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SSA AWARDS 2019- Honey Ojukwu Gets Nominated For OAP Of The Year
By Chioma Okwu

It's simply amazing to see young women build themselves up from the mud society and its vices drag them in.

Lots of these women have taken it upon themselves to lead a notable path. One of these amazing women happens to be Chiamaka Favour Ojukwu, popularly known in the industry as Honey. Honey who graduated from Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu in 2016; moved back to Enugu after her NYSC in 2017 and got her first official gig job with Urban Radio 94.5fm as lead anchor of the show "UrbanFuse".

You'd think she would just stop at being an anchor of an on-air show, she simply had to move. She took on projects and shows like The Face of Xymoments, a co-host on a fast growing girl TV Show, "The Amazing Show".

Let's not forget the launching of her Media Public Brand Company, "Real Honey Media"

Honey remains an icon of motivation and inspiration to the younger girls out there. She has gotten a couple of nominations and a #NMCA2018 (Nigeria Music Choice Awards) for the OAP of the year. 

And just today, as if the stew she's been serving us ain't enough, she took to her Twitter page to announce yet another super nomination.

She excitedly wrote;

To vote for Honey

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