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BPA Personality/CEO Of The Week
By Chioma Okwu

Some young people feel attaching CEO to their name is the real deal and a must-accomplished task, without really understanding the sacrifices and hard work involved in it.

Damilola Jegede understands these sacrifices and hard work so well that its become a part of him. The co-founder, head developer of Naira Box and the CEO of SWIPE discloses in an interview with Sunnewsdaily, the long hours he spent in developing himself & skills.

Damilola Rafael Jegede is an innovator with a strong passion for solving problems in the FIN TECH space, a self-taught programmer and a devoted CEO.

His production, Naira Box, is a digital wallet which enables you to shop without the burden and risk of carrying cash. As the world evolves, innovation is bound to occur. Damilola and his team poked about the one thing people would need the most and created Naira Box. 

It was founded by Tokunbo Adetona, Damilola Jegede and Jay Chikezie.

 Damilola Jegede, a financial technology expert, has developed several mobile applications for banks in Nigeria.

In an interview with sunnews, when asked about his education, he explained that he never pursued a university degree.

Well, I never chased a university degree. Once I was done with high school, I spoke to my parents that I wanted to venture into technology and they supported me. They bought me my first computer which I started learning with.  I spent 2 years  learning how to code, so I worked from 9pm till 9am regularly and I learnt to code on my own.
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