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Venezuela Crisis- Juan Guaido Versus Nicolas Maduro: Stuti Saxena
By Chioma Okwu

Juan Guaido versus Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela is in throes of revolt as Juan Guaido vies for power against Nicolas Maduro, the incumbent President. Guaido is only 35 years old and has created a flutter in the Venezuelan politics by declaring himself as acting President of the republic. He was chosen as head of National Assembly earlier in January. 

Apparently, there is popular support for Guaido in contrast with Maduro on moral and ethical grounds. Maduro has been accused of being a usurper of the Venezuelan Presidential position and has been labeled as a corrupt politician. Maduro is known to have rigged the elections and has declared himself as the indisputable leader for a six-year term. People are disenchanted with the Maduro government and have been forced to immigrate to other nations for earning their livelihood. Guaido has been recognized as the acting President by President Donald Trump of the US. Apart from this, Guaido has been endorsed by Canada and other South American countries. 

According to the Constitution of Venezuela, in the event of the Presidential seat getting vacant, the leader of the National Assembly is liable to rise as the President. In the present circumstances, the opposition claims that the Presidential seat is vacant and being the leader of the National Assembly, Guiado has the right of being the President.  

It remains to be seen as to how the legitimacy of Guiado’s claims is clinched. It is true that the country has been facing economic crises for long. While the incumbent President has issued Pedro as the newer currency form earlier, with increased unemployment and inflation, there is dissatisfaction with the government. Maduro has been conceiving of efforts to diversify its oil-based economy as well. However, the intentions do not appear to be sound. The economy has not been able to pull itself out of the crises for a long time now and Maduro’s ambitions of sticking to the seat have resulted in adverse situations for the country. Guaido appears to be the best choice for Venezuela if this youthful energy can transmute the country’s critical situation to that of a prosperous one. 

Stuti Saxena  is a contributor on Blueprintafric,

Stuti is a follower of Open Government Data (OGD) as a research theme. She is a research scholar at the Central University of Haryana in the Political Science Department. Hitherto, where she has been associated with the National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad, Indian Institutes of Management, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Indore, and ICFAI, Hyderabad in diverse roles. Stuti holds an MPhil degree in Public Administration from Lucknow University.

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