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A Night In Enugu Metropolis
By Chioma Okwu

I had gone to the Playjoor game night supported by Wicyrpt on workers day, May 1 with some work friends. It was in the evening so we all balled in there from the office. 

When we got to The Arcadian Lounge, which was the venue, it was surprisingly filled up. The organizers probably didn't bet the turn out would be as it was.

Why? Because its the south-east and things like these probably don't appeal to us.

But Playjoor in partnership with Wicyrpt spiced up the night; free wifi from Wicrypt and N10,000 up for grabs from the WHOT competition, which I lost by the way.

If you've not already heard of Wicrypt, read the short excerpt below.

Wicrypt is an app that allows its users to get paid while sharing their WiFi. It leverages the blockchain and allows users to receive payments per kilobyte of their wifi data consumed by a beneficiary. Wicrypt has an inbuilt wallet that verifies the beneficiary has enough cryptocurrency to start using the service. A user has the freedom of setting his price per kilobyte of data consumed. Wicrypt automatically cuts off a beneficiary when his money is exhausted. It allows automatic connection between user and beneficiary once the beneficiary has enough funds to start using the service.

You would agree that there were good enough reasons to not just be at home that night. 

A lot of the attendees(including myself) got the app on their phones, got connected immediately and were able to enjoy unlimited internet service.

If you missed that night, don't worry too much as the fun didn't just end there. You can visit any of the Wicyrpt spot out listed below to consume data at a very cheap rate.

1. Arcadian lounge

2. Ntachi Osa

3. Lift lounge

4. Food court(polo mall)

5. New berries

6. Dolphin Restaurant

7. Hard Break Restaurant(New Haven)

8. Aptech Schools(Ziks Avenue)

Get to any of these spots with your Wicyrpt app downloaded and funded, connect and have fun as we did at Game Night. 

For further instructions and guidelines as to how to get started, click here

Read the previous article.

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