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Pegula Sports And Entertainment Announces The Departure Of 3 Top Executives
By Chioma Okwu

- The shakeup in management at the company that operates the Buffalo Bills and Sabres ramped up Tuesday with the departure of three executives.

- Pegula Sports and Entertainment announced that its chief operating officer, Bruce Popko, and two other top officials had left.

According to Matt Glynn and Stephen T. Watson of the Buffalo News, the company announced that Chief Executive Officer Bruce Popko, Chief Administrative Officer Brent Rossi and Executive Vice President Erica Muhleman were all departing the business.

The departures of Popko, Rossi, and Muhleman are the latest amid several departures from the company. Former Bills team president Russ Brandon resigned last May amid an internal investigation into Brandon’s workplace behavior and allegations of personal misconduct. Two more executives, Mike Gilbert, and Nik Fattey, resigned in January after an internal investigation into whether the two men sexually harassed female employees after a holiday party in December, per the Buffalo News.

“While there [have] been many changes in the last year, I am confident that these changes will ensure the long-term success of our organizations,” Kim Pegula wrote in an internal company memo obtained by the newspaper.

The vacancies will be filled “on a case by case basis as deemed necessary,” per Pegula, in a statement announcing the departures.

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