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5 Amazing Features On OMACabs
By Chioma Okwu

In an article I wrote about the online cab hailing company in Enugu, OMAcabs, and how it has effectively made moving around easy and comfortable; I talked about how OMAcabs has redefined the way you and I move. OMA didn't just come to make transportation easy, it also came to create employment opportunities. 

It's an open-ended service where both the driver and the passenger are satisfied at the end of a trip. If you have a car or Keke packed in a corner of your compound housing dust and getting rusty; hurry and visit OMAcabs and sign up as a driver. 

Just recently, an online campaign inviting student drivers with access to vehicles to sign up and make extra cash. 

The good news is; You are never obligated to come to work 24hours a day or 5-7 times a week. With OMA you can decide to accept rides closest to you and more convenient for you.

To show you that it's an actual open-ended service, passengers can choose whether they want to accept rides with a particular driver or not.

A lot of amazing features on OMA  mobile app have been put in place to make your OMA experience worthwhile:

1. You can set your payment method before requesting a ride to either wallet or cash or card. When you set to wallet, you will be required to fund your wallet from your bank account and you'll be deducted once you arrive at your destination. 

Ps: Using the wallet mode of payment may be the best way to pay, speaking from experience. I booked a ride to the mall and when we arrived I realized I wasn't with enough cash to cover my shopping bills and pay for the ride. The driver quietly told me I'd already paid from my wallet. I was frozen for a second, I totally forgot I had funded my wallet a week before. I thanked him for being kind enough to let me know. OMA wallet makes it super easier to move about.

One other important thing you should know is that OMA drivers get trained before they're registered.

2. You can give that special someone or friends free rides. Simply download the app, sign up, click on the FREE RIDES option in the menu, you'd see an amazing offer asking you to carry out a simple task. Send the invite link you'd find there to your friends and boom! Your friends can enjoy free rides worth N1,000.

3. Don't think you'd be left out in the free ride saga as OMA has a promotion feature that helps you enjoy OMA for free. Simply stay alert and watch out for when giveaways would be done to get a promo code to enjoy free rides for a week.

4. Request a car of your choice. Choose a car that fits your style and budget, then set your location to request a ride. You can choose to ride in OMA Lite or OMA Keke. You can also watch your driver arrive on the map. So when he says; "I am very close", you can know for sure if he is telling a lie.

5. One last but not the least interesting OMA feature is the intercity ride. Yes, you can sign up for rides outside Enugu. Go to the menu icon, scroll down to Intercity rides from within Enugu and fill out a form. You're set to let OMA make you feel like a boss.

OMAcabs was indeed created to satisfy your needs and offer you the best of the best ride experiences. 

Ride in comfort, ride like a boss.

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