of Etinosa and Duncanmighty.

The IG comedienne, Etinosa, dropped a comment that may be interpreted as an advice to the actress, Regina Daniels. She had stated that Gina be careful with her husband around her friends.

Singer, Duncanmighty also commented that Gina's news is the kind of news he wishes for Nigerian women.

See video below;
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