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See What Jimmy Kimmel Had To Say About President Buhari(Video)
By Chioma Okwu

I'm sorry but I couldn't bring myself to put this under the NEWS category. It seems that we've repeatedly rubbed mud on our faces over and over again. The rumor or allegations about President Buhari being dead and replaced by a clone has gone beyond the Africa border.

Is it a good thing that we're getting popular over silly things?

News, sorry, 'entertainment information' of President Muhammadu Buhari responding to the clone allegation; insisting that he’s not a clone and is very much alive had made international publications.

Several had made fun of the 'entertainment information', including Jimmy Kimmel who took enough time out of his late night show to make a silly-funny display on the 'who is in Asorock?' topic. 

As it is expected of all Buhari officials and supporters, Abike Dabiri, the president’s Senior Special Adviser on Foreign Relations & Diaspora, has said that she finds it funny(with a thumb down emoji) She said that Jimmy was only doing his job.

She said that the joke is at the expense of those believing the clone narrative and not President Buhari’s.

Cracking up on @JimmyKimmelLive joke on the issue of @MBuhari cloning. Jimmy is a comedian . His source of livelihood. The joke is

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