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How To Earn Extra Cash With Wicyrpt, OMAcabs
By Chioma Okwu

Trying hard to survive in a society where employment opportunities are as rare as gold and getting a white-collar job is beyond expectations; has become sad normality. These days, a young lady could introduce herself as a banker or a barrister and still runs an online hair business (side hustle). It's sad the way things may have turned out for the job seekers but entrepreneurs and business owners lean into these market and have tried to make things work.

OMAcabs is one of these businesses where you can earn money at your own convenience. Read the full article here. Redefining the way you move with OMA

This week we will be taking a slice off the creamy Wicrypt cake. You may have heard or come across this super blockbusting service where you could consume as much as 2gb data and pay as low as #200. It's amazing as it satisfies the needs of a data consumer and an extra income earner.

Let me see if I can explain this better: Imagine you download Wicrypt app and go to a location where a Wicyrpt connected Mi-fi/router is installed and you get to pay as low as #100 to stream your favorite series!!

That's how amazing it is.

Now, on the other hand, to be a smart money maker with Wicrypt you can bill users who connect to your Mi-fi/router(that's already been configured to Wicrypt server).

You probably didn't understand that, for instance;

Emeka Ossai spends close to 20k on data in a month in subscribing his office router. He's been looking up ways to get data at cheaper rates when he comes across a Wicrypt Instagram ad which promises cheap data. He screamed when he realized he could also make money from selling data and billing users at his own rate. He picked up his lame router and ran to the nearest Wicyrpt office.

A lot of amazing legal money making ideas flood our street and it's left to us to tap into them. If you have a lame router like Emeka Ossai, become a data distributor and earn quick money. If you spend a lot of time on the internet and have spent quite a lot on data, don't sweat it any longer than you already have;

1. Download Wicrypt from Google Playstore or apple store

2. Register

3. Fund your wallet

4. Go to the nearest spot with a Wicrypt network

5. Connect to it. Don't fright, it's totally okay as long as you pay.

6. Pay as low as #200 and spend 2gb worth of data on your favorite movies or site.

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