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South Africa Promotes Campaign To Battle Elephant Poaching
By Chioma Okwu

ANN- The South African National Parks Organization has launched a project in Phalaborwa in Limpopo province to combat elephant poaching in Kruger national park.  Project ivory serves to mobilize resources for the fight against elephant poaching. The honorary rangers and corporate donors have provided the project with a satellite aerial base in Phalaborwa to ensure rangers can respond quicker to elephant poaching incidents.

Kruger national park has experienced an increase in elephant poaching over the past few years, which increased from two elephants in 2014 to 71 in 2018. There are 19,000 elephants in the Kruger national park.

According to these rangers, while elephants are not necessarily in danger of going extinct from poaching, they do not want to let the situation deteriorate to a point where elephant poaching is as big a problem as rhino poaching. Therefore, the decision to put measures in place to prevent this now.

The initiative will also be implemented in other parks.  Both government and animal rights activists agree that there’s a need for ongoing collaboration among interested parties and civil society to stop the damage being done to wildlife.

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