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Davido- Social Media Is Not Life
By Chioma Okwu

Fans and haters alike have been poking here and there for a sure clarity as to why Chef Chioma deleted her Instagram account. 

It's obvious that some people want nothing more than to see the pair split and then they begin to make a crook headline out of it but the pair only grows stronger.

Anyways, the DMW boss has taken it upon himself to set certain things straight and answer some questions fans may have about Chiomas choice of action, thus the #askdavido trend.

However, Davido has put fears of breakup to rest as he revealed he is looking forward to getting married to Chioma soon. That we already must have been expecting.

A fan asked;

What are your plans for the future? Are you going to marry Chioma our sister and why did she delete her Instagram account?

Davido happily replied:

That’s the plan to marry her.

On why she deleted her Instagram page, Davido added:

“She’s working on her cooking show and doesn’t want to get on social media for now. social media is not life!”

The ‘Fall’ crooner disclosed this on his Twitter page during a question and answer session with his fans on Wednesday morning.

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